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Chapter 1

Joe dropped onto the bed and lay back on top of the covers releasing a long groan. He was absolutely wrecked, physically that is. His mind was still working on overtime as it had been over the past week. Remy was restless these days. He was nagging at Joe constantly.

“Get off your lazy ass. I’m bored,” he teased from inside Joe’s brain.

“You are always bored,” replied Joe non-verbally.

“Well that’s ‘cause you are such a boring guy.”

“I’m not boring. You are hyper - a very bad influence - always getting me into trouble.” Joe was only half-serious.

“Lets have some fun.”

“No, I’m too tired Remy.”

“Aw come on Joe, you always spoil my fun.”

“No. Now shut up I’m going to sleep!”

“You know, I don’t see that happening.”

Joe was in a stubborn mood. Usually when Remy wanted to have fun Joe was only willing to oblige but today he was shattered. He was going to sleep and that was that.

“Hey lets hide Chester’s socks, he will go crazy trying to co-ordinate his outfit!”


“Hmmm… You wanna order a load of food and throw it out the window onto the people on the street?”


“Wanna go have fun in the elevator? We could stand facing the corner and not get off anywhere!”

“Oh sounds very interesting…. Not!”




“I’m not gonna do this with you, now for the last time, shut up!!!”

Joe’s body felt suddenly cold and goose bumps were rising on his arms. Silence. His head felt empty. He tried to listen for Remy. Silence. Panic flooded his system, he felt like a part of him was missing. His attention was drawn by a childish giggle coming from the far corner of the room.

Startled, he sat up, wondering who had snuck into his room. When he saw the giggler his eyes widened unnaturally, revealing the whites of his eyeballs. He took in a sharp breath, filling his chest up to the last and released it slowly and shakily. The goose bumps on his arms became even more pronounced and he was unable to stop himself shaking.

“Fuck Joe, you look like you’ve seen a ghost!” Remy giggled.

“What the f… How did you-?” stammered Joe, unable to believe the sight before him.

“I told you, I want to have some fun.”

“But there can’t be two of me… I’m me! You’re Remy… But people will think you’re me…”

“Jeez, take a chill pill Joseph. There could be advantages to this if you are prepared to take them.”

“No, you can’t…. Get back inside my head where you belong!”

“You’re not the boss of me,” teased Remy. Joe stood up and walked over to Remy. Standing in front of him and examining him closely he found that Remy was physically identical to him. Remy stuck out his tongue and blew a raspberry.

“Oh very mature,” exclaimed Joe, wiping the spit off his face. He walked back to the bed and sat down heavily. Remy climbed up beside him and started jumping up and down, using the mattress as a trampoline.

“Will you stop that? You’ll hurt yourself,” warned Joe.

“Your concern is touching. I didn’t know you cared!” tittered Remy, continuing to bounce up and down, going higher and higher every time. Every time he jumped, his head came closer to the high ceiling. By now Joe was finding it hard to stay upright on the bed and decided to move away from his lunatic alter ego. Remy continued jumping, he jumped too high and his head crashed into the ceiling above sending lumps of white plaster showering down on top of him and onto the bed. Joe groaned and Remy whimpered.

He climbed down off the bed rubbing his sore head.

“Damn now I’m gonna have a big ugly lump on my head!” He whinged.

“Told you so,” replied Joe with a smirk. He was warming to Remy; the guy had charisma. Maybe he was right… having a body double would certainly come in handy, if he could trust Remy to do as he was told that is.

“Yeah yeah,” replied Remy with a dismissive wave of his hand. He sat cross-legged on the floor opposite Joe and smiled mischievously at him. Now that Joe looked at him more he realised that Remy did look a little different. Of course they had the exact same physical features and attributes but the way he held himself was completely different.

The way they were sitting was a prime example; Joe was sitting normally on a chair, Remy was cross-legged on the floor.  Remy’s hair was wilder than Joes, sticking out at all angles; his clothes were messed up even though they were the same as Joe’s own. His eyes were brighter, with a playful sparkle and he always had that grin plastered across his face. Joe couldn’t help being attracted by Remy’s magnetism. He was Joe’s ‘antic disposition’, he had Joe’s own sense of humour but with a greater hunger for fun than Joe himself, almost like a kid. For Remy the pursuit of fun was the only priority and his childish innocence prevented him from worrying about the consequences of his actions.

