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Chapter 10

Brad, Phoenix and Rob had not gone far from the arena. They stood outside a pool room about two blocks away.

"He's in there - I can sense him", said Brad.

The three of them descended the stairs. It was a small place. The bar at one end of the room was unattended. There were four pool tables, each with a light hanging over them. Only two of the lights were on. The light reflected green off the surface of the pool tables. There were only two people in the room - Feedodeelay and another man Brad recognised as Wes Borland.

"You guys distract Wes. I'm gonna get that fucker!" Brad spoke with conviction.

Brad picked up a pool cue and marched towards Wes and Feedodeelay.

"Well, well, well...I never thought I'd see you again" said Brad with an evil look in his eyes.

The two guys playing pool stopped still as though frozen in time. Neither man could believe what they were seeing.

"What the f...!" Wes Borland was suddenly pinned to the wall by two people he knew once - a year ago. When Feedodeelay had talked about Linkin Park coming back from the dead, he'd just brushed it off as insanity - Feedodeelay was typically unstable and came out with all kinds of crap. No one could have prepared him for the truth he was now seeing with his own eyes.

Feedodeelay jumped up on to the pool table throwing his cue to the floor with a clatter.

"Come to get me have you, Brady boy?" He was giggling insanely.

"You're a fuckin' madman!" replied Brad cooly looking up at the exitable nutcase.

"C'mon, come and get me!" shouted Feedodeelay, starting to leap from table to table.

Brad followed his every move like a hawk. Feedodeelay was manic now - whether from fear or just plain madness no-one could be sure. Wes was struggling against the two strong pairs of hands that were effortlessly holding him against the wall.

"Don't panic..." said Rob "...we've no problem with you - we're just after your friend".

"What are you gonna do with him?" Wes's voice shook with fear and anger.

"What do you think? An eye for an eye an' all that crap" said Phoenix smiling.

Feedodeelay was shouting taunts and leaping around the room completely off his head. Brad held the cue in both hands following his opponents movements, armed and ready, waiting patiently.

With a glass shattering battle cry, Feedodeelay leapt from the table on to Brad, ready to attack.

As he leapt, Brad cooly lifted the point of the cue as the body came plummeting down. The pool cue pierced his body, and with the weight of the body, came right through the other side. 

The room went silent except for a gurgling, groaning noise coming from the skewered loony. Wes Borland's scream broke the silence. Brad let go of the handle end of the cue and Feedodeelay fell backwards. The cue snapped with the dead weight of the body. He lay there, writhing in agony.

"Just get on and die will you!" said Brad impatiently, his cool exterior broken by the anger and exhilaration he felt. He looked around for another weapon. He wanted it over - now. Walking over to the bar, Brad vaulted over it and grabbed a vodka bottle. Leaping back over, holding the bottle by the neck, he smashed the base against the silent juke box.

"Any last requests?" He said crouching over Feedodeelay.

Before the mortally wounded man had a chance to reply, Brad thrust the broken bottle into his neck severing the jugular vein and carotid artery.

"Too late", said a triumphant Brad.

Phoenix came over and patted his friend on the back.

"Nice one - feel better yet?"

"Much better thanks".

Wes was sobbing uncontrollably - petrified for his own life as well as traumatised by the events that had come to pass. Rob let him go and he slid down the wall into a heap.

"Y'know, your pathetic" said Rob. "Always were - you and the rest of your band".

The three of them headed out of the door. Wes Borland began to pull himself together, and a thought came to mind.

Oh you guys are in for a big surprise.

As Mike and Joe pulled up outside the rear of the arena, they spotted Brad, Rob and Phoenix walking towards them. The bloodstains on their clothes were evidence enough that their work was done.

"Guys...we've got a problem", said Mike slamming the car door behind him.

They went inside while Mike explained about Rhiannon.

"You've fallen for her, haven't you? Typical! You couldn't just let her walk away - you do remember that you don't exist really, right?", said Phoenix, sitting down next to Mike. 

"Hey this was pure accident..." retorted Mike anxiously, "...we bumped into each other, she recognised me...I needed someone to talk to and she was happy to listen...she was just being friendly...so was I..."

"She was cute too I'll bet!" Rob grinned at Mike.

