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Chapter 4

Something had come up. it had to be something important or Charmers wouldn't have called. Chester grabbed his cordless and pressed the speed dial for Charmers' private line at LAPD.

After three rings the phone was answered, 'Charmers.'

'Hi, this is Chester Bennington.'

'Mr Bennington, thank you so much for calling me back so quickly,' Charmers' voice had a hint of urgency in it.

'Not a problem. What came up?' Chester was quite anxious, he needed to know what was going on.

'Yes, that. I was calling to ask you to come down to the station as we have Mr Shinoda in protective custody.'

Chester felt his heart physically stop. He lowered the phone from his ear as shock engulfed his body. They had Mike. He was safe, the had Mike. Mike had been arrested and was in police custody, they had him.

'Mr Bennington?' Chester remembered the phone in his hand.

'Th- thank you. I'll be right there.'

He was already out of the door before he'd hung up the phone.

Chester was immediately shown to Charmers' office where he took a seat and waited for the detective. Within five minutes he was no longer alone.

'Thank you for coming so quickly,' Charmers gave an awkward smile as he shook Chester's hand. 'I realise that we've gone for so long without 
anything and now we have Shinoda it must be rather overwhelming for you.' He smiled again.

'I'm fine. Can we just get on with this? Please?' Chester's voice shook, his eyes pleaded.

'Of course. Follow me please,' Charmers moved towards the door, motioning for Chester to follow. The two men walked silently down a corridor, one followed, the other led the way. suddenly Charmers stopped and opened a door, entering a small, unlit room. A man stood as the two walked in, Charmers and he spoke silently as Chester stood watching the floor. He was too scared to look around.

'Mr Bennington?' Chester's head snapped up in response, his eyes locking with that of the detective's. 'If you would, please.' Charmers motioned towards a large pane of glass. Chester looked at it and saw what he was supposed to.

Mike sat on the other side of the glass, his hands handcuffed together, resting on the table. His hair was now a vibrant purple colour that made him look amazing, it went perfectly with his tanned complexion. His eyes were red and puffy, he'd obviously been crying and he looked like he hadn't slept for days.

'H... how did you find him?' Chester wasn't fully aware of his own voice but he heard the question. He couldn't avert his eyes, he couldn't stop staring. He was mesmerised by Mike. He was filled with emotion, of contempt, hate, anger, passion, love and pain. He was torn between himself, he didn't know what to feel.

'A woman who owns a convenience store about 10/20 blocks from you. One day, this man walks into her store and she recognises him but doesn't know where from. She goes home and sees a picture in her daughter's room. her daughter had been a mad fan of you guys but when the others were killed she was heartbroken. She explained to her mother what had happened, pointed out which one survived and which one was the killer. The girl then ripped all her posters from her walls in a rage, except the picture she still keeps by her bed as a memory. Recognising Mike as the man from the store and recalling everything her daughter had told her, she called us. We staked out the store, next time he came in we followed him home, made sure it was him. When we got a positive ID, we arrested him.' Charmers stopped then, a silence befalling the room. the explanation slowly sunk into Chester's head as he continued to stare at Mike.

'We searched his apartment too, of course. It was filled with pictures of you, the band, your wife, Limp Bizkit. There was even recent surveillance pictures of you, he was stalking you. Followed you every time you left your apartment. My guess is he was planning to finish what he had started two years ago.' The man finished his little psycho analysis and silenced.

Chester continued to stare at Mike, his eyes never wavering. He looked so beautiful. Even after all the things Mike had done to him, Chester could never stop loving the man, never ever. Slowly, Chester reached out a hand to the glass, positioning his hand so it rested near where Mike's face was.

'Mike,' Chester breathed his name, his knees weakening. 'I'd like to leave now.' Chester snapped his hand from the glass and turned back to the detective who nodded and led him out.

As soon as Chester walked into his apartment he knew there was only one place he wanted to be. He slipped off his jeans and tee and went to his room. He got into his bed and pulled the sheet over his head. He didn't care that it was mid-afternoon, he wanted sleep. Images of Mike in the station-bleary eyed and alone, Mike holding him; their lips touching, their warmth mingling and all possible emotions shot through Chester's mind, filling his head. His head buzzed as he lapsed into his first Mike-dreamless sleep in two years.

Chapter 5

Days had passed since the arrest of Mike had taken place. Chester had tried his best to keep the man and all past events from his thoughts. He had succeeded in that and the dreams of him and Mike had ceased. He'd got along with his life, ventured out a little more than usual but otherwise little had changed in his routine.

Chester had just been grocery shopping and was cautiously opening the door, trying not to drop his bags. The sight that welcomed him as he opened the door caused him to drop every single once, scattering the contents across the floor.

'Took your time didn't you?' the question was asked in a cool, casual manner as if there was nothing unusual about their current situation.

'What are you doing here?' Chester's words were barely audible but they were heard by the recipient.

'You know I can escape anything,' again cool and casual. Chester stared at the man in his apartment, trying to read his features but failing. Mike's eyes burned into Chester like fire, and Chaz could feel them eating into his soul.

'So, what? Are you gonna kill me now? Finish while you still can?' Chester's voice was strong and brave but inside he was terrified of the possibilities.

'No, actually I've come to apologise, to try to make amends. I know, I know I can't make up for all the lives I've taken or the things I've done. I can't even justify them because I don't have a reason for them. I want you to know I'm sorry. It's not much and hell it's not enough for what I've done but it's a start. I'm gonna burn for what I've done and I can't change anything but I am sorry. I'm fucked up seriously and I need help. But before I get that help I need you to know I'm sorry and believe me when I tell you that I regret everything I've done. I wish I could give you a reason for my actions. I need you to know that and I need you to believe me, please Chester. I shouldn't have done those things, I shouldn't have hurt you. I'm sorry, I truly am I, please, believe me. You know my Chester, look at me and believe me.'

