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Chapter 1

She slid past Griz who was trying to stop a bunch of young girls from entering the building. How old are they? 14? Mere babies. The thought passed her mind. It didn’t matter. So long as it’s good clean and sane fun. She remembered her teen days where she was as madly in love with her favourite bands. She winced at the thought of ever liking boybands. What a teenybooper I was. She laughed to herself, throwing Griz a grin as she ran up to the stage where a band was doing a sound check.

“You guys have five minutes,” she yelled up at the guitarist with green hair who gave her a nod in return. Sighing, she fumbled with her access tag as she tried to hold her papers in place. It was giving her hell, those passes.

“I swear these things will strangle me to death one of these days,” she grumbled to Liz as she pulled the tag over her head, placing them together with the rest of the tags she was holding. The papers flew crazily down and she groaned. Liz laughed. She knew all too well what her best friend was like.

“V, don’t worry. If you die, I’ll make sure you have a nice funeral. White lilies and all,” She joked, her brown hair bobbing as she giggled.

Veruca stuck her middle finger out at her best friend jokingly and headed for the car park. “Later woman.” She scanned the crowded area for familiar faces. She gave up on that idea when she realised that everyone at the car park looked the same to her. Dyed hair and all.

Chapter 2

Being part of the crew wasn’t all that fun. All these running around and yelling was wearing her out and she had a whole month of that ahead of her. She groaned inwardly as she walked aimlessly hoping to bump into someone familiar.

She almost screamed for joy when she spotted a lone figure just ahead of her. Cool it gurl, it may not be the person you’re looking for. There are about three million people out here with red hair. She headed towards the figure, lugging her clapboard, walkie talkie and tags in one arm. They were the physical personification of the mental burden thrown upon her by that idiot Alex. She cursed him silently under her breath.

“Hey. Mike?” She tapped him on the shoulder. He spun around and grinned. “Yup, that’s me.”

“Oh great!” she let out a sigh of relief and fumbled with the tags. “Here. These are...”

“Oh, you want me to sign that?” he interrupted, grabbing the first tag he saw and signing it. She watched him, speechlessly as he signed the tag. A smirk played on her lips as he handed it back to her triumphantly.

“There. My first autograph for the day. And you’re the lucky one to get it,” he flashed her one of his grins.

“Gee... thanks. Actually, that was my access tag you just signed,” she smirked, not knowing whether to laugh or not.  “Here, these are the band’s access tags,” she handed him the rest of the tags. He looked dumbfounded for a split second and burst into laughter when it finally dawned upon him what had happened.

“Oh God, I’m sorry. I thought you were a fan,” he pocketed the tags and ran a hand through his spiky red hair, grinning sheepishly.

“That’s ok. This would probably fetch me a couple hundred bucks though,” she mused jokingly, looking down at her now vandalised tag. “Those girls would do anything to get their hands on this,” she laughed. “By the way, I’m the manager cum co-ordinator cum organiser for the day and you guys have about half an hour to get settled and tuned up for the next gig. Welcome to OzzFest.” She held out her free hand and he shook it, with a bemused look on his face.

“Hey dude!” Joe came bounding up in his bright yellow bomber and wire-rimmed glasses. “Hey you!” he grinned at Veruca and shook her hand too.

“Hey Joe. Where the hell have you guys been?” Mike said without even glancing over at the DJ. “She’s the  manager cum coordinator cum organizer for the day,” he told Joe when he realized he was still looking blankly at the girl.

“The wha...?” he turned to Mike with an even more puzzled look than before. Veruca laughed. She was surprised he got all of that correctly and in order too, despite it being a personal joke about the shit job she and Lizzie were doing. They were doing so much they weren’t really sure anymore what it was exactly that they were supposed to do. But she loved it; being around thousands of people everyday, watching all the different kinds of people go about and the music. The loud music she found mesmerizing. It calmed her, ironically. Destresses her whenever she was stressed.

Mike repeated what he said calmly for Joe who still looked lost. 

“In other words, I’m in charge,” she offered. Joe’s dark eyes flashed mischievously at that.

