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New FAQ's

Where did the site updates go? Long holiday, Bren? Unfortunately the TLS site has been experiencing a few technical problems over the past few weeks. Everything has been held back until ALL of the bugs and issues were resolved.

Where is my fiction? If you have sent a Publish Request and received a reply, but your fiction is still not listed here, it is currently sitting in the backlog and will be published as soon as humanly possible.

Can I get a @thelinkinstory email account? Email accounts are almost ready to be available to the public. The email portal and other small issues are yet to be finalised.

Why "The Linkin Story"? After several options of LinkinFiction, LP Fiction, and TLS.. well TLS was chosen. It gives the site options into the future including the publication of real stories.. such as articles and reviews from budding LP jernos.

Why fiction though? Good fanfiction is often hard to find these days, as all fictions have been removed from the LP Message Boards. After D-Day (when all fiction threads were deleted) the visitor count soared on TLS. Obviously fans don't have the same opinion about fictions as Slice does.

When was TLS launched? The site went live on 20 June 2001.

The site looks different! Thank you. The current version of the site is TLSv2.6 - and looks a heap better than the original TLS.

When does the site get updated? TLS is 'maintained' everyday. Wether Tripod is working, FrontPage doesn't crash, or my ISP is sick, so I can't actually publish work that day is another story....

You can also see when pages change by looking at the "Last Updated" field at the bottom of each page. You will also get some idea of what time I stay up till formatting fictions.

How do I submit a fiction? Email me and I'll reply to you with a Submission Guidelines email. I would simply put the SG's here but a few non-computer authors freaked out last time.

Will you link to my LP fan site? It would be a pleasure! Just email TLS by the link to the left there and we'll discuss options such as a link or banner exchange.


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