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Chapter 4

Brad and Phoenix rejoined the rest of the band in the hotel lobby a few minutes later. The whole way down in the elevator disturbing thoughts had been entering Brad's mind; was it really an accident? Of course it was! Phoenix was his friend, he would never purposely try to hurt Brad or anyone else for that matter. He did his best try reaffirm his confidence in Dave's loyalty but the niggling thoughts just wouldn't go away. It was all in his eyes, 'the windows to the soul'. Somehow that phrase didn't quite fit but Brad couldn't pin down the reason. He looked over at Phoenix to see him staring at Brad's hand with a look of fascination on his face. Brad looked down at his hand to find that it was bleeding. His knuckles were badly grazed with pieces of torn skin hanging loosely off revealing the pink flesh covering the bone underneath. Crimson drops were flowing freely from his fingertips where he had been hanging onto the jagged bricks. His system was still full of adrenaline so he didn't feel any pain. Yet.

The elevator doors opened and they walked out into the foyer. Brad immediately spotted Mike's electric blue hair in a seating area near the front entrance, and walked towards it. The guys stood up as soon as they saw the pair approaching.

"Bout time, fuckin' hell guys if you were any slower you'd be going backwards!" joked Chester. Mike noticed the troubled look on his best friends face.

"Hey what took you guys..." he began before noticing Brad's bleeding hand. "What happened your hand man?" he asked, concerned. Brad flashed him a look saying 'not now'. Mike read his look accurately, even though it wasn't something he saw too often. He put up his hands in resignation and an awkward silence descended on the group. Brad went to the restroom to try and clean himself up a bit while the band waited for him. He returned a few minutes later with his hand wrapped up in paper towels.

"We're late, we'd better get goin", said Joe, breaking the silence. They exited the hotel and headed for the venue, each one with feelings of worry and angst that they couldn't discuss with each other.

For Rob, sound checks were always a boring affair, the guys messing around with their equipment and mikes. His drum kit was always pretty straightforward to set up and he often had spare time to bum around in his dressing room. He headed there after a while and sat down to relax. His mind was preoccupied with recent events. Phoenix was seriously creeping him out and Brad still seemed really shaken since he came down from the roof. He knew something must have happened up there and he couldn't stop his mind from jumping to ridiculous conclusions.

"But I'm not jumping to them, I'm taking little steps and there are the conclusions right there!" he said aloud before exhaling loudly.

He decided to go get some junk food to take his mind off things. He left his dressing room and went into the corridor. He didn't have to go far to find a candy machine, he fumbled through the unfamiliar currency, sorting the Sterling out from German Marks and French Francs. He inserted the coins and selected a mars bar. He tore open the wrapper and took a huge bite, stuffing half of the king-size bar into his mouth. He turned around to see a girl standing with her back to him. She had shoulder-length dark hair with pink tips and had 'Security' written across the back of her black t-shirt, she was snapping into a walkie-talkie.

"No Steve, I'm not backing down! If he wants to sue me then let him try, He was kicking people in the head - I had to throw him out!" she said impatiently. A crackly voice came back across the walkie-talkie.

"Yeah but you didn't just throw him out did you? You broke his nose and dislocated his shoulder!"

"He was askin for it! He was taking the piss outta my tits!" she shouted impatiently before turning the walkie-talkie off and replacing it on her belt. Rob raised an eyebrow, wondering what was so interesting about the girl's breasts. She swung around quickly to face Rob. The first things he noticed were her huge bosoms, he wasn't being a pervert or anything but they were hard not to notice.

Rob was so shocked that he breathed in sharply and inhaled some of his mars bar. He bent over in a fit of coughing, unable to take a breath. He waved his arms around franticly turning red in the face. The girl reacted quickly grabbing him from behind, wrapping her strong arms around his torso. She did the Heimlich manoeuvre, and with a sharp thrust upwards under Rob's ribs, the offending piece of mars bar came flying out of his mouth and he gasped gratefully for air.

After a few minutes he got his breath back and looked up at the girl.

"Are you ok now Rob?" she asked sympathetically. He noticed that she had a pretty face with a tongue piercing glinting as she spoke. He smiled up at her.

