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Chapter 1

The sun shone through the bay windows of Mike Shinoda's Southern California home. The blinds weren't closed as they usually were, so the powerful rays beat onto Mike's face. He stirred and stretched his arm across his right side. There was no one there, and this is was very uncommon. Mike's girlfriend, Kim didn't spend the night as she always did. Mike sat up quickly and forced his eyes open. When they opened, an emtpy bedroom lay before them. He rubbed his eyes with his fisted hands. He shook his head and placed his feet onto the cold wooden floor.

"How could I forget she was leaving today?" he groaned and stood up. Somehow he made his way to the phone in the living room and picked it up. Mike began dialing Kim's cell phone number and then held the phone to his ear and sat down.
It rang several times before an out-of-breath answer was breathed into the other end of the line. "Hello?" panted the female.

Mike breathed again when he heard his mate's voice. "Hi," he managed.

"Oh hey baby! How'd you sleep last night?" Kim asked, as if she didn't know. They'd been together for 5 months now and she knew Mike didn't sleep well without someone in his bed next to him.

"Not so good. I forgot you didn't spend the night and was scared shitless this morning." he paused and looked down at his feet.

"Poor baby, I'm so sorry." she replied.

"Babe, you can't leave me. Who's gonna close the blinds before I go to sleep so I don't get blinded in the morning (which by the way happened this morning, thank you.)?" Mike answered.

"I think you'll be able to manage 4 days without me. I will be coming back you know, don't worry." Kim said almost calmly.

"Come on! You can skip this one trip!" Mike pleaded.

"Hun! No I can't! We've been over this! If I miss this one trip, I'm fired. I'm lucky- this is the only time I have to leave the house to do work and if I blow this off, they'll think I've been slacking. Please, this only happens twice a year. Its no easier on me than it is on you, ya know?" she explained, almost begging back for him to understand.

There was silence from Mike's end of the line.

"Please don't be angry...." Kim said to more silence and then continued. "Listen, I'm almost done packing and then I'll come right over, okay sweety?"
Mike knew it was too early to pout, so he answered with an 'Okay.'

"I love you." Kim stopped what she was doing at her apartment and waited for an answer to see how upset he was.

He heard the rustling stop and realized she was waiting for an answer. "I love you too.... Come on, hurry up!" he forced a laugh.

"Okay, okay, I'll be over soon! Bye." giggled Kim back.

"Bye." said Mike and they both hung up.

Mike got back on the phone and dialed up Chester. "Hello?" answered Chester on the first ring.

"Hey, she's coming over soon so if you want to say goodbye, you should haul everyone's asses over here." Mike said calming down a little.

"Yeah sure. We'll be over soon." Chester replied. Mike heard a voice in the back yell "Who is it?" and quickly identified it as Samantha's.

"'Kay, later." said Mike and he hung up.

He placed the phone next to him on the leather couch and walked into his bathroom. He undressed and bathed quickly. Mike walked back out of his tub and stepped on the tubmat. He grabbed a towel off the rack above the toilet and dryed himself off. Then he wrapped the towel around his waist and wiped the fog off the mirror's with his hand. He examined himself and remembered back to when Kim surprised him one time.

Mike was standing in front of the mirror examining himself so thourghly, that he didn't hear Kim sneak in behind him and grab him by his waist. "Oh yes! That's my sexy bitch!" she would joke. "No, not really." Mike responded. "Why would you say that? Look at your face Michael. That's why I have such good mornings. Your smile makes me so happy baby." she explained seriously and turned him around to embrace him with a passionate kiss. "I love you." Mike would confess to her. "Not as much as I love you." Then the arguing would begin. "No I love you more!" Mike would poke her gently in the stomach. "No I love you more!" She would giggle and so on.

Mike came back to the harsh reality that she was leaving him. Ever since they met through Samantha, they were inseperable. It began as friends, but quickly moved to love.

Mike turned away from the mirror and walked into his room and dressed himself. He looked on his floor and saw the suitcase he brought in the other night.

'No more touring. I'm home, and now she leaves.' thought Mike out loud to himself. He loved her and couldn't even think about how bad it was going to suck without her. Mike picked his suitcase up and put it on his bed; to be unpacked later.

Chapter 2

Mike turned on the radio and heard it was cold out. He almost intantly walked outside and glanced at his front yard. There was a slight dew on the green grass and a light fog drifted over the lawn. It looked like a dream to Mike and hoped everything was indeed a dream. He quickly dismissed the thought and looked out into the roads. He watched Kim's silver Mustang pull into his driveway and he sighed.

She got out of the car and looked even more more amazing than the last time he had seen her: Kim wore a blue hoodie, and blue jeans. Her strawberry blonde hair flowed down to her lower-back and was kept under a baby blue beanie.
Kim felt Mike's eyes on her and explained herself defendantly: "Hey! You spend 5 hours on a flight one-way, you'll wanna be comfy too. Looking bad is just the price you pay!" she smiled.

"Baby," he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close to him and looked into her eyes, "You look wonderful. I'm looking at you like that because I'm trying to make a memory of you."

"A memory?" she laughed. "You make it seem like I'm not coming back or I'm gonna be gone for a long time!"

"It's going to be a long time for me." was the only thing Mike could manage to say.

Kim laughed again. "You'll be okay...." she paused before she realized her feet were losing feeling from the cold. "Come on, let's go inside. It's freezing out here." she suggested to Mike.

Kim turned facing the door and Mike rubbed his arms up and down hers to help warm her up. Kim turned around and smiled at Mike, making his knees goes weak. She opened the door and walked in. The aroma of her lover's house greeted her and she breathed it in generously. Kim slipped her shoes off at the front door and walked over to the couch. Mike followed.

