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Chapter 1

Scott took another drag of his cigarette, sat back and listened to Chester and Mike squabble over why they might be called a boy band.

“I think it’s because of my strikingly good looks.” Chester boasted.

“I think it’s because of your strikingly bad looks.” Mike replied.

Chester lightly punched Mike in the arm but missed, his punch carried his body off the chair and fell on the floor laughing, knocking Mike’s drink out of his hand.

“Woah easy dude, I love you and all but you’re just not my type.” Mike giggled as Chester used Mike’s and Brad’s knee to help himself up off the beer soaked floor.

Scott took a sip of his Malibu on the rocks, as the luxury cruise ship bobbed gently on the coast of Hong Kong.

“Lemme try soma that,” slurred Chester pointing at Scott’s glass.

“What did you say? Asked Scott, rather astounded. He wasn’t expecting Chester to go for anything but beer. He had the impression Chester wanted to impress Mike. That he could drink anything else instead of beer.

Scott handed the glass over to Chester and cringed, apprehensive of what might happen if Chester started mixing his drinks. Chester appeared to be alright, and then proceeded to drink the rest.

“Hey you alcoholic that was mine, you owe me a drink,” shouted Scott as Chester ate the coconut flavoured ice cubes.

Scott suddenly felt very dizzy and ill. He finished his cigarette and excused himself from the group. His vision became rather blurry and a tingling feeling ran up and down his arms. As he walked away he felt as though his head was about to explode. His knees buckled underneath him, then he blacked out.

The band watched in horror as the waitresses ran to help him. Someone had already called for the onboard doctor as Chester shouted.

“Someone please help Scott! Get a fucking doctor,” he screamed.
The doctor arrived and co-ordinated the waitresses come trained nurse to help Scott onto a stretcher and into the medical cabin down a deck. Chester and Mike tagged along, but the doctor wouldn’t let them in to see him. A few minutes later the doctor reappeared from the medical cabin.

“He’s still breathing and he still has a pulse, but he has very high blood pressure,” said the doctor.

“He’s had some alcohol, would that have anything to do with it? And he’s been smoking too. Oh is he going to be alright? What’s wrong with him?” Mike shouted as he tried to manoeuvre into the small cabin.

“I can’t tell but his left eye pupil is partially slower reacting compared with his right,” He said, standing in to doorway as to block them entering.

“Well what does that mean?” Chester screamed at him, with a bit of hysteria in his voice.

“Please try to remain calm sir. What’s his name?” He asked.

“It’s Scott, are you deaf? Please help him.”

“I’m doing the best I can but I am limited to what I can do on the ship. We arrive back in Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon, we’ll get security to let you have priority exit which means you can bypass the queuing and get him straight to a doctor. In the mean time, try and get some sleep – there’s not much you can do for him at the moment.”

Mike nodded his head thoughtfully and went back to find the other band members.

The nest day Scott awoke with a headache. He was given pain killers and was carted off to the nearest hospital, Linkin Park band members following closely behind.

He was put through an MRI brain scan. All his piercings had to come off; including the one on his lip. Chester bit his piercing as they removed each one with some surgical pliers, as if he could feel what Scott was feeling inside.

“It's like losing a part of you,” Chester whispered to himself quietly.

Chapter 2

The week before

It was 8pm when Scott and the band were on their way to a rock pub called ‘the Ball and Chain’ in Kowloon. It was to be the best night in a long time.

Scott had not been out for a while due to exams earlier that year and felt that this is the night to get absolutely plastered with his best friend in high school, Mike, and the rest of the band. Scott wore a very tight sleeveless black top with a large scorpion on the front with baggy trousers and studded wristbands. Chester wore his red tartan trousers, black shoes, and a black sleeveless top he wore in the Papercut video. Chester had grown out his Mohawk and had shaved it all off for that night.

After a double shot of Malibu on the rocks Scott then went on to have another 4 double shots of Malibu over the course of 2 hours more than he had ever drunk in such a short time and was still going strong.

When they played Limp bizkit’s faith, the mini mosh pit in the pub became very crowded very quickly. Scott being shorter than most of the moshers was getting nudged, elbowed and kicked. He was pushed to the floor and trampled on. Mike and Dave punched everyone out of the way to get to Scott and pulled him out.

“You ok dude?” Mike asked as he held Scott’s bleeding head in his hands.

“Yeah just got a splitting headache, can I have some water please?” Scott groaned, as a drop of blood trickled down the side of his face. It seeped onto Mike’s hands but he didn’t seem to mind, but Scott felt it run down and touched it with his fingertips.

Scott pulled Mike’s warm comforting hands off his face unwillingly and ran to the toilets to clean himself up.

Chester had dunken himself into a stupor and was unable to move.

At 2am everyone was too tired to mosh and wanted to go home. Back at in the hotel room everyone stunk of cheap cigarettes and alcohol. They all went back into their apartments to wash before collapsing in their beds. Mike, Chester and Scott slept in one room. Brad and Rob in another and Joe and Dave in their’s.

After his shower Scott was too tired to walk all the way to the bed so he collapsed on the sofa by the en-suite bathroom door. After Mike had a shower he got dressed and smiled as he watched Scott’s chest rise and sink with every breath, slumped on the sofa. He slowly cradled Scott and placed him on the double bed.

Chester had to sleep on the sofa bed that night, Mike decided to look after Scott that night. Mike climbed in on the other side and slipped away into a dream land.

Chapter 3


“I’m afraid I have some bad news for you Scott,” said the doctor as he brought up the results from the scans. It revealed an egg yolk size mass in the right hemisphere of Scott’s brain.

Scott felt himself well up inside and nearly exploded with fear as well as anger and hatred towards the mass. All these emotions could be felt by Chester as he put his hands on Scott’s shoulders. Is seemed as if Scott had involuntarily channelled the emotions to Chester.

A tear ran down his swollen face; Scott tried hard to suppress his tears to show that he wasn’t scared when really he was petrified that his life was on the line.

“I’m afraid that you’re going to have to take it easy for a while. According to this region here.” He circles the mass shown on the scans. The doctor went on. “It appears that there seems to be a bleed in or around the mass. Any strenuous activity could make things worse.”

“What do you mean?” Scott asked.

“You must stop doing any exercises you should refrain from going out in this heat too. You should also stop driving. As well as no alcohol or stimulants such as caffeine.” Said the doctor.

Shit. Scott thought as he felt his heart sink to a new low. His favourite past times had been taken away from him all because of an egg yolk. “FUCK.” He cursed under his breath “That means I wont get to see Mike and Chester in London in 3 weeks time.”

“Good thing I already have a tan.” He said to Chester and Mike trying to look on the funny side.

Scott was too scared to even walk as they left the doctors office feeling very low and very scared as they new it was very real. It would have been possible to walk back to the hotel in ten minutes but decided to take the taxi away from the blistering heat.

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