"Thats got nothing to do with it" said Mike defensively, blushing.

"What matters is we've got an innocent person involved in our problems. Clearly she's in trouble. We've always looked after our fans in the past - we need to do it again now" said Brad decisively, his arms folded across his chest.

All heads nodded in agreement.

"Where's Chester?" asked Joe.

"Dunno...he was going to Shifty's place. You remember that old apartment block near the city limits - I assume he hadn't moved..." Mike closed his eyes. He didn't want to think about Shifty Shellshock.

"That place was inhabitable when we were alive - surely no-one can still live there now?" asked Joe.

"He could live anywhere. I think we'd better start looking there" said Phoenix getting up and helping Mike to his feet.

"We'll get Chester and then go after Rhiannon, OK Mike?"

Mike nodded. The five lads squeezed into the car and Mike drove off towards the next destination.

Chapter 11

The pain was less now. He'd removed the blade, gritting his teeth with the agony he felt, but that was an hour ago. A dull ache throbbed throughout Chester's body. He just felt numb and weak. He'd tried to get up, but his legs gave way and he fell back on to the floor. He pulled himself into a sitting position using the base of the bed to support his back. He gripped his abdomen. The blood had slowed and he felt woozy.

He looked at the hand he had injured earlier. It had healed completely, leaving no trace of any injury, except for some dried blood. Still gripping his stomach feeling the cold sticky blood ooze through his fingers, he closed his eyes momentarily.

Well my hand healed up OK, this should heal if I give it time. "I've gotta get out of here. I need to find the others" he spoke aloud.

Struggling to his feet, he slowly made his way to the door using the furniture as a crutch. Once back in the corridor, he stumbled, falling against the wall, but remaining upright. His head was swimming. He carefully, slowly started to make his way down the stairs, one at a time clutching the handrail in an attempt to remain on his feet.

The red Chevvy containing the other five members of Linkin Park pulled up outside the apartment block. As the boys leapt out, Mike ran ahead into the building ascending the stairs three at a time.

"Chester!" he yelled.

Chester heard his name - the familiar voice of his friend, and his dizzy state and the unending ache from his wound overcame him and he tumbled down the flight of stairs he was on and landed with a heavy thud on the landing.

"Mike..." he croaked.

"Chester, oh fuck Chester! What happened?" cried Mike as he reached the landing.

"Guys quick...up here!"

"Shit!" said Brad, as he and the others reached the scene.

"Lets get him back to the car" said Rob.

Mike and Brad carried Chester between them, down the last three flights of stairs and out to the car. The six of them were now squashed into the car, with Chester lying across the three lads in the back seat. He was conscious, but very weak and dizzy. The bleeding had almost stopped now, and the wound was beginning to heal. They all knew it would take time - time they weren't sure they had.

"Lets head back to base camp. We need to think things through" said Phoenix.

"Shifty's still alive - he ran away...fuckin' coward" Chester groaned. "He said something about some girl...your 'girlfriend' or something Mike..."

"It wasn't Shifty that took Rhiannon - I just know it" said Mike, driving through the empty streets back to the arena.

Phoenix explained quickly about Rhiannon and how she came to be in trouble.

"Someone else is involved..." Chester continued, "...Shifty didn't mastermind all this. He let on that they work for someone else".

"We know", Joe replied. "I didn't see who the guy was, but I know where to find him - and I'll put money on Shifty and Rhiannon being there".

"It almost morning" said Mike anxiously, pulling up behind the arena once more. "What should we do - wait for nightfall? I don't want her hurt or killed". He rested his head on the steering wheel in dispair.

Rob who was next to Mike in the front, put an arm comfortingly around Mike's shoulders.

"She'll be alright", he said. "They'll be using her as bait. I don't imagine she'll come to any harm while they're waiting for us".

They got out, helping Chester to his feet, and supporting him as they entered the arena.

"This damn wound had better heal by tonight. In this state, I'm useless". Chester was angry with himself for letting Shifty Shellshock get the better of him. He also felt he was letting the guys down. One of their loyal fans was in danger, and he was causing a delay to her rescue.

"We all need to rest" said Phoenix, and everyone agreed.

"We can plan our moves and strike at full strength", Brad added.

