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Chapter 7

The next morning, Emma and Mike woke up to the wondrous smells of a cooked breakfast. Chester and Sam had kindly decided that since it was Emma’s 21st, she deserved the best treatment. So they’d cooked breakfast and popped open a bottle of champagne and a carton of orange juice to make Bucks Fizz.

The morning had been nothing but laziness, allowing everyone to get over their raging hangovers before they all started drinking and smoking again. Everyone had chosen to sit out in the garden, in the sun. they were spread out across the deck in chairs and on the floor. Joe, Brad and Sam had all managed to fall asleep while the rest enjoyed the sun and chatted.

Finally came presents time as Chester fired up the barbecue. Joe had bought her an absolutely gorgeous, ornately carved Japanese trinket box that she’d been dying to buy herself. Dave had bought her a beautiful amber bracelet in silver that she’d immediately put on her wrist. From Brad she had received a garnet pendant necklace that was very beautiful. From Chester and Samantha she received the most interesting gift. They bought her some rather sexy lingerie and a pair of handcuffs. When she opened them all she could do was laugh, Chester grinned and said ‘thought you and Mikey could enjoy them.’

Next came Rob’s gift. Carefully Emma unwrapped it to find one of the most amazing and thoughtful gifts she’d ever received. He’d made a scrap book of their lives together. Everything was in it, baby pictures, graduation photos, birthdays, band practises - EVERYTHING. Emma was almost in tears when she looked through it. She almost knocked Rob over as she thanked him with a huge hug. It was a truly awe inspiring gift.

Mike had gotten her another necklace. One of silver with a rune for love on it and the date of when they first got together inscribed on the back. It made her heart jump when she realised the thought that had gone into all the gifts she had received. Tears of joy ran down her cheeks and her smiles never ceased for the rest of the day.

The beer soon began flowing again and the joints were being rolled by something Chester had magically made appear. That sat in the garden till the late hours, toking and drinking and eating a fabulous barbecue meal. As the air turned chilly, they moved inside, except Dave who had passed out in a sun lounger and there was no chance of him getting up till the morning.

Soon people were falling asleep or passing out all over the place. As usual Emma and Rob were still standing as was Chester this time, and Brad was conscious but not mobile at all. Emma moved into the kitchen, desperately in need of a drink to rid her of her dry mouth. Looking at the clock she realised it was one a.m. 

‘People just couldn’t handle proper all nighters!’ She giggled slightly before gulping down a glass of water.

‘Hey,’ the voice came from behind her and made he jumping making her almost drop her glass.

‘Jesus, Rob, don’t scare me like that!’ she scolded slightly, her hand on her fast beating heart.

‘Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to inform you that both Chester and brad are out for the count,’ Rob grinned at her. ‘And I also wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.’

‘Thank you hun,’ Emma said, going up to him and wrapping her arms around his neck. His hands rested on her spine and he rubbed her back in comfort.

‘I can’t believe my lil Emmy is 21. You’re a big girl now,’ Rob spoke in her ear.

‘I know. It’s really strange. But I’ll always need you, don’t you worry,’ Emma whispered back.

‘I never doubted that in the least,’ Rob began to pull out of the hug slightly. As his face passed Emma’s their lips met. The kiss didn’t last too long but it was still deeper than it should have been.

They pulled away simultaneously, staring each other straight in the eyes.

‘That did not just happen,’ Emma said, her fingers on her lips. She then turned and ran out of the kitchen up to her bedroom, leaving a bewildered Rob to stand alone in the kitchen.

Chapter 8

The next morning Emma rolled over in her bed, coming face to face with Mike.

‘Hey,’ he grinned at her, his hands meeting her hips under the covers. Just looking into Mike’s eyes, the guilt of the kiss from the night before overwhelmed every part of Emma’s being making her feel physically sick.

‘I never felt you get in.’ Emma spoke quietly.

‘Well, you know me, always gentle when it comes to the bed area,’ Mike gave her a cheeky grin. Emma considered whether or not to tell Mike or not but before she got the chance to make the decision, Mike’s lips hit hers in a hungry kiss. ‘I never got chance to wish you Happy Birthday properly,’ Mike spoke, kissing her again.

Mike’s hands slipped inside her over-sized tee, pushing up. She lent forwards allowing him to pull it over her head. Mike kissed her again, his hands lingering over her breasts. Emma couldn’t help herself, despite all the guilt she felt, she couldn’t stop herself getting turned on. She tickled Mike’s sides, making him giggle slightly. He pulled his lips away from her and spoke.

‘I want you to just relax and let me do everything. This is your birthday present, you just lay there and enjoy,’ he smiled and then moved his way down to her chest. He kissed each of her breasts and then took her nipple into his mouth. He sucked gently, prompting a moan from deep inside Emma. Her guilt was forgotten as soon as Mike began to move down her torso, kissing her stomach.

Carefully, he spread her legs apart. She could feel the warmth of his breath against her now highly sensitive clit. Then she could feel his tongue flicked over it, causing a shiver to go up her spine. His tongue entered and he began to caress her with it. She was so turned on by this, she was arching her back from the mattress. Emma could feel herself coming close to climax and all of a sudden Mike removed his tongue from her. Emma sat up and looked at Mike who just smiled back before climbing back up her.

He kissed and she could taste herself in his mouth. As he kissed her, he entered her, thrusting in deeply but slowly. The anticipation was agonising but Emma was enjoying every bit of it. The look of pure pleasure on Emma’s face turned Mike on so much that he wanted to go faster but he wouldn’t allow himself to, he wanted it to be slow, agonisingly pleasurable and mind-blowing.