“So what do you wanna do?” asked Joe expectantly.

“I thought you were too tired,” teased Remy.

“Strangely my tiredness has worn off,” said Joe sarcastically.

“Hmmm… Ok, let’s go and have some fun with the guys.”

“You really think we should show them what happened?” Joe was apprehensive.

“Well if we do then they will feel bad for doubting you all those times you blamed me!”

“True true.”

“Ok who’s first? We should try and get to them individually”

“Um…. Mikes on his own I think. He said he was going to his room for a lie down.”

“Excellent,” said Remy in the style of Mr. Burns, drumming his fingertips together.

Chapter 2

Joe knocked on Mikes door, unable to suppress a high-pitched giggle. He heard Mike stir inside the room.

“Uh… who is it?” came Mike’s hoarse reply. Joe cleared his throat and put on his most serious face, but he couldn’t keep it with Remy standing there making cross-eyes at him.

“It’s me, Joe”, he called.

“What do you want?” Shouted Mike with annoyance. He was trying to get some goddamn sleep.

“I just want to hang, that’s all,” said Joe innocently.

“Why me? Where are the other guys?” called Mike again.

“I don’t know… oh for fuck’s sake Mike are you going to shout at me through a door all night? Let me in!” He cried in exasperation.

Remy giggled at his annoyance. They heard Mike’s feet plodding towards the door and Remy ducked out of sight just in time before Mike opened the door. Joe couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the state Mike was in. His eyes were a funny shade of red, and all puffy. His hair was stuck to his head and he was wearing a tie-dyed purple t-shirt. He had yellow boxers and was still wearing his sports socks pulled up to his knees. Rare, if ever, did Mike look this ridiculous.

“Where the fuck did you get that t-shirt?!” exclaimed Joe.

“Its Chester’s. You know what he’s like with his ‘fashions’!” explained Mike patiently.

“Why are YOU wearing it?” 

Mike sighed with frustration and exhaustion. “Look Joe, I’m fucking wrecked ok? I need some sleep!”

But Joe wasn’t paying heed. He burst past Mike into the room and plonked himself on the sofa. Mike followed suit and sat beside him knowing that Joe wasn’t going to go away any time soon. Joe switched on the TV and flicked through the stations. Finally he settled on Cartoon Network where ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ were flashing across the screen.

Mike stared at the television, fighting to keep his eyelids open. His eyes had started stinging and he head was drooping. Joe, spotting his chance, stood up suddenly and announced that he was going to the bathroom, waking Mike out of his doze. He walked towards the bathroom, which was beside the hotel room door and knocked on it as he walked into the bathroom. Mike, thinking that someone was outside his door, struggled to his feet and opened it. He was faced with Remy, giggling like an idiot in the corridor. He closed his eyes tightly and rubbed them but when he opened them again, Joe was still standing in front of him.

“What’s the matter Mikey?” grinned Remy.

“I… you just went… you are in my bathroom…” stuttered Mike.

“What? No I’m right here in the hallway. I wasn’t in your room all night!”

“OK Joe, what kind of stunt are you pulling this time?” asked Mike suspiciously.

“Nothing” replied Remy innocently. Just then Mike heard the toilet flush. Joe walked out from the bathroom and smiled at him.

“Oh, you’ve met my new friend. His name is Remy, lovely guy.” Said Joe sincerely.

“Yeah me and Joe have a LOT in common!” laughed Remy.

Mike couldn’t get any words out and just stood looking back and forth between the two Joes. He made some random vowel sounds before Remy grabbed Joe’s arm and dragged him down the corridor with him towards the elevator.

Mike, deciding he was hallucinating due to his tiredness, closed the door and went back to bed. He chuckled to himself at the thought of two Joes; talk about a handful! One Joe was enough for the world. He closed his eyes and drifted into dreamland within a few seconds.

Joe and Remy headed for the hotel bar, they were bound to find at least one of their band mates there. Joe strode into the cosy bar first with Remy hanging behind, running between the large pots containing fake palms. He spread the leaves with his hands and scanned the room. He directed Joe to a table in the corner where Chester and Phoenix were sitting.

Joe winked at him and made his way over to the pair.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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