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Chapter 1

Tuesday looked at her watch.


It was nearly 10:15am, she’d need to run if she was going to be on time for college. She couldn’t be late – it was her first day, first lecture at 10:30am.

She wolfed down the last of her coffee and wrapped the muffin in a serviette – she’d have that for lunch. She grabbed her shoulderbag and ran down the sidewalk, dodging the people for whom the day was for shopping.

Tuesday had won a scholarship to UCLA and had moved to LA over the summer. Her parents had helped her by adding some money to her savings so she could get a place to live. Of course, the fact that her friend Emma had moved out there about 8 months earlier to do her psychology course had helped. Emma was a couple of years older than Tuesday and already used to living in her own place. Emma had invited Tuesday to move in. They’d both got part time jobs and the apartment seemed to run pretty smoothly.

Tuesday ran up the driveway towards the university – it was 10:27am. She ran through the door, along the corridor and stopped in front of the lecture theatre door to compose herself before going inside.

She took a seat with a couple of other girls of the goth-type, and settled down to the lecture.

Linkin Park were home. It had been a long time since they had been home and it felt surreal. Chester had flown into Sam’s arms when he’d seen her and they had disappeared inside their home.

The others all went round to Mike’s place first for a celebratory lunch, before departing for their own homes, leaving Mike alone.

He started to unpack his stuff, realising he was going to spend the whole afternoon doing the washing as he had nothing clean to wear. Sighing he went down to the kitchen and put the first load of washing on.

Tuesday opened the door to her apartment and slammed it behind her.

“Why don’t you slam the door!!” shouted Emma from the kitchen.

“Sorry!” Tuesday shouted back.

She went into the kitchen and saw Emma putting some washing on.

“Is that a black wash?”

“Yep, got anything to go in?”

“Yeah – hang on!”

Tuesday came in with an armful of black clothes for the wash. Emma stuffed them in the machine and turned it on.

She went into the front room and collapsed on the sofa.

“So Tuesday, how was your first day?”

“Not bad – its weird going to college in America though.”

“It does feel strange at first, but you get used to it! Hey shall we go out 2nite?”

“Yeah, why not – I’m not in until 11:30am tomorrow. I can have a lie-in.”

“Cool! I’ve got us 2 tickets to Linkin Park at a really small gig! It should be good!”

“Excellent,” Tuesday agreed, slouching in an armchair, thinking about what she was going to wear.

Chapter 2

The concert was awesome!!

Linkin Park were brilliant – they played the whole album, plus the songs off the EP. The atmosphere was buzzing.

Tuesday and Emma waited outside the venue, hoping they might meet the guys, and sure enough they came out to sign stuff.

“Hi,” said a voice, as familiar as if they had known it all their lives.

“Hi Mike…,” said Emma, “…you guys were awesome tonight!”

“Thanks! What’s your name?” Mike asked.


“Cool! Glad you enjoyed the show Emma. Have you got far to travel home?”

“No, 20 minute walk, that’s all.”

“You’re English, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, we live in LA at the moment though,” Emma went on to say.

“That’s cool!” said Chester butting in staring at Tuesday.

“Hi!” said Tuesday blushing.

“You two can hang around for a while, can’t you?” Chester asked.

“Sure,” said Tuesday.

Linkin Park got on with signing things for nearly an hour, before the crowds dispersed.

“I need something to eat…,” said Mike, “… you girls interested?”

“Mmmm yes,” said Emma, smiling.

The six men and the two girls got into a people carrier and made they’re way to an all night eaterie. They all ordered burgers and fries and squashed themselves around one table. Tuesday was practically sat on Chester’s knee. Her appetite had gone, and she barely nibbled on a few fries.

Emma was chatting with the boys about various music and groups, but Chester was not saying much – he just kept looking at Tuesday every now and then.

They finished up and wandered back outside.

“Tonight’s been great, but we’ve both got college in the morning so, as much as I hate to say it we’d better go home,” said Emma, reluctantly.

“Damn,” Tuesday muttered under her breath. She looked up and caught Chester staring at her again.

“We’ll give you a lift home,” said Rob.

“We’ll know where you live then!” said Joe grinning. He laughed evily.

“Great! We’ll have psycho Remy annoying us on a regular basis now!!” Emma laughed jokingly.

They arrived at the apartment and got out saying goodnight to the guys.

“I only live around the corner…” said Mike, “…I’ll pop round and see you if you like?”

“That’d be great – you’re all very welcome,” Emma replied.

“Goodnight! Thanks for the lift,” said Tuesday.

The girls waved as the van drove off. Then they looked at each other.

“Oh my God!! We’re friends with Linkin Park!!!!” they chorused jumping up and down with excitement!

“OK we’re adults – we gotta act like adults,” said Emma regaining composure.

“I’m shattered – I need to sleep,” said Tuesday getting her key out as they walked up the steps to the front door.

“Me too – or I’m going to fall asleep in the lecture tomorrow” Emma replied yawning.

Chapter 3 available soon - here on TLS!


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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