"What time is your flight at again?" asked Mike.

"12." replied Kim.

"Oh." he breathed.

"Promise you will call me every single day I am gone?" she asked.

"You're making me promise you something you already know I am going to do?" Mike smiled.

Kim felt warm and tingly on the inside when Mike gave her that smile she loved so much. She looked at her feet and then back up at her mate through tears.

"I'm going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss you more," Mike tryed to lighten the mood a little again so he wouldn't get upset on account of her leaving.

"I doubt it." Kim said and a tear ran down her cheek. Mike held her face and wiped it away gently with his thumb.

"Baby, listen. You have to go remember? We're both going to have to be strong about it. I was gone on tour for the past 2 months and we made it through. 4 days is going to be a piece of cake." Mike lied through his teeth.

Kim nodded softly and pulled his face to her lips and indulged in his sweet kiss. There was a knock on the door that inturrupted their smooch. "Come in!" Mike yelled and looked at Kim, who was obviously confused. "The guys want to say bye." he said vaguely and Kim tryed to compose herself.

Sam, Chester, Brad, Joe, Dave, Rob, and Sara (Rob's girlfriend) entered. "Oh great. It's the Goof Troop!" Kim forced a laugh and stood up to greet her friends. She hugged them all and invited them to come and chill.

Everyone got settled and started talking about stupid daily stuff. Kim was sitting next to Mike and Joe on the couch, Mike's arm engulfing her left side. Sara was sitting in Rob's lap on the recliner; Chester and Sam were on the other couch; Brad was on the footstool; Dave was on Chester's lap until Chester pushed next to him.

"So... where is it you are leaving Mike to be at again?" Brad asked Kim.

Kim blushed and answered, "Dallas."

"OOH, sounds romantic." said Sara as she shoved Rob a little.

"OOH, doesn't it though, Phoenix?" shoved Chester.

Everyone exchanged their "ewws" and giggles at this point. Kim looked up at Mike who looked a little out of it.

"It sucks because I'm gonna be away from all of you and I'm going to be stuck at a hotel and in meetings and shit." Kim told everyone. "I'm going to get a drink. Anyone else want?" she asked.

"Grab me a beer hun." said Chester.

"Ditto that." said Brad.

"Anyone else?" Kim asked.

"I'll come help you." Mike offered.

They both walked into the kitched and Mike opened the refridgorator. "Mike, hunny, what's wrong?" Kim asked.

"Don't worry about it... It's nothing." Mike grabbed 2 beers and turned around to Kim.

"I do worry about it though baby. I love you, now please tell me what's bothering you about this whole trip thing. It's not that you're going to miss me because we held up 2 months of almost never seeing each other. Tell me what's wrong." Kim insisted.

"I'm worried you will lose intrest in me. Dallas is romantic and you will be there with 'Bud'. It's dumb and I'm sorry but I don't want to lose you." Mike confessed.

"Baby! I love you, and I won't lose intrest in you!" Kim was startled that this was what was bothering him.

"Are you sure? He is a lot better looking, has WAY more money, can buy you everything you want." Mike explained.

"No! I do not want him at all! Michael, my heart belongs to you! You know this...I will always love you baby." Kim tryed to reassure him.

"I will always love you too." Mike said.

"Is this over now? Will you not be suspicious of me and someone who I have absolutly no intrest in whatsoever? Please, I don't want to leave on a bad note." Kim asked.

"It's done; I trust you." Mike answered in his most assuring tone. *It's him I don't trust...*

Kim reached up to Mike's face and kissed him gently. "I knew you would understand." she smiled.

"Damn! Did you get sucked into the crisper or something?!" Chester shouted from the other room.

Mike chuckled and walked back in with their beers. Kim stayed in the kitchen to make herself a Tequila Sunrise really quick.

In the living room, Mike handed Brad and Chester their beers and sat down again. Kim came back out minutes later, unnoticed by everyone except Mike. She sat back down and took big swigs of her drink.

Joe noticed when she was back first. "HEY! Whatcha got there?" he asked.

"Nothin' much... orange juice." Kim replied.

Joe grabbed the cup from her hands and took a sip before he openly stated interogattingly, "Orange juice with a little booze!"

Everyone laughed a little and Kim took her drink back. "I know that, thank you Mr. Hahn." she smiled.

"Your welcome!" he said back pleasantly.

Mike gave Kim a hard look. He wasn't comfortable with her drinking. Kim was not out of control, but Mike had left Anna a year and a half ago because she refused to get help with her drinking problem.

Kim felt Mike's glare and looked over to verify it. *Oh shit. I completely forgot...* she thought.

Kim sighed and put the drink down on the coffee table in front of them. She happened to look up and see the clock that was staring at her, hating her, making her realize it was 11:00, and she had to part with her friends. Rolling her eyes, she decided the responsible thing to do was to leave now, so she could get through all the security precautions and be on the plane before it left.

"Guys, I really hate to do this, but I gotta go." Kim said scrunching up her nose.
Everyone, including Kim, rose to their feet and started saying their goodbyes to Kim.

"Oh, have a safe trip!" Sara hugged Kim.

"Don't die." Brad instructed her.

"Thanks, I'll try not to." she said back.

"Bye boozer!" Joe joked, making Kim's heart sink a little, but she smiled back.

"Bye hun, have fun!" Rob hugged her tightly.

"We will miss ya!" Chaz said and squeezed her.

Everyone finished saying their goodbyes and left Mike's house. Mike and Kim took Kim's car to the airport so Mike could drive it back to his house.

Chapter 3 Coming Soon to TLS!


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