Mike was leaning against the wall. He allowed his body to slide down into a sitting position on the floor. He sat there, silent, trying to muster his strength, but his mind was elsewhere.

If only I'd let her go, none of this would've happened - its my fault. What am I going to do? Mike closed his eyes, but her image was clearly etched in his mind.

"You are a pretty little thing, ain't ya?" said Shifty crouching down in front of Rhiannon who was still bound and curled up in a dark corner of the room.

She didn't answer him.

"Y'know..." Shifty continued, "...you could do better with a living bloke - I could satisfy you better than any dead guy!"

His hand was on her foot, then her ankle, then her knee and he continued to slide it up her leg.

"Fuck off, you bastard - leave me alone! You're sick!" she shouted suddenly, kicking her leg out and knocking Shifty off balance.

"Bitch!" Shifty shouted back, getting up off the floor and pouncing on Rhiannon again. He slapped her across the face. Then his hand went straight to her inner thigh.

"You're gonna be so sorry for doing that" he growled, groping her.

Rhiannon screamed, kicking out again, trying to fight back, but restricted by her bindings.

Neither of them were aware that someone else had entered the room, until a hand landed on Shifty's shoulder and threw him back away from Rhiannon. Shifty landed against one of the chairs, hitting the cheekbone that Chester had broken earlier.

"Leave her alone", said the man. "She's not fro you. I've got plans for her later".

Out of fear, Rhiannon screamed as loudly as she could.

"No-one can hear you, darlin'... " said the man, "...and anyway, no-one cares - you know what people in this town are like".

Rhiannon silently sobbed, her body shook. She knew he was right - it was pointless. Tears escaped from her eyes and tricked down her face. She curled up again, her face against the cold wall. She closed her eyes, trying desperately to take her mind off what had happened. Her mind raced with thoughts, and amongst them was Mike; Where is he? Is he OK?

Chapter 12

They spent the day resting. Few words were spoken.

Chester’s wound gradually shrunk in size and depth, and by sunset, he was only left with a superficial wound, and he felt much stronger. Despite everything, Samantha remained at the forefront of his mind. He sensed the feelings of unresolved anger well up inside him again. They were overwhelming.

Chester opened his eyes and looked at his friends. Brad was sat with his legs over the edge of the stage, toying with the remains of his guitar.

Phoenix was pacing the stage, his hands stuffed into his pockets.

Joe was lying flat on his back on the floor, his hands behind his head, eyes closed.

Rob was sat next to Mike, an old broken amp supporting them. Rob was sat with his legs crossed, as though meditating. Mike had his knees pulled up tight to his body. His arms were wrapped around them and his head was resting on them. He was looking left at the lessening daylight through a broken skylight.

“Its almost time,” said Chester.

All eyes looked at him.

“You’re not a 100% mate,” said Phoenix. “Do you think you can manage this?”

“I’m gonna get that wanker Shellshock if it kills me”. Realising what he’d said caused Chester to erupt into insane giggles.

Seeing the funny side of it, briefly made them all smile – but it also brought them back to reality. After all this was over, what would happen to them? None of them had been particularly religious, but the fear of the unknown that was facing them was a thought none of them could get rid of.

Getting to their feet, they made they’re way out to the car. Joe got in the front next to Mike to give the directions to the factory. The other four squashed uncomfortably into the back. The car growled into action and they were on they’re way.

Rhiannon was roused from a semi-sleep state by a pair of rough hands that picked her up off the floor. She was dragged across the dark room and thrust into a chair at the large ornate table that graced the centre of the room.

For the first time, Rhiannon’s eyes fell upon her abductor. She caught her breath in utter surprise.

“Remember me, do you?” he said slowly.

“You had Linkin Park killed? Why have you done this?” she asked, gaining confidence with every word. “Jealousy perhaps?”

“You are a feisty ‘lil thing aren’t you?” He grabbed her chin with one hand and held a blade to her neck with the other. He brought his face right up close to hers.

“If you’re not careful and you disrespect me like that again, you’ll lose your vocal cords”. He spoke so cool and calmly, but his eyes betrayed his anger, and that proved this was no threat, but a promise.

Rhiannon managed to nod, and he let go of her face. He sat back in his chair.

