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Tia couldn’t believe her luck, she had backstage passes to a Linkin Park gig! It was so damn exciting for her, she loved the band more than anything and now she was going to meet them.

Tia was shown to the room heralding as their dressing room. She knocked on the door and a familiar face opened it. His smile made her knees go weak, his eyes seemed to be seeing into the depths of her soul. She couldn’t take her eyes of his beautiful face, he hadn’t stopped staring at her since he’d opened the door.

‘Er, hi,’ he flashed the smile again, Tia felt like she was going to faint.

‘HI,’ she smiled back as he realised his rudeness.

‘I’m sorry, I’m Mike,’ he extended her hand to her for the introduction, prompting her to tell him her name.

‘Tia,’ she whispered, her voice wavering.’

‘Guys, I have a question. Do we fall in love with EVERY fan we meet?’ Mike asked, looking up from the screen.

‘Hell yeah we do,’ Rob replied, his eyes never leaving the computer infront of him.

‘And what I wanna know is do all our fans have terrible lives? Cos if they do then I really pity them all,’ Phoenix cut in, looking over at Mike who just laughed.

‘FUCK! Dammit, it disconnected me!’ Chester’s voice rose above the rest as he jumped up from where he was sitting.

‘You really are fucking useless with these things, aren’t you?’ Mike laughed at his friend, who in turn smacked Mike round the head as he walked to the fridge to grab a soda.

Today Linkin Park were doing a live web chat and all 6 of them had been hooked up with a laptop that had Internet connection. Since they had time to kill, they were all reading different fan fictions to see what their fans were coming up with now.

‘Slash!’ Phoenix shouted all of a sudden.

‘Ooh, what are me and Chester doing now?’ Mike looked over at Phoenix whose eyes were frantically scanning the screen as he read the story.

‘Nothing. This involves two other members,’ Phoenix grinned looking over at everyone. ‘This time Brad and Rob are fucking each other!’

As soon as he said that a noticeable air of discomfort rose between the two men who were sat near each other.

‘You’ll get used to it,’ Chester told them, sitting himself down on Mike’s knees. ‘We did.’ Mike instantly put his arms around Chester’s waist to support him so that they didn’t fall off the chair.

‘And we’re so hopelessly in love,’ Chester laughed as Mike kissed him on the head in a display of the ‘affection’ they shared. By now Brad and Rob had got on to the funny side of being written as gay lovers; it was rather amusing.

‘BITCH! She fucking killed me!!’ Joe made his presence known to the rest of the group. He was sat at the other side of the room, with his back to the guys.

‘What the fuck?’ Rob looked over at Joe who still hadn’t turned around.

‘This story. At the beginning, we all kill a guy to hide Chester and Mike’s relationship - yes guys, you’re in love again,’ As he said this Chester and Mike gave each other puppy dog eyes, in a look of love.

‘The plan to kill the guy was Remy’s idea by the way,’ Joe almost sounded proud of that. As he continued to explain the story, Chester jumped off of Mike and went to stand behind Joe. ‘Anyway a year later Chester receives a note saying ‘I Know What You Did Last Tour,’ and everyone but me and Rob flips out.’ A cheer escaped from Rob, causing Joe to final turn around and give him the evils. ‘As I was saying. Another guy gets killed and then Phoenix dies and then I DIE!! Me, the bitch kills me off! How the fuck dare she!’

‘Yo, yo, Joe! Calm down man, it’s a story,’ Chester patted his friend’s shoulder for comfort.

‘So, like what happens next? Do we all die?’ Mike spoke, his voice expectant.

‘How the fuck should I know? I haven’t read anymore!’ Joe snapped back. Mike held up his hands in mock surrender.

‘So, um, how do I get back on this thing?’ Chester looked round the room, hoping for some help.

‘Oh now I like this fic!’ Brad exclaimed, a smirk on his face. ‘Britney wants me! This is so damn cool! She leaves Justin for me and everything!’

‘How nice for you,’ Rob sounded slightly jealous, sarcasm echoed behind the comment.

‘But in the first part, terrible things happen! I’m talking unspeakable things happen to us all!’ Brad managed to get everyone’s attention with that, except Joe’s who had returned to reading his story.