“Ah... so THAT’S what you do. Next time, try speaking English dude. Mr. Hahn may be the knower of all but he does not know your gibberish,” he said, straightfaced. “So! You’re the person we go to if anything comes up? If we had a booboo or some big kid bullied us? The head honcho? The One? So what is Thy name o high and mighty priestess?”

Veruca laughed. Joe was looking at her seriously while Mike was, by then, reduced to unstoppable peals of laughter. “I am known to all as the High Priestess Veruca. But you can call me Veruca.” She played along.

Joe and Mike both exchanged looks and Joe put on a wise look, rubbing his chin with his thumb and forefinger. “Most interesting...” he mused in his best Yoda impersonation.

“Veruca.” Mike repeated with a  genuine smile on his face. It was impossible to tell that just ten seconds ago, he was laughing uncontrollably. “That’s a nice name.”

“Thanks,” she smiled back. Joe nodded his head intently in agreement.

Chapter 3

“Hey dudes! We’ve been looking for you everywhere! Where the hell did you guys go?” a voice called from nearby. They looked up to see Chester struggling with a crate of beer, trying to walk straight with the heavy box. Brad, Rob and Phoenix were behind him, lugging their equipment along.

“Right here. Where have YOU been?” Mike replied as they reached the trio, Chester almost dropping the crate.

“Dude, look. Someone gave this to us. How cool is that, huh? Some welcome gift!” He nudged Mike, pointing to the box on the floor, chuckling.

“BEER!” Joe yelled, almost pouncing onto the crate. “Mr Hahn loves beer,” he told Veruca as he whipped up a can and started drinking.

“Guys, this is Veruca. She’s the High Priestess,” Joe pointed to her, finishing his beer.

“Yes, I’m in charge today, so get your stuff and follow me. There’s a room set up for you guys,” she chuckled, heading towards the back of the stadium.

“We get a room?” she heard Chester asking in amusement.

“Don’t get all hyped up over it. It’s tiny, but we try our best to make it most comfortable for our beloved bands,” she said over her shoulders sarcastically. She never really had anything good to say about the company.

The guys chuckled as they followed her, making sure that Griz got the idea of who they were.

Chapter 4

“It’s not too bad,” Mike said, looking around the cramped excuse for a room. A battered old couch at the corner, a couple of chairs and a table by the side. “Yeah, we’ve seen worse,” Rob placed his backpack on the table. Joe jumped onto the couch and settled down, sprawled over the three seater comfortably.

She looked at them doubtfully, wondering if they were just trying to be nice. “Well, get settled, boys. Your slot’s at three thirty and sound check would be at three. If there’s anything missing or anything you need, just holler. Someone will get to you...eventually,” she stood by the door looking around the room at the guys who had comfortably placed themselves at different locations.

“No prob,” Mike grinned. The rest of the guys smiled back in agreement. Joe flashed his thumbs and winked at her before returning to his prostrate position on the ratty couch.

“Great. See you guys around then. Have fun,” She said, wincing at the lame-ness of her last statement. She motioned to shut the door when she heard someone yelling.

“What? That’s it? No welcoming ritual? No hula dancer handing out leis?” Joe was sitting up on the couch with a dejected pout when she poked her head in again.

“Shut up Joe, the beer’s quite enough,” Mike laughed, throwing him another beer.

“We’ll be fine. Joe will get over this tragedy sooner or later,” Phoenix said from one of the chairs.

As she closed the door, she couldn’t help smiling to herself. She shut out the thought of how stupid she must look to the people around her. The guys were fun. They all looked exhausted, with the exception of Joe, but were still nice enough not to throw little moody tantrums some bands do. She chuckled silently, remembering what happened.

Chapter 5

“Good luck guys,’ Veruca stopped by the guys who were huddled together for a last group hug before they went on.

“Thanks,” Mike said, looking excited. He reached out to hug her. She hugged him back, laughing. Chester was doing a little jump dance, trying to get his excitement in control, his chains making chinking little noises. Joe was exceptionally calm. His dark shades masked the twinkle in his eyes as he threw her a cool grin and reach an arm over to give her a squeeze.

