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Author's note: I don't make a habit of writing these but I just thought you'd like to know that the lyrics used in this are from Staind's 'Warm Safe Place'. It fits with the whole thing and so I stole the title so I own very little of this actual piece. Tuesday xxx

The time had come. Chester slowly rose from his seat and moved out to the front of the church. He stood infront of the entire congregation and looked out over all that were there. He then looked at his wife. It had been 30 years, 30 years of marriage! He couldn't believe it. She looked as beautiful as ever. He smiled as he looked at her, dressed in a simple but elegant white dress. She even had the black angel wings with her, the ones that had been above their bed for so many years.

He looked to the front row where he had been sitting and looked into the eyes of his son. He looked back at his father, a blank expression on his face that he then pulled into a supportive smile. Chester then turned to look at his daughter, tears rolled down her face but she tried to smile, failing.

Chester then turned back to look at the congregation and then moved back. His band were behind him. Rob on drums, Dave on bass, Brad on guitar, Joe on turntables and Mike doing backing vocals. Chester turned to look at them and all smiled back at him supportively.

'I want to sing a song for my wife right now, it describes perfectly how I've felt all those years I've been touring. Samantha, we've been married for 30 years now, we have two beautiful children, a fantastic home and good lives. If you had never been in my life I doubt I could ever have been as happy as I have been over the past 31 years that we've been together. I wanna say thank you to you for a wonderful life,' turning to look straight at his wife, Chester began to sing his song.

Another day inside my world
I'm married to you and this road
A road that never lets me sleep
So there's no way to escape these demons that I'm forced to keep
And then I find you here
Through your eyes
Everything's clear
And I'm home inside your arms
But I'm alone for now
I mean the best with what I say
It doesn't always sound that way
I never learned to work things out
Cause in my family all we ever seem to do is shout
But then I find you here
Through your eyes
Everything's clear
And I'm home inside your arms
But I'm alone for now
And when I try to sleep
The drugs I take are killing me-
I think of you to ease my pain but you're so far
Now it's time to say goodbye
I love you baby
Please don't cry
Cause then I'll find you here
Through your eyes everything's clear
And I'm home inside your arms
But I'm alone for now

A stray tear rolled from Chester's eye as he finished the song. He placed down the microphone and walked back to his seat. As he passed Samantha's coffin, he paused.

'I love you Samantha Bennington. We'll be together again soon,' he then went and sat between his children.

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