"Yeah, thanks to you! Oh my god I owe you big time!" he said seriously.

"Nah you don't, it was nothing", she said, embarrassed.

"What's your name?"


"Nice name."

"Thanks". She said smiling shyly at the compliment. There followed a short awkward silence before Rob spoke again.

"So I couldn't help overhearing, you... erm kicked some ass!" he laughed.

"Yeah, well he deserved it!" she said defensively.

"Hell yeah! Anyways I have to say I've never seen a female in crowd security"

"Yeah I have a black belt in Judo so I can look after myself better than half the male security guys out there!" she replied.

"Cool. I sure wouldn't want to mess with you!" he joked. The conversation continued for a few minutes, then a burly man came stalking down the corridor towards Tuesday.

"Oh great" she muttered under her breath.

"Tuesday, I've told you not to turn off your walkie-talkie!" he bellowed.

"Did I? Really?" she said innocently, "Sorry Steve". He grunted, knowing full well that she had turned it off on purpose.

"Come on, we have work to do", he snapped. Tuesday turned to Rob rolling her eyes towards heaven.

"I'll see you around", she said.

"I hope so. Thanks again" he replied sincerely. She smiled and walked off down the hall with Steve. Rob stared after her still smiling.

"WOW, what a woman!" he exclaimed.

Chapter 5

Rob was still a little shaken from his 'almost choking to death' experience. He made his way back to his dressing room to catch forty winks. He opened the door to the room and walked inside towards the sofa and plopped down with a tired sigh. He smiled again remembering the cute security girl that had saved him. He was glad to have something to take his mind off recent events. He was interrupted from a particularly interesting fantasy involving Tuesday and her judo skills.

He liked the idea of a dominatrix.

He looked up to see his friends filing into his room quietly. They each found places to settle themselves around the dressing room; Brad on the sofa beside Rob, Mike on an armchair opposite them with Joe sitting on the arm of it to his right. Chester chose to stand, leaning up against the wall facing Brad, holding the all-too-familiar Marlboro to his pursed lips. They each looked at Brad expectantly. He looked at each of them and sighed heavily as if carefully choosing his words.

"So, are you gonna tell us what the hell happened this morning or do I have to beat it out of you?" asked Joe, trying to lighten the mood. In return for his tactless remark he got a scowl from Mike warning him
to shut up. This wasn't the time for jokes.

"Ok", Brad began looking down at his injured hand, which was now wrapped up in a thin white bandage. "I went out onto the roof this morning as you know, looking for Dave. He was up there standing on the edge of the wall about ready to jump..." He was interrupted by shocked gasps from all round the room.

"Fuck me!" exclaimed Chester.

"Oh my God, I had no idea." whispered Mike. Brad continued his story.

"He seemed like his old self again.well for a little while anyway. I tried to talk to him; I stood up on the ledge beside him. He started telling me something when he.. Changed.. He looked like he was having
convulsions or something. I thought he'd fall so I suggested we get the hell down. He.. Umm.. No. I dunno."

"He what?" prodded Rob, placing a supportive hand on Brad's shoulder. Brad sighed heavily again, shaking his head in confusion.

"At first I thought it was an accident, that he slipped. But it was his eyes. I think he pushed me and I fell off the ledge but I grabbed hold of Dave's foot and the wall, (hence my hand) He just looked down at me, as if there was no panic. I was screaming at him for ages to help me but he took his time. Eventually he pulled me up. I thought I was going to die." Brad's voice trembled as he spoke his last sentence.

The room was silent for a while, all still in shock over Brad's revelations.

"Where is he now?" asked Rob.

"In his dressing room, on his own as usual", replied Chester bitterly. He was now pacing the floor angrily; he couldn't believe that Phoenix would pull something like this.

"Will you quit, you'll make a hole in the fucking floor!" snapped Joe.

"I'm sorry, I just can't believe it! I mean I knew he was losing the plot but this is just fucking ridiculous!"

"Yeah but we have to think of something to do about it", Joe replied in desperation.