The screams from the crowd almost drowned the music. Throngs of people were jumping and waving their arms to the sound of the band tuning up. The screams grew wilder when Brad played introduction to ‘A Place For My Head’. They went ballistic when Chester started his part. They were so different from who they were offstage. The fast paced, high energy music and the complicated samplings and mixes Joe spun were awesome. Veruca stood by the stage, hidden by the large speakers, watching them; impressed. She couldn’t remember how long she watched them, but when Mike turned and flashed her a smile as he sang in a low sultry voice “There’s something inside me that pulls beneath the surface, consuming.” The trance was broken. She smiled back and slipped back into the dark backstage area to make sure the next band was not wandering around among the crowd instead of waiting their turn. 

Phoenix gave Mike a knowing grin when he caught him turning to the side of the stage.

The crowd, pumped and wanting more, seemed to grow to thrice it’s volume and capacity. The guys exchanged triumphant looks as one of the hosts jumped up next to Chester and Mike, screaming into the mic.

“All right people! Let’s hear it for Linkin Park!! WOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!” He was a hyper little thing in orange tee and khaki bermudas. His tangled blond hair was hidden under a black hat. Chester screamed along with the crowd. Joe and Brad started playing in the background and the introduction to Crawling grew louder as the announcer jumped off the stage.

She chuckled as she watched them on the stage from the edge of the crowd. She could hardly see anything. They looked like tiny sea monkeys bopping up and down on the stage from that far away and the crowd before her was teeming with multicolored heads. She made her way back to the main stage, making sure that the tired looking guards were not letting the crowd spill over the barracks. She knew where the guys would be next and she didn’t need to hurry to get to them. She wanted to see them again. Their presence was infectious and she was already craving for more of their crazy antics and laughter.

Chapter 6

“Hey it’s Veruca!” Chester yelled when he finally looked up from one of the posters he was signing. They were seated by the side of the wall, signing everything from ticket stubs to shoes. They were chatting and laughing with their starry-eyed fans, really communicating with them.

Chester stood up and waved her over. She minced her way through the mass of fans towards their booth.

“Hey, you guys were amazing up there!”

“Hey! Thanks.” Mike’s smile was wide and sincere. Rob, Brad and Phoenix who were busy talking to their fans turned and smiled at her. Joe lifted his shades and did a little wave before putting them back on and turning back to the poster he was scribbling on. She contemplated whether to stand around the crowd, not fitting in and feeling silly or to leave them. She had lots to see to after all. She was about to leave when she felt a hand around her wrist, pulling her gently. She looked up to see Mike looking down at her. She let him pull her out of the crowd to the side.

“I never knew you guys were this good,” she said. “Wow. Got me lost in the music there,” she commented, looking up at him, squinting from the orangey late afternoon sun. He chuckled, half embarrassed by her compliment. He glanced over at the rest of the guys before he said anything else. They all seemed too engrossed with the fans. He turned back to her and smiled.

He’d liked her the minute they met. She was down to earth and funny. She looked a little exhausted, but the spark in her deep green eyes were mesmerizing. They seemed to look right into his soul.

“The guys and me are going to grab something to eat after this autograph session,” He started. Her lips curled into a smile, “That’s cool.” “Yeah. We were wondering if you would like to come along with us. You look like you need a break. Badly,” he said, throwing side glances at the rest of the guys just in case they realized he was missing.

She felt an old excitement welling up inside her. The very same feeling when she first met Alex. She smiled, half flustered, half apologetically. She mentally kicked herself for switching duties with Lizzie. Here she was, stuck with work and having to say no to dinner and a break with Mike and the rest while Lizzie was off getting a sun tan down at the beach.

“I’d really love to go, but I switched with a friend and I don’t get off till the end of the show tonight. 

A look of disappointment flashed across his face. “Oh. Well, you could switch back,” he suggested hopefully. She had to laugh. He looked adorable with that hopeful smile and big eyes. “Can’t do that. You know what? I really have to get back to work. You guys go have fun tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Never switch duties with anyone . Ever! She made a mental note. He stepped closer to her and wrapped his arms around her in a hug. “Wouldn’t be as much fun without you around.”