The two men were now face to face, within arms reach of each other. Mike minimised that distance by reaching out a hand and touching Chester's face, wiping away a stray tear with his thumb. Despite everything, Chester leaned his head into Mike's hand and closed his eyes, relishing the touch he'd longed for. Chester kissed Mike's thumb lightly, needing to taste part of him before he spoke.

'Mike, what you have done to me is unforgivable and truly unforgettable. You shattered my career, my life, my marriage and my heart. And for those things I will hate you eternally. You tried to kill me and it hurt me so much. The pain I suffer is here,' Chester grabbed hold of Mike's hand and placed it over his heart, holding it in place. 'I never dreamt that I could feel the way I do. The pain and heartache I have suffered can be matched by NO ONE. I need you to know what you've done to me, my family, to my life. You ruined everything. I didn't think it was possible to hate anyone as much as I hate you.'

Both men were now crying silent tears. Mike's hand had dropped from Chester's face but his other hand was still held over Chester's heart. Chaz's voice was strong and clear but the tears managed to warp it slightly.

'After everything you have done to me, you would expect me to cut your tongue out for even considering apologising to me. Anything less just wouldn't be acceptable. But you know me, and you know me well. I don't do anything by the book. As a matter-of-fact, I accept you apology though I don't forgive you, I believe you're sorry and that you regret what you've done. When you love someone as much as I love you, apologies should be accepted.'

'You still love me?' Mike's voice wavered and shook considerably, his eyes growing in surprise, his face stained with tears.

'With all my heart,' Chester replied, his eyes locked on Mike's own orbs, his own tears flowing freely.

Mike leaned forwards, bringing his lips to Chester's, his free hand moving to the back of Chester's head, pulling him in. Chester kissed Mike hungrily, taking as much of his taste into his mouth as possible. Chester moved his hand from over Mike's and snaked it up and round Mike's back, rubbing concentric circles into the nape of his neck. Both moved into one another, moaning slightly, their tongues clashing, their bodies mingling. They became one solid mass, totally intertwined, taking each other back in. Chester's scent filled Mike's nostrils, Mike's taste filled Chester's mouth. Neither wanted to let go, neither wanted to be separate. They wanted to be like this forever but both know that wasn't possible. Mike caressed Chester's back as Chaz continued massaging Mike's neck.

A loud and very unsuspecting bang interrupted their bliss, causing them to separate and move apart. Another bang came as the door broke from its lock, swinging open and slamming into the wall. Things became slow motion from then on. Shouts filled the room as a few men piled in through the doorway. They were shouting at Mike and Chester, causing chaos and confusion. Suddenly a gun was fired and things resumed normal speed.

The bullet sped towards Mike, a perfect aim straight for the hearty. Chester heard a screamed protest from his own vocal chords and he felt himself move. A huge force propelled Chester to the floor, a pain seared through his torso as he slammed on to his back.

'No!' Mike shouted and sank to his knees, pulling Chester to him. he held one arm round Chester's shoulders and the other hand went to the wound on his chest. There was too much blood for him to be able to stop it with the pressure he was applying but he tried anyway.

'C'mon Chester. Please. you can get through this, of course you can. Look at all the shit I've put you through, this is nothing.' Huge sobs took over Mike as he tried to save Chester. The cops that were in the room couldn't do anything, instead they just watched.

'Oh, God. Please Chester! Stay with me, please.' Chester's eyelids began to droop, his head lulled backwards as his life began to slip away. With the little strength he had, he gripped Mike's arm. 'I- I- I love you, Chester,' Mike whispered the words just as Chester left the mortal coil, dying in his arms. 'NO! Mike screamed it this time. His grip on Chester's shoulders tightened as he lowered his head on to Chester's chest. He barely even noticed the blood on his face as he rocked back and forth, retaining his firm hold on the man he loved.


The room was an uncomfortable, sterile white. The only light came from the florescent glow of the overhead strip light. In the centre of the room, a metal cast bed was positioned.

On the bed lay Mike. He was clothed in white cotton pyjamas, his feet bare. He lay quite quiet and still. His body jolted slightly as the door opened and a woman entered.

'How are you feeling today, Mr Shinoda?' the woman's voice sang.

'He loved me, you know,' Mike cooed at her, his arms and legs pulling on the leather restraints that held him to the bed.

'I'm sure he did,' the woman checked the bed and then left.

'You don't understand! He loved me. He really, really loved me! After everything, he still loved me!' Even though Mike was alone he still spoke. A smile spread over his lips as he wriggled around on his bed, pulling at the restraints.

'He loved me, he really did! He died for me you know, died because he loved me. He's in heaven now, with the angels. Hmmm, he was an angel. He was my angel. My Chester Angel and he loved me sooooo much!' Mike's shouts became more frantic and loud, and soon they turned into ravings caused by hysteria.

'He loved me, nobody else, just me. He didn't love her as much. Nooo, Chesty loved me!' 

The door to the room reopened and a nurse walked in.

'He loved ME!' Mike said again as the nurse approached the bed. 'HE LOVED ME!' mike cried at her. she puled out a needle and moved towards Mike's arm with it. 'What are you doing? Ow, ow, ouch!' Mike voiced his discomfort as he was injected with a sedative. The nurse then left him alone again to shout at nothing but the walls.

'He loved me, he loved me, he loved me, he loved me, he loved me, he loved me. ME, me, me! HE LOVED ME! Nobody else, nope. No one but me. Just me, me, he loved me. He did, he did, he did. Yep, he- loved- me...' the sedative took hold of Mike, shutting down his body and forcing him into unconsciousness.

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