"I know what I'll do about it, I'll fucking kick his ass!" screamed Chester. He stormed out the door, Joe and Rob jumped out of their seats to follow him. They ran down the hallway shouting after him.

Mike and Brad were left alone in the room; Brad had been silent since he had finished recounting the incident of this morning.

"Is your hand going to be ok for tonight?" Mike asked gently, moving to the sofa beside Brad.

"Yeah it'll be fine"

"How bout you? Will you be fine?"

"Yeah sure I'm good, ready to go, no problem," replied Brad a little too enthusiastically. Mike could tell his best friend was over-compensating.

"Come on Big Bad, this must have you shaken up. I'm worried. You could have died, just like that and-" Mike stopped himself; he didn't want to embarrass them both with over-sentimentality.

"I know. Honestly? Yeah I'm pretty fucked up but I'll be ok. I have you and the guys". He looked up into Mike's worried face and gave his best attempt at a smile. Mike reached over and gave him a bear hug.

"I'm here if you need me", he said into Brads ear. They parted and stood up, exiting the room, and following the ruckus being made by Chester, Rob and Joe.

Chester stalked down the corridor towards Phoenix's dressing room. He was fuming. The voices of Joe and Rob came echoing after him followed by rapid footsteps. He made little effort to speed up and they were with him in a matter of seconds. He stopped and faced them, anger blazing in his eyes.

"Don't even try and stop me, he's not going to get away with this. Already making everyone feel like shit and then he pulls a stunt like this!"

"I know, I know but what good is beating him up going to do?" asked Joe calmly.

"It'll teach him a lesson"

"No it wont, it'll just make things worse!".

Chester shook his head and turned on his heel, walking towards Phoenix's dressing room door. He banged heavily on it with his fist, screaming obscenities at the top of his voice. People in the halls nearby were looking at each other in confusion before following the noise. There came no reply from the room so Chester tried the doorknob and found it locked. He kicked the door in frustration and tried to turn the knob again. He found Mikes firm grip on his

"He's not in there. Leave it, it's not the time or the place for this", he said calmly. Chester sighed in resignation. He released his grip on the doorknob and stepped back. They retreated back up the corridor, back into Rob's dressing room.

Phoenix sat in his room; he had heard the commotion from inside and had locked his door before Chester got to it. He had enjoyed hearing Chester's hysteric screaming, Joe and Rob's panicked pleas and Mike's soothing tones. He set his mind to work on other problems he could create and more havoc to be caused.

He had a thought, and smiled wickedly.

Chapter 6

They went ahead with the gig as normally as they could. Walking onstage to the roar of a crowd was all it took to distract their minds from angry, confused and scared thoughts. The concert was going great, the crowd was getting a little too rowdy for their liking but at least they were enjoying it. One particular guy was causing grief, crowd surfing was fun and all, for the surfer; not the numerous people he kicked in the head while doing it. He had been warned by the security twice already and now he was doing it again, floating across the sea of bodies, leaving a trail of lumps, bumps and bloody noses behind him.

Mike looked at Brad, with the usual 'should we stop for a minute' look he used before they had to stop the show to tell some dick-head to stop injuring people. Brad looked at the crowd, and back to Mike shaking his head. He noticed that security had it covered. Rob noticed the unmistakable shape of Tuesday from his vantage point behind the drums. He couldn't help a broad smile break out across his face as she hauled the perpetrating surfer across the barriers, put his arms behind his back and pushed him towards the nearest exit. He craned his neck, so he could see the guy being thrown out of the venue, and Tuesday
walk back in dusting off her hands as if ridding them of grime. She caught him staring at her and winked cheekily before running back to the barrier to free some crushed teenyboppers who had foolishly wandered into the pit.

Brad was in a slightly better frame of mind since he had gotten the events of this morning off his chest. He walked back towards his dressing room after meeting some of the fans and signing autographs. He reached his door to find a familiar figure standing waiting for him.

"Oh... hi Britney. Didn't expect a visit from you", he said shyly. She had caught him off guard. He hadn't seen her or heard from her since that day in Chicago but he hadn't stopped thinking about her. Lately though, fantasies about 'Nasty Britney' had taken a back seat.