“Oh gee, I’m too touched for words,” she muttered jokingly. He chuckled as they parted. “See you, V,” he grinned and watched her walk back towards the crowd. Since when did I become V to him? she mused. Only her family and Lizzie called her that. Not even Alex.

Mike had a smirk on his face when he joined the rest at the booth. “Mike and Veruca sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.” Joe said under his breath, loud enough for Mike to hear, as he continued doodling on someone’s shoe. “Shut up, Joe,” Mike pushed the side of his head playfully.

Chapter 7

She stared back at the face blankly as they parted from a kiss. She blinked. Alex doesn’t have red hair. She shook her head slightly, trying to get the mental picture out of her head. When she reopened her eyes, she saw Alex’s hazel eyes looking at her. Alex smiled down at her as he turned to his side and lay beside her. His arms propped behind his head, he watched the ceiling. Veruca sat up amidst the black bedlinen and stared at him.

“What?” he finally asked when he felt her stare burning into him.

“Nothing.” She mumbled, getting out of bed and heading for the bathroom.

“Come here.” He called from the bed. She popped her head from the door, but ignored him, going back to brushing her teeth. She was brushing her jet black hair when he grabbed her arm firmly and yanked the wooden brush out of her hands.

“I said, come here,” he pulled her out of the bathroom, closer to him. He held her against his body and ran his fingers through her hair. “Mmmm... you smell good, baby,” he murmured.

“Fuck off, Alex,” she shoved him away roughly and moved to put on her jeans. “I gotta get back to work. Wouldn’t want to get fired, now would I?” she said, her voice oozing with sarcasm.

“Baby, I wouldn’t fire you if you give me a good time now,” He smirked at her. Does he seriously think he looks sexy with that horny smirk on his face?  Veruca scoffed.

“Right, but you will if something goes wrong out there,” she grabbed her car keys and headed towards the door of his penthouse.

“Hey! Get back here, bitch!” he frowned. “You owe me this!”

“I don’t owe you shit, Alex! You wanna have a good time? Go jack off or something,” she smiled as the elevator door slowly closed. She wondered how long more she’d stay with him. Whatever affection or love she had for him had long ago vanished when she realised his true self. Then what made her stay on so long and endure the shit he put her through? She winced as the answer came to her head. You crave the sex and that’s it. It’s all about sex, V. Nothing else. You’re such a slut. So much for all that girl power shit you’ve been letting everyone else think you have. You’re just a slut with a craving for sex that gets the better of you. She sighed. Admitting truths to herself was even harder than admitting them to others. She’d always been hard on herself, not letting herself quit at anything she did. As the lift door opened at the ding, she stepped out, frowning. You’re afraid. She pushed the last thought back in the recesses of her mind and got into her black Camaro and sped down the road.

Chapter 8

Veruca smiled and waved when she saw Chester leaning against the bus, taking a drag from his half smoked cigarette. He waved her over excitedly and went to meet her halfway.

“Veruca! Hey gurl! Whassup?” He grinned.

“Oh nothing. The usual runnin’ around and getting all worked up over nothing,” she said nonchalantly.

“If you’re looking for Mike, he’s in the bus,” Chester said, looking at her. She looked back, brows arched. “I am?” she asked.

“Yeah. Lemme go get him,” he offered. “MIKE!!!!! HEY MIKE!!! VERUCA’S HERE!!!” he yelled from where he was standing. Mike poked his head out from the bus door and grinned. Hopping down the stairs he did a little wave. Joe stood at the top of the stairs and attempted a leap from where he was standing.

The rest were milling about looking over in Veruca’s direction. She suddenly felt as if she was being interrogated.

“Hi,” his grin was wide and his eyes were sparkling. “What’s up?”

“Nothing. Just passing through and thought I’ll just say ‘hi’. So .. Hi!” she waved at the rest too, who waved back.

“We were just hangin’ out in the bus. You wanna join us?” he asked. Chester nodded his head in agreement.

“Oh, well, see... there’s this darn job I have to do... so I get paid... and support my obsession for shopping,” she jokingly explained.