‘What happens?’ Mike raised an eyebrow at Brad.

‘You really wanna know?’ Brad was playing with them now, but he had them right where he wanted them, it was amusing.

‘Tell us what the fuck happened to us!’ Chester looked pissed, he didn’t like suspense.

‘Wes Borland turned us into N*Suck and he stole Phoenix’s soul!’ Brad put on a cheesy voice as he gave away the story’s main plot.

‘Now why the fuck would he want Dave’s soul?! And why the hell would any EVER wanna turn us into N*Suck?’ Mike shot at Brad.

‘He probably wanted to punish us for being so much more better looking than N*Suck,’ Chester cut in, ever the big-headed one.

‘Shut up Chester. Why did he take my soul? Why not Chester’s?! We’d be better off then! But no, Chester’s soul just wouldn’t help anyone since it barely exists!’ Dave final voiced his annoyance.

‘Fuck you, Dave! There ain’t nothing wrong with my soul!’ Chester protested.

‘Chaz, there’s everything wrong with your soul!’ Mike laughed.

‘So why are you in love with me then?’ Chester returned to the slash fictions main theme.

‘Cos you’re just so god damn hott, you know that!’ Mike smiled and the guys all cracked up.

‘Oh yeah! I be getting me some in this!’ Rob shouted over the laughter.

‘What the fuck? You getting some action in a fic? Not possible!’ Brad exclaimed. Very rarely did any of them but Chester and Mike get any action in stories.

‘You got Britney so I dunno what you’re going on about! Woo hoo! Somebody likes me more than Mikey and Ches!’ Rob looked like he was about to jump up and start doing a happy dance, lucky for everyone, he stayed sat down.

‘Have you ever thought maybe this chick just felt sorry for you?’ Chester gave Rob a sympathetic look, who retaliated by sticking out his tongue.

‘Oh my god! This chick just killed off Chester!’ Mike looked at Chester and back at his computer screen.

‘What?’ Chester moved over to Mike and read the story. ‘Jesus Christ! She made me kill myself! And she divorced me from my wife!’ Chester didn’t seem to happy about that.

‘True but she also made Sam into such a bitch! And then the chick that was friend’s with you gave your corpse such a bollocking for killing yourself!

It makes you never want to do it! But the eulogy was sweet,’ Mike tried to make the story not seem as bad, with little success.

‘SO, let me get this straight. She has Sam divorce me, and be a severe bitch. AND she then had me kill myself and THEN has a go at my body?! That’s sick! Not to mention twisted!’ Chester sat back infront of his computer, looking annoyed.

‘But it was a nice eulogy,’ Mike tried again. He didn’t like it when any of them took offence to the stories, there was no point, they were just stories.

‘And that just makes up for it so much,’ Chester snapped back.

‘Get over it boy! You’ve read so much worse shit on this thing!’ Rob told Chester.

‘Yeah but doing that to my wife’s character is just insulting,’ Chester spat.

‘It’s a story Ches, it’s not real,’ Mike explained slowly. Chester didn’t respond, he just turned himself back to look at his screen.

Knock Knock

‘Who is it?’ Brad called across the room.

‘It’s Brendan,’ the person called back from the other side of the door.

‘It’s open!’ Brad called back. The door opened and the guy who was helping them with their web chat entered.

‘Hey guys,’ he smiled at them all. ‘Y’alright Chester?’ He noticed the pissed off look upon the guys face.

‘I’m fine,’ Chester replied, unconvincingly but Brendan knew not to push it with Chaz.

‘Mike was the fucking killer!’ Joe shouted suddenly. Brendan looked confused but no one bothered explaining. Clicking the 'reconnect' icon on Chester's laptop he got back to work on the live chat.

‘I killed you?’ Mike looked shocked.

‘You killed every one of us but Chester here. He hit you over the head with a guitar.

‘I survived the wrath of Mike!’ Chester lightened up again.

‘Bastard! You hit me with a guitar!’ Mike shot back.

‘It’s a story, Mike. It’s not real,’ Chester smiled at Mike, using the same line Mike had used on him earlier.

And he was right - it was just a story, and they were the characters.

THE END | Short Fics


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