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Emma looked through the window in front of her and just stared. She couldn’t quite grasp the scene that graced her vision. After the seconds that felt like hours, she rushed from where she stood, upstairs and to her room. Once in the safety of the bed she sank beneath the sheets and hid, thinking of the past and everything that had caused the recent events.

Chapter 1

Emma had been 17 when they’d first met. 17, young impressionable youth… Those were the days. She’d had few relationships; basically because she spent all her time with her best friend, Rob Bourdon. Also, she spent a lot of time practising herbalism and writing; as these were the two talents of hers she wanted to use in later life.

She and Rob had known each other since forever and never parted company really. They were in High School together and had managed to independently choose all the same classes so they were NEVER apart, literally. She’d supported Rob in every band he’d been in and this time it would be no different. His friend Brad had given him a call about a band that he was starting with a friend. As they were in need of a drummer, Brad had thought of Rob first and Rob didn’t even hesitate to accept.

So there they were, she and Rob walking into this house of some guy called Mike. Emma could even remember what she was wearing that day - a long black skirt with blue stars on it and a black strap top. She wasn’t the most girliest person on the planet as she spent all her time with guys but she wasn’t a tomboy either. She was just herself.

Brad had introduced Rob to everybody, including the guy whose home they were practising in. Mike, the bands emcee. He’d been wearing a pair of khaki combat pants and a red tee when they’d first met. He’d smiled at her and asked specifically to be introduced to her. He’d smiled at her pretty much the entire way through the rehearsal, of course Emma smiled back. It was instantaneous attraction, which, within months developed into the fabulous 4 year affair that it still was.

After almost 4 years, they were living together in the heart of California, on the outskirts of LA. Mike and the band formerly known as Xero, Linkin Park, were doing amazingly well all over the world. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to see Mike or Rob as much as she wished she could be she was happy that both of them were doing what they loved. And both of them had supported her and helped her achieve her own ambition-opening her own herbal store. She was now a successful store owner and a very happy woman. Life just couldn’t be better.

Chapter 2

Emma sat behind the counter in the small, dark store and continued to concentrate on the books in front of her. Her neck ached slightly so she sat up and stretched her arms out, catching sight of her watch. Seeing the time, she packed away the books.

‘Connie?!’ Emma called through the quiet herbal store. A woman of about 35 popped her head round the corner, her blonde hair all over the place. 

‘Yes, hun?’ Connie asked with a smile.

‘I gotta go get Mike and Rob from the airport now. You be OK with locking up and manning this place alone tomorrow?’ asked Emma, getting her car keys.

‘Yeah, of course! You hurry along and go get your man!’ Connie laughed. ‘I’ll see you Monday morning.’

‘Thank you so much, I really appreciate it,’ Emma smiled and ran out the back entrance of the store to her car.

Emma climbed into her little black Volkswagen Beetle and drove the 15minute drive to the airport. Upon arrival, she jumped out of her car and ran into the airport, bumping into someone as she entered it.

‘Oh, sorry,’ said Emma turning to the person. ‘Oh god Sam! I didn’t realise it was you! How are you doing?

‘I’m great thanks! Just happy that the guys are finally returning home. Three months is a long time to go without your basic pleasures!’

‘Don’t I know it!’ Emma said. Turning her attention back to the busy terminal she saw an all too familiar face. She ran to the arrivals and jumped on Rob who hugged her back.

‘Hey you,’ Rob laughed, putting his best friend back on the floor. ‘I’ve missed being home!’

‘Well I’ve missed you too, hun.’ Emma hugged Rob again but quickly let go of him when she saw the person who was currently coming out of the arrivals.

Mike dropped his bag and ran at his woman. He reached her within seconds and kissed her like he wanted to taste her more than anything else in the world. They became enveloped within each other, stood in the middle of the airport getting as reacquainted as they could with each other in a public place. The kiss ended and Emma finally got to say what she’d been dying to say since she first saw Mike come through the gates.

‘What the hell have you done to your hair?!’ Emma giggled at the amazing lack of hair he was displaying. Mike dropped his gaze to the floor and ran a hand over his stubble.

‘I, erm, well….’ Mike began but was soon cut off by Chester who seemed to appear from nowhere, he, also sporting a shaved head.

‘It was a bet,’ Chester answered for his band mate whose eyes were still trained on the floor.

‘A bet?! You shaved off your beautiful hair for a bet?’ Emma couldn’t help but laugh, her arm firmly around Mike’s waist.

‘Yeah, it was a stupid bet,’ Joe cut in, Emma noticing he too had no hair.

‘These two fucks made a bet with me that I couldn’t down 20 shots of tequila and stay standing. If I fell over, I had to grow my hair, get dreads and dye it green. And if I stayed standing, they had to shave their heads like mine,’ Chester said triumphantly, obviously proud of his achievement.