“You don’t want to hang out with us?” Chester asked. “She doesn’t want to hang out with us,” Mike turned to look at him, pouting.

“OH NO!!! Veruca doesn’t like us...!” Joe wailed, falling to his knees.

“Oh my gosh, guys...! I like you all. I’m just busy, that’s all. I promise, the minute I get off, I’ll come hang with you guys. Okay?” she felt sorry for not being able to spend some time with them. She had been dying to do so since she met them a couple of days ago. They were wonderfully nice to be around. Especially Joe with his split personalities and gung-ho almost thoughtless stunts. Most of the time he was quiet and brooding, but the rest of the time would put the Wringling Brothers’ clown acts to shame.

“Okay,” Mike said in a little five year old voice. Joe grabbed her and jumped around, “YAY! YAY! YAY!” Chester and Mike were in fits of laughter as she tried to steady herself after being dragged around the two guys by Joe.

Chapter 9

Veruca made her way to the back of the stage area. It was her day off and she didn’t have to go in to work until the next morning. She had slept in and taken a slow cruise down to the arena where she’d pulled up near the area, silently thanking god for the existence of VIP parking. She smiled when she spotted Liz’s blue Buick three lots down from her own Camaro. She was feeling good for once and had taken the initiative to actually dress up - black leather pants and a red top. She felt most comfortable in them.  It’ll go so well with Mile’s hair, she smirked to herself.

“OI! V!!” She turned to Liz’s familiar voice and waved back, turning her direction towards her friend. “What are you doing here, woman?” Liz leaned over for their ritual kiss on each cheek. “Aren’t you supposed to be waking up with some guy by your side who you still don’t know his name and taking a long hot bubble bath?”

Veruca laughed at Liz’s comment. It was a joke they shared between them which led back to Liz’s first one night stand. “What? Can’t I come over to see my best friend and check up on work?” she asked knowing full well that  Liz would say something insulting.

Liz let out a short laugh. “Right. First of all woman, you HATE work and you see me every other day... OH MY GOD!!! You’re here to see that red head!!” she exclaimed in sudden realisation, her eyes wide, grinning.

“WHAT?! NO WAY!!” Veruca said all too quickly, knowing too well that she’d made a mistake when Liz burst out laughing.

“OH-HO! You can lie to yourself woman, but you can’t lie to me. Nonono... I can see it in your eyes, woman.” She teased. “Yeah... that horny glint is definitely there,” she peered into Veruca’s deep green eyes only to have her face pushed away.

“Bitch! It’s not like that  okay? I came to check up on all of them,” Veruca laughed. “I sorta promised them I’d go hang out with them when I get the day off.”

“Promised THEM?” Liz prodded. “You mean the red head?” she egged on. “When was the last time you ‘hung out’ anyway,” Liz dug into her pockets for a cigarette and lighter.

Veruca laughed in disbelief, watching her light her cigarette. She couldn’t believe that Liz wouldn’t let the whole issue off. “Precisely because it’s been centuries since I”ve last hung out. And he has a name by the way.” Liz let out peals of laughter at that.

“Oh shut yer face, bitch. I don’t even know why I bother with you,” Veruca rolled her eyes, mocking irritation and disgust. Liz reached out to hug her friend, still laughing.

“Okay okay... no more teasing. It’s just that you’ve got this certain look about you today... like you just had sex for the first time... did you  and Alex... you know.. last night?” she diverted the topic getting a glare from Veruca. “Anyways, what the fuck is with the leather pants and the ‘do me now’ top?” she asked eyeing Veruca up and down.

“Woman. This is how I always dress and it’s your top by the way. So you can shut up about all that ‘rape me’ shit, okay?” Veruca reached over and took a drag from Liz’s cigarette. She didn’t like smoking, but took the occasional drag from Liz, that is if she was quick enough to grab one. Liz smoked more than two chimneys put together and three times as fast.