Finally Emma came with a scream, Mike following straight afterwards with a guttural moan. Emma kissed Mike, her body spent and slick with spent, her guilt slowly beginning to rise back up to the surface. Mike climbed off her and pulled her off the bed into the bathroom. They showered, dressed and went downstairs.

When they got downstairs, they discovered Brad, Joe and Dave had already gone home. Chester and Sam were just about to leave, meaning Rob was the only one left. Chester and Sam said their goodbyes and they went home.

‘Hey, Rob, wanna ride home?’ Mike asked.

‘Yeah, sure, if it’s not too much trouble,’ Rob replied.

‘Of course its not,’ Mike pointed out, picking up his car keys.

‘It’s not a problem to you is it?’ Rob questioned, turning to Emma who was following the two men out of the house.

‘No, why would it be?’ Emma gave him a fake smile, feeling even more guilty than before just being near her best friend, the man she’d kissed the night before.

Chapter 9

After dropping Rob back home, Mike drove home. They sat in silence, Emma too upset with herself to speak to Mike. Her guilt overwhelmed her, it hurt her so much, she could feel it weighing heavy deep down in her gut.

‘You OK, hun?’ Mike asked, glancing sideways at his fiancé. ‘You’re awfully quiet.’

‘Um, yeah, I’m fine,’ Emma smiled weakly at Mike, who smiled back. They returned back to their silence again, Emma feeling even worse for lying to Mike. She had to tell him, she had no choice. She couldn’t live with the way she felt inside, telling him was the best thing to do; it was the right thing.

‘Mike?’ Emma broke the silence.

He glanced towards her again. ‘Yeah babe?’

‘I, um, well, um last night…I, um, Rob…’ she couldn’t get the words out, how was she supposed to do this?!

‘Emma, what is it? Tell me, please, you’re scaring me,’ Mike spoke with worry in his voice.

‘Last night, Rob and I kissed each other,’ Emma said it quickly, wanting to get it out as quickly as she could so that she wouldn’t back out at the last minute. Mike said nothing. The silence between them returned, except this time it was excessively uncomfortable. ‘Mike?’

‘What?’ he spat, his eyes not leaving the road before him.

‘Aren’t you going to say something?’ Emma asked hopefully, her heart beating a mile a minute.

‘What do you want me to say?’ he retorted angrily.

‘I want you to give me a reaction!’ Emma began to raise her voice, not intentionally but out of frustration.

‘You want a reaction? You want me to shout at you? You want me to scream and to cry and to tell you how fucked off with you I am right now?’ Mike shouted back, his eyes leaving the road every other word.

‘If that’s how you feel then yes that is what I want you to do,’ Emma snapped.

‘Fine then! I can’t believe you could do that to me! You’re my fiancée, my FI-AN-FUCKING-CE! And you kissed my best friend. How the hell could you do that to me?! How the hell could you kiss Rob?! Come on then, tell me, why would you do this to me? I love you and you threw all that back in my face!’ Mike shouted, his eyes almost never on the road as he shared his feelings. 

‘Keep your goddamn eyes on the road!’ Emma interrupted mike’s shouting. 

‘Don’t tell me what to do bitch, you’re not in the position to tell me what to do!’ Mike growled, his eyes staying on Emma.

‘I know I’m not in a position to tell you what to do but please, for mine and your sake, watch the mother fucking road before you kill both of us!' Emma screamed, pure fear in her voice.

‘Stop fucking whining and give me a goddamn explanation for your actions!’ Mike spat.

‘I don’t have an explanation, it just fucking happened OK? We were drunk and stoned. It wasn’t intentional! It was just caused by over indulgence! I wouldn’t do that to you, I love you too goddamn much.’ Emma shouted back, her eyes going from Mike to the road.

‘NO, it’s not OK! You can’t just expect it to be! God, I just don’t…’

‘MIKE WATCH OUT!’ Emma screamed, making Mike look back at the road. He was aiming straight for a lorry. He swerved the car, losing control of the wheel, the car moving of its own accord. Emma screamed and everything slowed down and then went black.

Emma felt herself being lifted and then laid down on a flat surface. Straps were brought over her body and some type of mask put over her face. She began struggling, opening her eyes and trying to see what was going on. Her entire body hurt, it felt like on huge bruise.

‘M…m…Mike, Mike, Mike,’ she managed to choke out, her voice strengthening with every word. ‘Where’s Mike,’ she cried, turning on her side.

That’s when she saw it. The car was smashed up, totalled by a collision with the barrier and next to it was something inside a black back that was zipped up and on a gurney. She was being wheeled in the opposite direction to it and then everything went black again.


Now here she was, under the sheets of her hospital bed. A cast on her broken arm, a bandaged round her broken ribs and stitches in her forehead. Downstairs, at the other side of that window was Mike’s body, his beautiful, beautiful body, covered in a white sheet. He’d died from head injuries, she’d been told. Both of them had gone through the windscreen but somehow she’d survived.

Why had she survived? She didn’t deserve to survive after what she’d done. That should be her downstairs in that morgue. But it wasn’t. it was the love of her life, her fiancé, the man she was supposed to be spending the rest of her life with. That wasn’t going to happen now.

Tears fell down her cheeks, their saltiness stinging as it went over the grazes on her face. There was a knock at her door and she looked up as it opened.

Rob’s head popped round the door and he came in, closing the door behind him.

‘I’m sorry,’ he spoke, his eyes filled with sympathy and love.

‘So am I,’ was all Emma could say as her tears fell faster.

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