I predict that your friends are going to pay a visit tonight. They’re going to attempt to rescue you,” he laughed to himself. “I don’t think they’re gonna make it though. My associates will see to that”.

From the shadows, Shifty Shellshock emerged followed by four other men that Rhiannon recognised. She also noticed that they were all armed with some kind of weapon.

“I’ll see Chester Bennington back in his grave by midnight, and then the Devils’ night celebrations can begin!” Shifty held up a revolver, grinning. “There’s a bullet here with Bennington’s name on it!”

Rhiannon was overcome with despair, but she tried not to show it. Desperately she tried to focus on how she was going to warn Linkin Park.

The rain had started to pour again.

Following Joe’s instructions, Mike sped through the city towards the old factory. He drew up in the street behind it. The fire escape stood like a metal skeleton against the building.

“That’s our way in,” said Joe, the memory of sitting listening to Crazytown conversing with their mysterious ‘manager’. “Its quiet tonight – there was a rave going on here the other night.”

“Right, how are we gonna do this” asked Rob.

“This is what we’re gonna do” said Brad efficiently. “Mike, get the girl – what was her name?”

“Rhiannon,” Mike replied despondently.

“Ok, you get Rhiannon – just get away, far away. We’ll attack the others that are there – he’s bound to have henchmen, hopefully we can find out how many before we bust in there. Chester, you get Shifty… Ches… what are you doing?” Brad lost his train of thought for a moment.

“I’m…trying to…get the trunk…open,” said Chester, straining.

The trunk flew open.

“Aha! Just as I thought,” Chester grinned. “Epic and his fascination with weapons.”

They crowded around the back of the car, and feasted their eyes upon the arsenal of guns and ammunition.

“Oh great, I’ve never fired a gun before. Has anyone else?” asked Mike.

They all shook their heads.

“Well, we’ll be a bit better off, particularly if they’re armed,” said Joe.

“Exactly,” replied Chester, putting a loaded handgun in the waistband of his trousers.

“Right then…” said Brad choosing his weapon from the array and returning to his previous thoughts, “…lets get up there and check out the situation”.

The six of them climbed the metal staircase as quietly as they could. Near the top, looking through a dirty window, they spotted five men standing talking, another guy sat in a large chair and a girl with her hands bound in front of her, her head bowed sitting next to him.

“Rhiannon,” whispered Mike.

“Hey, I know those guys!” said Chester, his eyes wide.

“They’re members of Limp Bizkit!”

With that, Chester pulled out the gun from behind him, and grasping it with both hands, pulled the trigger letting off six shots through the window, smashing the glass into a million pieces.

Two bullets missed, but the other four landed on target. DJ Lethal, Sam Rivers and Jon Otto went down on the floor.

Shifty, Wes Borland, Rhiannon and the mysterious guy in the chair had there attentio drawn firmly towards the window.

Chester leapt into the room, followed by everyone else. DJ Lethal lying on the floor with a bullet wound to his chest, reached for his gun that had flown from his hand when the bullet hit, but Phoenix kicked it into the shadows.

“I don’t think so,” and he kicked DJ Lethal in the face knocking him out – he never moved again.

Groans came from Rivers and Otto. Chester pointed his gun at Shifty ignoring them.

“You’re not gonna catch me unawares again.”

“Yeah, right man!” said Shifty and he turned and legged it out of the room. Chester followed in hot pursuit.

Wes Borland was shaking in fear – he’d already witnessed first hand, the strength and power that Rob, Brad and Phoenix had, and the memories of Feedodeelay’s bloody death came flooding back. He held a long blade out in front of him, gripping the handle with both hands. However, he was shaking so much that he dropped the blade.

“Well this wasn’t quite the way I’d planned it!” said Brad exasperated.

“Where did Rhiannon go!” cried Mike, anxiously.

No-one had noticed in all the commotion that she and the guy had disappeared.

“And whoever ‘he’ was – he’s gone too!” said Joe.

“I’m going to find her,” and with that Mike was gone, following Chester’s exit from the room.

“I’m going after him,’ said Brad and he sprinted after Mike leaving Phoenix, Rob and Joe in the room

All three turned to face Wes Borland who had collapsed in a pathetic crumpled heap on the floor.

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