"I'm sorry, if you're busy I can come back another time", she said apologetically.

"No, no stay. It's nice to see you" he smiled genuinely. She beamed back at him, her most dazzling smile, which made Brad's knees weaken. *Get a grip you soppy idiot* he scolded himself.

"Come on in" he opened the door to the dressing room and allowed Britney walk in before him. He looked up the corridor to see Chester and Mike smiling at him with knowing grins on their faces. Chester leaned back slightly and starting thrusting into thin air, miming the motions of a cowboy on a bucking bronco. Mike supplied the sound effects. Brad tried to stifle his laughter but failed, allowing a giggle to escape. He gave them the finger and followed Britney into the room, closing and locking the door behind him.

"I had to see you" she began, before slamming him back into the door and kissing him passionately, forcing her tongue into his mouth. Brad broke off first.

"Whoa" he gasped, short of breath. She wasn't going to beat around the bush.

"I've dumped Justin. Things just weren't the same after you. I need a man not a boy", she whined. Brad felt his stomach jump.

"You.. need me?"

"Yeah, why not?"

"But we only fucked. I mean 'made love' once. How could you know that you need me?"

"I just know", she wasted no more time having a pointless conversation on what she did and didn't need.

She kissed Brad again, hard on the lips; enjoying the tickling sensation his beard made on her chin. He ran his hands lightly down her back and rested them on her ass. He took his lips from hers and gently kissed her neck, moving along her shoulder and onto her ear lobe; her sensitive spot. She moaned softly with pleasure. She felt Brad's arousal against her leg and moved her hands down to unbutton his pants. She slid her hands inside his boxers and gently pulled them down. Brads lips detached from her ear as she dropped to her knees. He bit his lip in anticipation. She licked her lips, taking her time to tease Brad. She ran her warm tongue from the tip right up the length.

She closed her mouth around his left ball and sucked sharply. A sharp grunt from Brad let her know she was doing it perfectly. It was no surprise she was an expert at this, after doing it on Justin endlessly in a vain attempt to get him up. But Brad was having no such problems. She closed her wet lips around his dick, taking it into her mouth bit by bit as she swallowed. She started to thrust her head in and out, Brad finding her rhythm and matching it. He grasped her head as loud moans escaped him. Finding himself close to climax, he began to thrust quicker. He came with a loud scream as Britney felt the salty spunk hit the back of her throat causing her to swallow quickly. She withdrew, sat back on her heels and wiped her mouth. Brad looked down at her smiling and panting heavily. When he got his breath back, he reached down and picked her up. He carried her to the sofa and gently slid off her pants and panties.

"Now, its your turn", he grinned, licking his lips.

"Ohh goodie", she said huskily. Brad moved down and got to work, he was instantly interrupted by Britney's giggling. He looked up at her, confused.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"He he, your beard tickles!" she tittered. Brad laughed and continued his work, enjoying the soft moans escaping her lips.

Chester and Mike had gone to Chester's dressing room straight after seeing Brad go into his with Britney. They were as surprised to see her as Brad was.

"Hey Mike?" asked Chester mischievously.


"What do you think they are doing in there?"

"Mmmm.your guess is as good as mine!"

"You wanna know what I think?"

"I can guess what you think!"

"Makin sweet loooove", boomed Chaz, in the style of Chef from South Park. Mike laughed at his friend's very convincing impression. Then Chester spontaneously burst into song.

"Suck on my chocolate salty balls.put 'em in your mouth and suck 'em!" he sang before Mike pelted him with a cushion.

"Shut up dude, that's too weird!" he laughed.

"What's weird about the sweet looove shared by a man and a ladaaaay?" he asked, still imitating Chef. Mike threw his hands in the air in mock surrender. In truth he was enjoying this little bit of comic relief. It made a change from the usual and he was glad to see that Chester had calmed down since this afternoon. The two friends were still joking around when Rob and Joe joined them. The good mood seemed to rub off on them too, and for a while at least things seemed like they were before and Phoenix was the furthest thing from
their minds.

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