‘You dumbasses! You used alcohol in a bet against CHESTER?! He never loses shit like that!’ Emma burst into laughter, along with a very amused Samantha.

‘But, I…I , urm, yeah,’ Mike managed to say in his defence.

‘yeah, OK Mike. C’mon, I wanna get you home and we need to drop Rob off too,’ Emma told him, dragging him out of the airport, closely followed by Rob.

Emma drove and first they dropped Rob off at home. After giving him a big hug, Emma and Mike set off home.

‘Home, Sweet, Home,’ Mike whispered, walking in first. He threw his bag on the floor and turned around, wrapping his arms around Emma’s body. ‘I’ve missed you so damn much, Emma.’ Mike spoke softly, bringing his lips to his girlfriend’s own.

‘I’ve missed you more,’ Emma breathed, getting turned on by his simple touch.

Mike kissed her again, working his tongue around hers. Emma moaned slightly as Mike slid his hands up the sides of her top. Their lips parted for mere seconds as he pulled it over her head and dropped it to the floor. As he continued to kiss her, he used one hand to caress her left breast, the other rubbing circles at the base of her spine. Emma put her hands under Mike’s own tee and danced her finger tips lightly up his sides before pulling his top of quickly.

Mike’s lips moved to her shoulder blade and he kissed his way across them, now caressing both breasts as he did this. Emma’s fingers battled with his belt buckle, which soon came loose and found itself on the floor. Mike’s pants slid down by themselves, landing around his feet. Mike stepped out of the fallen clothing and led his lover up the stairs.

When they entered the bedroom, Emma took control, pushing Mike on to the bed. She slipped out of her skirt and carefully unfastened her bra as Mike noticeably hardened in front of her. Emma then climbed on top of the horny Mike, careful not to touch his throbbing hard on. She kissed him, Mike reaching up to kiss her, hungrily wanting her. Slowly, she slid her hand towards his manhood but Mike grabbed her wrist.

‘None of that shit, I just want to be in you,’ Mike pushed off Emma’s panties and pulled off his own boxers. Emma climbed on top of Mike and positioned herself so she could slide down on to his dick.

Both moaned loudly as Mike penetrated her for the first time in three very long months. Mike grasped onto her buttocks and slowly rocked her back on forth on him. Emma lowered herself down and met his lips with hers. Emma’s rocking increased in pace as Mike began to thrust his hips up into her. Both were slick with sweat and sticking to each other and with a joint cry, the both came, loudly.

Emma rolled off of Mike and lay next to him. ‘I needed that,’ Mike whispered, through raspy breaths as he held Emma in his arms.

‘I’m not finished with you yet,’ Smirked Emma, going back into kiss Mike.

Chapter 3

Finally, the ‘games’ were over. Both Mike and Emma were tired out and slick with sweat. Emma lay against Mike’s chest, his arm protectively around her chest, caressing her side.

‘I told you I hadn’t finished,’ Emma mused, her eyelids feeling heavy as she got comfortable against her boyfriend.

‘I’m glad you hadn’t,’ Mike whispered in her ear, kissing her head. Silence flowed and the two just lay there with each other. Mike decided the silence needed to be broken. ‘Emma, you know I love you.’

‘I know that,’ She turned to look at him.

‘Let me finish, I have a lot I want to say,’ he looked at Emma who nodded for him to continue. He paused and then began. ‘We’ve been together for 4 years now and I’ve been unbelievably happy all the time. We’ve never really had any bad times, just good and really good, and of course fab times. I never thought I’d be so lucky to fall in love with my best friend and the most beautiful girl in the world. I never thought I’d be so lucky to have a lasting relationship with my teenage sweetheart. I never thought I’d be so lucky as to fall in love with my first. I love you more with every day and I want to keep it that way. I never want to lose you, I want to be with you always.’

Mike slid his hand into the draw beside him and pulled out a small black box. ‘Be with me forever?’

Mike held the box in front of Emma and pushed up the top. Inside was a platinum ring with an amethyst stone held in it. Within it said ‘first and last’.

‘Of course. Always and forever,’ Emma whispered through tears as Mike put the ring on her finger. She leant into him and kissed him long and deeply, tears still running. ‘I just want to say that I love you with my whole being. I wouldn’t want to change this or be with anybody else. I never thought I’d be so lucky to find love so young. And I’m glad that it was you I fell in love with. You were my first partner and my first love, and I can promise you, you will be my last and only. There’s no one on earth that could make me feel the way you do and even if there is, I’m not going to go searching. I’m happy, I’m satisfied, I’m content and I’m in love.’

Mike pulled Emma closer to him and took her lips in another deep kiss. He trailed his fingers up and down her back as they became very deeply engrossed within each other. The kiss ended and Emma snuggled down, still held protectively in Mike’s arms. The covers were pulled over them both and they feel asleep together.

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