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The carousel spun around, slowly at first as if it were barely moving. The music played, joyous tinklings of child's play. The spinning became faster, more aggressive and soon it was moving at the speed of light. The music ceased to be the sound of infant-hood and became the loud beat of harsh, unadulterated rock.

The sounds rang out in Phoenix's head as he looked around. Moving at this speed could be sickening but it wasn't to him because all those around him were moving at the same speed. He scanned his surrounding, watching closely the people around him. he wasn't alone, no, he was surrounded.

Polls held the roof of the carousel up but they were being used for something else. Half naked woman held tightly to the poles, their bodies moving to the music, looks of pure sex upon their faces. They glided up and down the poles, they spun round them, they interlocked themselves with the wood.

The horses on the carousels held girls too. Some rode on them, moving their bodies as if in a sexy rodeo, waving one arm in the air as if they had a lasso. Others had their legs wrapped around the heads of the horses and they were leaning backwards, arching their backs and resting their heads on the rear of their ride.

Darkness fell over the machine and smoke encircled every person within it. Lights flashed. Red. Blue. Green. Yellow. Red. Blue. Green. Yellow. The atmosphere amazed Dave, it took over his head, mind and body, sending him into an ecstasy unbeknownst to him.

Dave searched the ride for a familiar face, wondering if the rest of the band had joined him. almost immediately, he spotted Chester. Chester had his arms wrapped around a girl, her back was pressed up against one of the poles, her arm above her head sliding up and down the pole. Chester seemed to be pleasuring the girl in only the way he knew how and was enjoying it, her eyes shut tight.

Dave's eyes left the pair and searched for more familiarity. He soon found it in Mike. A woman was pushing Mike against the wall of the carousel, her hands and lips roaming over his skin sending pleasure shocks through him. The world seemed somewhere else to the pair as the became engrossed with one another.

From where he stood he couldn't see anyone else he recognised so he began to slowly move around the ride. He walked between the horses and poles, carefully not to knock into anyone or fall over. His heart raced as he saw the things around him, he couldn't remember how he got here or why he was but he was enjoying it. He looked up to see Rob sitting on a horse with a girl, the bodies entwined, their lips never parting. This ride was like a kinky brothel, it was unreal. He couldn't see Joe or Brad but he searched for them. Joe never appeared but Dave soon found Brad.

Brad was curled up in a little ball on the floor and despite the music Dave could here him chanting 'It's not real, it's not real.' Dave tried to make his way over to his friend but the woman began to grab hold of him, they snagged his clothing and pulled at his skin.

'Get off me!' he cried, turning to look at them. They were all reaching out for him, their faces gothically mysterious and their eyes glinting with hunger. One of them grasped him and pulled him close.

'We want you, Dave,' she whispered in his ear, her breath damp on his skin. He was grabbed by another.

'We need you, Phoenix,' she breathed, her voice ringing in his ears.

'But I need to get to Brad!' Dave tried to get away from them, he pulled and tugged but their grip on him was inhumanely strong. They circled him, their eyes on him, their voices all audible over the music.

'He was weak, forget him.'

'You're strong, we need you.'

'You're special, Phoenix.'

'You are perfect!'

'ARGH!' Dave sat up, his body shaking, his skin clammy with sweat.

'Welcome back to reality,' Rob smiled at his friend who was sat on the couch in their hotel suite.

'There was- there was women, lots of women. And a carousel and you were there, except Joe and Brad was too weak, too weak. Brad was going crazy. You were all with girls, except Brad who was crazy and Joe who wasn't there. Where's Joe?' Dave asked looking around the room, everyone was staring at him.

'No more fun fairs, strip clubs and beer for you!' Chester cried, shaking his head.

'Joe's chained to the balcony remember? It's his stag night, we were celebrating.' Mike reminded his friend, whose eyes were wide with confusion.

'OH, yeah. Reality, it was a dream,' Dave laughed.

'Well done, there,' Brad laughed at him.

'So, tell us about all these women,' Rob spoke up with a glint in his eye as the rest of the room groaned.

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