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Chapter 4

Chester stepped gingerly through the dark passage, feeling the smooth stone walls cool down the further he went. He paused momentarily to check on his band mates; they were following close behind with looks of nervous expectation on their faces. They continued walking until at last a thin sliver of light became visible in the distance.

“Go to the light!” Boomed Joe in a God-like voice. He was rewarded with a dig in the ribs from Mike.

Eventually they reached the end of the tunnel and stepped into a bright open room. Waiting for them were tables laid out with snacks; sweet and savoury and every variety of drink; alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Mike approached the table and sniffed the food suspiciously; he nibbled the edge of a chocolate-chip cookie, and then gobbled the whole thing.

Chester looked at Mike and shrugged his shoulders, joining him at the table and soon the rest of Linkin Park followed suit.

After their feed the guys collapsed on some leather lazy-boys that had magically appeared. Chester unbuttoned his pants and groaned, sliding his four fingers inside the waistband.

“Now that’s good eatin’!” he sighed.

“Whoa yeah!” agreed Rob, who was sat next to him. They sat for some time, unable to move with the weight of food in their stomachs.

“Uh… I hate to spoil this with thinking and all but… has nobody thought of what the hell we’re doing here?” asked Phoenix.

“Yeah, I was thinking about that. It started to disturb me so I started thinking about naked Britney instead,” offered Brad.

But they didn’t have to wait long to get their answers.

They heard footsteps approaching along with some cheerful humming. The boys sat up suddenly and looked at a doorway they hadn’t noticed before. A portly, old man stepped into the room. He was instantly recognisable with his rhinestone jumpsuit and large black quiff.

“Elvis!” screamed Chester in awe.

“Uh huh,” confirmed Elvis.

“But… but you’re dead” stuttered Rob, confused.

“Nah, I’m not dead.” He chuckled.

“But… what?”

“This place is for people like me who want to... get away.”

“What like a retirement village?”

“Uh...Yeah. Only this place is different. You have to fake your own death to get in here.” Said Elvis matter-of-factly.

“Cool!” squealed Joe, unable to contain his excitement.

The guys relaxed back into their chairs and chatted with Elvis for a while, still in shock and more than a little star struck.

“So, what else is in this place?” asked Mike looking around the room.

“Yeah and who else is here?” added Joe. Elvis laughed and stood up, beckoning them with his chubby hand.

“Come on guys, I’ll show ya.”

Chapter 5 here soon!


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