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Chapter 4

All that was left was Brian, nick and AJ from BSB and Chester, Brad, Rob and Phoenix.

“It seems that LP seriously out numbers the BSB 4 to 3…but wait. Where is Joe?

AJ is up next, with his insanely annoying long hair, he unties it to reveal the rest of his platted hair, which trails to the floor. Swings his head round, Attached to his hair is aball an spikes, it takes out Brad and Phoenix that were standing at the front while Chester was comforting rob.

“It’s going to be ok, you have to be brave for us.” Says the Chaz with his hands on Rob’s shoulders.

Brad and phoenix’s disembodied heads rolled on the wrestling ring floor, spraying blood all over the floor.

It was just Chaz and rob versus the remaining 3 BSB members.

As the 3 advanced towards Chaz and rob, Rob’s anger began to build having already lost 3 of his best friends. Rob got up and ran at nick, he felt that he was an even match, the tallest versus the tallest.

Poor inexperience rob did not know what hit him. Nick had delivered a heavy blow to Rob’s stomach with his plaster cast around his head. Winding rob and deflating him. It was just Chester.

It seemed inevitable that LP was going to lose to a real boy band.

Chester was all that was left. With his famous incredibly talented voice, Chester screamed the words in tune to his Crawling song. The shockwaves rattled in the boy band’s heads. Nick’s plaster cast exploded embedding his brain with plaster, rendering him dead. The other 2 were suffering but it had little other effect.

After his burst of crawling, Chester was already spent having not fuelled up on beer since the incident. AJ belts out one of his crotch clenchingly high notes. Chester’s ears start bleeding. He clutches his ears as the intensity of the high-pitched weapon brings Chester to his knees.

It was 2 against 1 and Chester was already down. This was absolutely devastating to the LP fans and began booing.

Chapter 5

Just then the sound of some outstandingly excellent samples of vinyl scratching can be heard on the speaker.

The curtains parted as Joe marched through with a pair of earphones on his head and a few vinyls under his arm. Except it wasn’t Joe, it was Remy his alter ego.

Remy ran onto the ring and quickly disposed of AJ while he was still in mid scream. AJ had not heard the sounds of ‘a cure for the itch’ as he had drowned out all surrounding sounds. Remy threw 3 of the vinyls from a distance away from the ring. One had decapitated AJ as it flew through the air with pin point accuracy, one had flew off at a slight angle and lobbed off an arm, and one had succeeded in removing one of AJ’s legs and slashing the other. When he was satisfied that AJ was unable to do much more damage. Joe ran to Chester to check that he was ok. He was still in pain. Remy became enraged. He huffed and growled demonically at Brian, the only one left standing of the boy band.

Remy’s eyes turned blood red, he began to grow scales and wings. Eventually he had morphed into a large dragon. The dragon roared and hocked a huge fire loogie at brian, covering him in hot snot. Brian melted under the heat. The dragon then continued to eat the remaining pieces of the boy band.

Joe ‘Dragon aka Remy’ Hahn roared in his victory and reverted back to just the Remy that we all love.

*ding* went the bell to indicate the end of the match. LP had won with Chester on his knees and Remy absorbing the attention and the praise.

“WOAH was that not a fight or was that not a fight?” shouted nick down the mic. He was nearly falling off his seat. He mopped his brow and sat himself up again.

Joe picked up Chester and took him to the medics so they could put some cotton wool in his ears. It’s a good thing he hadn’t lost his voice instead of his hearing temporarily.

“Yes people we have a victor. LINKIN PARK.” The arena goes wild again.


A year later with the help of modern technology and genetic science; Mike, Brad, Rob and Phoenix were all replicated from blood and tissue samples taken from the aftermath in the wrestling ring. Their brains along with the stored talent, memories and intelligence that makes up Linkin Park were saved as they were picked up off the wrestling ring and put on to life support machines to keep the brain alive while their bodies were being meticulously re-grown into exact replicates to accommodate them. They were effectively resurrected.

A year after countless numbers of successful gigs and concerts, Linkin Park have hit double platinum with their new album.

Remy has been to an exorcist to rid him of the inner demon that unleashes itself at times of high stress and anger and rage. The ironic thing is, that the only person that could have done that happens to be the most annoying person in the world, Remy was out again and ended up eating the only dragon demon exorcist. Remy has also been to anger management classes.

Chester has gone on to amaze his fans with his clean, powerful voice. ‘Crawling’ has become less of a problem for him to sing, as he practises 3 times every week to keep his vocal chords toned.

Chester and Sam also now have twins, one is named after the man who saved his life on the night of the fight: Remy. Then there’s Martin...

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