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Chapter 1

“Welcome to another show of celebrity death match, I’m Nick Diamond. Johnny Gomez cannot be with us tonight because he’s with his wife in hospital, apparently she had been attacked by a poodle after she tried to shave it.

Anyway, tonight for our main match we have in the blue corner the Backstreet Boys”. There was a sudden roar of boos and cheers.

“Versus Linkin Park in the red corner”. The whole arena goes wild. The cheers had drowned out the boos.

“Hmm mixed reactions there. Lets see what’s up backstage. Tracey Cornbread how are things?”

“Hi, Sounds like everyone’s ready to go I can here the fans from here. I’m back stage with one of our main contenders tonight. This is Nick from BSB.

How do you feel about the fight tonight? Are you feeling confident?” Nick fiddles his thumbs and then starts sucking it.

“Um like yeah, we are um... gonna kick their ass for sure... um... like yeah.” He said nervously.

“Hehe oh ok then, I think you’d better go back to your room for now” as Tracey said that, Nick runs back into his dressing room like there was no tomorrow.

“I’m walking my over to the opponents dressing rooms now. I’m quite excited coz Linkin Park are my favourite band at the moment but in order to keep this job I have to remain calm and collected to keep a professional relationship between me and the stars. Oh my god there they are!” Tracey is under immense pressure as she tries her hardest to control her inner teeny bopperish behaviour.

“So, umm, HEY it’s you guys... Linkin Park.” She said nervously.

“Yup it’s us”. replies Chester.

“Chester is the lead singer of Linkin Park and will be facing Backstreet Boys tonight. So how do you feel... hehe... about tonight? Do you think you’re gonna win tonight?” by this time Tracey is sweating like a bitch, from a mixture of nervousness and the containment of the very easily excitable inner teeny bopper.

‘Get a hold of yourself you stupid bitch, you’re 24 for fucks sake’ she thought to herself.

Chester pulls one of his cheesy smiles at the camera.

“Totally, they’re a bunch of pop pussies, we’re gonna whoop their fuckin’ ass, but we’re nice guys really, just ask our fans”.

“CHESTER get your ass back in here”. Cries mike from the dressing room.

“That’s my boyfriend, he wants it real bad,” jokes Chaz as he smiles again and pulls his pants down at the camera.

“Hehehe, um that was, er, Chester from Linkin Park and now back over to you Nick”. Tracey runs towards the direction of Chester before the camera switches back to Nick.

“Er yeah ok thanks Tracey. As we wait for our wrestlers to get themselves ready for the CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH...” the arena goes wild again.

“Lets have a look at what happened last week to get these professional artists enraged and in each others faces.”

Chapter 2

“Hey I wonder who’s this is” says nick carter as he picks up a bottle of beer. He cracks it open with a bottle opener on his key chain and takes a sip.

“Hey this is good beer, I could get used to this.” He said to himself. Little did he know that Chaz was all too well known for his love of the one thing other than Sam... beer. Chaz was standing at the other end of the corridor when he saw that someone had nabbed his beer, which he had left for not even a minute while he finished off another of his songs for the new album ready to be released next year.

The backstreet boys just happened to be in the same recording studio. Chaz ran at nick enraged with hatred. Nick turned round and dropped the bottle.

“NOOOOO” screamed Chaz as the bottle smashed into pieces. Nick ran as fast as his long legs could carry him. But Chaz was faster, fuelled by anger and adrenalin Chester pounced on nick. Nick fell to the floor face first smashing his 2 front teeth.

“Not such a pretty face now are you?” spat Chester.

“But what did I...”


The other members of both bands came running when they heard the shouting.

“Woah Chester, I didn’t think he was your type” joked mike. Chester glared at Mike. Mike backed off.

“You drank my beer and now you and your face is going to pay.” Chaz said again. Rob stepped up and put his hands on Chester’s shoulders.

“Hey dude chill, I’m the youngest and I’m being the most rational, how do you think this is going to look like if the fans find out?” Chester knew he was right. He got off his knees and stomped back into his dressing room in a huff.

“This isn’t over,” pointed Brian menacingly.

“Your friend broke Nick’s face and he’s going to pay.”

“Oooh is that a threat?” giggled Joe.

“No sonny, it’s a promise.” growled Howard.

Chapter 3

“Welcome back. Tonight is very exciting as we have gathered here to witness the battle of the bands: Linkin Park versus Backstreet Boys.” Shouted nick diamond down the mic. The arena goes wild again.

“Ok lets welcome our contestants; the BACKSTREET BOYS”. The arena hits top decibel, as the backstreet boys walk on stage with one of their songs: Backstreet’s Back. Nick Carter walks on last with a bandage around his face.

The fans by the alleyway all gasped as Nick walked past with the injury. A girl screamed and passed out due to the shock of seeing her number one idol looking nothing like a sex symbol. She was shortly carried away by a couple of onsite medics.

All members of the band climbed into the ring. Brian and the others spaced themselves around the ring lapping up the attention to boost their self-esteem, despite the boos amongst the cheers.

After a quick ego boost they gathered in their corner of the ring and had a quick team talk.

“Ok folks, please welcome LINKIN PARK.” The arena goes wild again as ‘one step closer’ bangs on the sound system. Chester is the first one to walk out from behind the curtains, which divides the backstage from the centre stage. Chester gives a double metal fist signal to his screaming fans accompanied with one of his cheesy smiles. Mike is the next one to come out, he also sports a big cheesy grin while the arena continues to scream the roof down. Next were 3 of the bands members: Rob, Phoenix and Brad. Joe was nowhere to be seen, but nobody seems to have noticed.

They all climb into the ring and sing along to OSC while the arena joins in.

After another electric performance from the best rock band in the world; LP gather in the opposite corner.

Both teams stand their ground and psych each other up. The atmosphere in the ring was intense as they exchanged evil stares.

“Ok people the rules of the match is that it is a fight to the death, and that…well that’s it!” says nick diamond from his box with a view.

*Ding* rings the bell to start the match.

Kevin, being the next tallest in the boy band after ‘non_functional_as_a_wrestler’ nick, has a definite height advantage over LP. He takes a step forward.

Brad steps forward and whips out his electric guitar from his incredibly baggy trousers and strums a heavy spine tingling chord. The shock waves vibrate Kevin’s whole body causing him to wobble and start crumbling away from his spine as if he were a poorly built tall building in an earthquake. Brad smiles and takes a step back amongst the group. A vulture enters the arena and starts pecking at Kevin’s remains from Brad’s ‘spinal death chord’ move.

Howard probably being the hardest of the group runs at LP. Rob with his icy emotionless stare, gazed at Howard freezing him on the spot with his ‘frozen in time’ move. The ice cracks and Howard breaks free. Rob is surprised and panics.

Rob being the youngest runs behind Chester to hide, despite the fact that he’s the tallest. Mike steps up and head butts Howard in the face delivering a massive electric charge, which has been stored up in his hair from all those electric shock treatments he’s had in order to get his hair the way it is. Unfortunately mike wasn’t grounded and was also electrocuted in the process. The 2 crispy corpses lay on the wrestling ring smouldering away like the embers of a midsummer bonfire.

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