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I don’t usually do these things cos I think they’re pointless - they’re all the same. Of course we don’t own Linkin Park, isn’t that obvious?! But any way, I just wanted to say that I’m not making fun of anyone’s fic in this. I only comment on mine and Maz’s (thank you Maz hun for letting me use your fic in this ;-) ) I respect every fic I have read and you are all fantastic writers, I don’t want you to think I’m making fun of any of you if a theme that is mentioned is similar to that of yours, OK?

To read this you need to have read ‘I Know What You Did Last Tour’, ‘Shoulder to Cry On’, ‘Syncing to A New Low’ and ‘Residue’ cos I basically spoil the endings of all of them in this-sorry! Enjoy!


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