“Okay gurl. I gotta go. The fuckhead drama queen is gonna make a big scene if I don’t get over there soon,” Liz groaned when they heard a voice crackle over the walkie talkie. She hated Zac, their head organiser, their head honcho. Big huge guy with an attitude of an eighty year old woman with a dead cat up her ass.

“Alright, just don’t let Joan Collins there find out that I’m here or he’ll squeeze me in for the next shift,” Veruca made a face and continued her journey.

“HEY! Have fun with ya red head okay? I think they’re back in their dressing room, by the way!” Liz made sure she yelled loud enough for others to hear, but thankfully there was no one around. She headed off in her own direction, waving her middle finger at Veruca who laughed, heading for the dressing room area.

Chapter 10

She heard the faint sound of a guitar as she neared the door marked ‘Linkin Park’ with a printed A4 paper. That DEFINITELY isn’t Brad, she thought as the person attempted to play Brad’s A Place For My Head riff, stopping abruptly and starting again. She smirked, trying to stifle a giggle. Okay, he’s pretty good... just needs practice.

Veruca turned the doorknob silently and poked her head into the tiny dressing room. Her smile broadened. Mike sat on the floor amidst the pillows and cushions, frowning, deep in concentration. She stayed in the same position, watching him. She realised she could watch him as long as he went on attempting to play that guitar.

He finally looked up, a look of surprise appearing on his face as he sat up straight.

“That was really nice. Sounded like angels singing from heaven,” she teased.

“V! Didn’t hear you knock. Sorry,” he fumbled with the guitar, trying to place it down as carefully as he could in his surprise.

“I didn’t,” she grinned and slipped into the room. “Hi,” she gave him a little wave as she closed the door behind her. He was now standing up, one hand in his back pocket, the other running through his red hair. “Uh.. Hi,” he simply said, rather sheepishly, slightly embarrassed that she’d caught him in such a situation. He wondered why she had such an effect on him. Usually, it was the opposite. The girls would be swooning... ok, maybe that only applies to fans... his thoughts were jumbled as he looked at the girl in front of him. He stared, only just realising the outfit she was wearing, but didn’t say anything. He couldn’t.

Veruca let out a laugh. It was the only thing she could think of at that moment. She’d caught Mike looking at her and as their eyes met, she could sense him taking aback. He looked away quickly and wrecked his brains for something to say.

“I got the day off,” Veruca smiled up at him as they stood awkwardly in the middle of the room.

“That’s.. that’s great,” he managed to say, smiling back. Veruca blinked, a little taken aback by the affect of his boyish smile. She took a deep breath and continued, “So. Where are the rest? I thought we were supposed to hang out or somethin’.”

“Uh... they’ve gone out to grab a bite. Joe got hungry... But he did ask for you though,” Mike added the last bit to cover his discomfort of being alone in the room with the girl. He felt running away and hide or screaming in a mad fit whenever he looked at her eyes. They bore right into his soul and he felt... naked.

“Oh. I’m keeping my end of the promise and he ups and go have lunch without me,” Veruca mused jokingly. Mike laughed, wondering whether it was from her humor or his discomfort.

“So, how come you’re still here?” she asked, seemingly relaxed and cool. She moved to the nearest couch and sat down. He turned and followed her with his eyes.


“Truth!” she cut in before he could answer her, smirking.

“Okay, I got lost. I was talking to a bunch of fans out back and when I got back here I found this,” he held out a piece of flyer with a message scribbled haphazardly at the back.


Couldn’t find you. Where are you you fuck? Gone for lunch. Joe got hungry. VERY hungry.


Veruca handed it back to him, smirking, slowly shaking her head. “Poor boy. And you’re very hungry too?” she cooed.

He nodded after a pause. “Yeah.”

“Cool. Let’s go grab a bite then,” she stood up, hands in her back pocket, waiting for him.

“N..Now?” he asked unsurely.

“No. Next week. When you’re all starved to death and half rotted.” She retorted. He chuckled at his own silliness and turned to grab his things from the table.

“Kay. So where do we go?” he asked when he pocketed his wallet and cell phone.

“Hm... We’ll see where the Camaro takes us,” Veruca said with a grin, unlocking her car. He returned the grin and got into the passenger seat.

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