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Chapter 4

The next Morning

Chester woke up with the sun from the window of his hotel room falling on his face. He yawned and screwed up his eyes because the light was too bright. He reached his hand over to find his glasses and the side desk and he accidentally knocked them off.


He walked around to the other side of the bed and bent down to pick them up. While he was on the ground someone opened the door and walked in. They came up behind Chester and Chester spun around.

"Holy shit! Joe donít sneak up on me like that!" Chester said standing up.


"Sorry" Joe said absent-mindedly. Chester gave Joe a puzzled look. He just seemed to be wandering around Chesterís room looking kinda lost.

"Joe, you ok?" Chester asked.

"Yeah fineÖ" Joe said walking to the window and looking out. He took a step back away from where the sunlight was.

"UmmÖ ok" Chester said, now very confused.

"Oh yeah did you speak to Mike the other night?"

"Yeah" Joe said still staring out the window.


"There was nothing wrong."

"OkÖ" Chester said backing away from Joe who seemed to be acting as strange as Mike was the other night.

"Anyway Iíll talk to you later Joe," Chester said going over to Joe and pushing across the room to the door. He pushed him out the door.

"Sorry to be rude and kick you out bro, but Iím gonna get changed" and with that he slammed the door. Joe laughed evilly outside the door but Chester couldnít hear him. He walked away from Chesterís door and met up with Mike who was standing outside the door to Bradís room.

"Done?" Joe asked.

"Yup" Mike said, opening the door to reveal the unconscious Brad on the floor of his hotel room. Joe smiled at Mike.

"How about Chester?" Mike said, in a deep voice that sounded much more evil than his own.

"Heís being stubborn" Joe said as they started walking down the hallway towards Mikeís room.

"Donít worry. I have something up my sleeve for himÖ" Mike said smiling evilly. Joe looked at him and they both laughed and went into Mikeís room.

Chapter 5

Brad woke up and he felt very different. He couldnít remember much of what had happened but he remembered seeing Mike. All of a sudden he felt very empty inside and evil. It was like at that exact moment Brad was pushed aside and someone else entered his mind. Brad stood up and smiled evilly. He walked over to the mirror and closed his eyes. He opened them again to reveal the same deep black ones that Mike and Joe had. He laughed and walked out of his hotel room.

Chester had gotten changed and was walking downstairs to grab something to eat. He couldnít stop thinking about the weird incidents with Mike and Joe.

ĎWhat the hell is up with them? I need to find outí he thought to himself.

"They can wait!" Chester said out aloud when he saw a the restaurant and the masses of food that was just waiting for him to eat it. He went into the restaurant and sat down. He got a large plate of food and went and sat back down at his table. He saw Brad walk past the entrance to the restaurant and he called out to him.

"Brad!" loudly so his friend could come join him. Brad looked behind him and looked directly at Chester. Chester smiled at him. "Come have food dude!"

Brad turned away not saying anything and carried on walking.

"Huh?" said Chester, very confused. Brad looked back at him and shot him an evil glare with his dark eyes.

"What the hell was that for?" Chester said and put down his plate. He followed Brad, who was now heading back upstairs.

ĎDidnít he just come from up there. Something weird is definitely going oní Chester thought to himself and he ran to catch up with Brad. He caught up to him and stopped in front of him. Brad stopped and looked at Chester. He blinked and his eyes changed back to normal.

"Mind telling me what the fuck just happened back there? What the hell were all the evil glares for?" Chester said, looking really pissed now.

"WellÖ" Brad started, in a deep evil voice, then smiled and blinked his eyes changing them back to black again. He thrust out his arm and grabbed Chester by the throat and pinned him against the wall of the hallway, holding him up. Chester tried to pry Bradís strong fingers from his neck with no luck. He was struggling to breathe.

Just then someone walked down the hallway and Brad instantly dropped Chester and ran down the hallway and turned the corner, escaping from sight. Chester fell to the ground and held his neck where Bradís hand had gripped him. He coughed and breathed heavily, taking in large breathes after being deprived of oxygen. The person, who was one of the hotel staff, ran over to Chester and helped him up.

"Are you all right sir?" the boy asked.

"Yeah Iím fine. Just a little shocked thatís all" Chester said, coughing.

"What happened?" questioned the boy.

"Oh just a fight between friends. Nothing to worry about" Chester lied, but he really didnít want this kid involved.

"Are you sure sir?" the boy said.

"Yeah Iím sure thanks." Chester said and walked away leaving the boy standing there.

"This is one that I need to sort out on my own" Chester said quietly to himself and headed towards Bradís room to ask him what the fuck was going on.

Chapter 6

The day after

Mike, Brad, and Joe were standing at the corner of a street, Joe says to Brad "Fuck man why did you let Chester get away? you could've possessed that boy too" Brad finally slaps Joe and says:

"Fuck you Joe! I would love to see you do better" Joe exhales and after a few minutes he notices Rob walking towards them.
Joe Shoots his evil grin at Mike who is watching Rob.

"Hey guys what are you doing here on the curb?" Joe grabs Rob and pushes him into an abandoned warehouse. Rob struggles to breath but his air is cut off by Joes strong hold! Rob finally gasps his words.

"J-J-Joe Man are-are you okay?" Joe blinks as his eyes turn to pure black. Rob sees Mike come in and Rob struggles to talk again "M-M-M-Mike Man H-H-H-Help me get him o-o-off" Mike goes up to Rob and put his hand on Robs forehead saying:

"Absana todash manesiy" as Joe lets go and Rob collapses to the floor limp as a bizkit.

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