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Chapter 4

The six men sat silently on their tour bus. None of them spoke, none of them made eye contact. Fear was etched into the eyes of each man, the marks of insomnia showed on their faces. None of them had slept that night, all of them were scared for their lives. They had decided to do their next show but to not do anything with the press or fans. They had to just all stay together and keep out of the public eye until their show.

They wanted to be safe, no one wanted to die, they were sorry for what they had done and now they were so scared it was killing them.

They arrived at the venue and went straight to their dressing room. They sat around making small talk for hours, no one really knew what else to do. Boredom set in fast and they figured they should be safe enough to go do their own thing for a few hours.

Chester lay in his own private dressing room, staring up at the ceiling, trying his best to sleep. His body just wouldn't allow him to enter the unconscious state. His stomach began to cry out and he realised he hadn't eaten all day, may now would be a good time to go find a vending machine or something.

He pulled himself up off of the couch and was hit hard by the memory of the night Nick had walked in on him and Mike. He could feel Mike's touch, warm, tender and loving on his hot, sweat drenched skin. The feel of Mike's wet lips on his own, his hands everywhere but where Chester wanted them most - Mike could be such a tease. He could remember the feelings they had shared, ever thought that he'd had that night, his love for Mike was so strong.

'Argh!' Chester cried out, knocking over a table. He was so frustrated by all this! Why did he have to have a conscience? It was preventing him from expressing his love for Mike, from expressing the yearnings he had to feel Mike's body against his own because all those feelings and yearnings had cost a man his life and Chester couldn't handle the guilt of continuing their relationship under the circumstances.

He stormed out of the room, deciding to go find out if Phoenix knew where he could grab some food. Phoenix always knew where the food was, it was like his superpower. Chaz mentally pictured where Phoenix's room as and quickly made his way down the empty halls to his room. he found it and knocked lightly on the door.

'Dave? You in there?' Chester called through the door when he received no reply from his bass player. There was still no reply so Chester took hold of the handle and twisted it slowly, he just wanted to check whether Phoenix was actually in there.

Chester hadn't been prepared for the sight he saw. His throat wouldn't allow him to scream so he began hyperventilating as he looked on at the carnage in the room. Phoenix lay on the floor, his hands tied behind his back by his own bass strings, his eyes were still open. Chester looked away but couldn't get the image out of his mind. Phoenix had another bass string tied around his throat, it had cut deep into his skin, a puddle of deep scarlet blood was beneath his head. His eyes looked straight into Chester's and Chester lost it. He ran full speed down the hall, unable to cry out, tears of fear streaming down his face.

He didn't realise what he was doing when he ran into mike's dressing room.

'Mike?!' Chester shouted Mike's name, questioning whether or not he was present. The room was empty, no one was there. Where was Mike? Was he dead too? Chester had to find him, he had to find everyone.

He began running again, his destination unclear. He's mind was in over drive, he couldn't get the image of Phoenix's bloody corpse from his head. Who was doing this? Why had they killed Phoenix? Chaz wasn't safe running around by himself. He was lost, he couldn't find his way around this godforsaken place!

'FUCK!' cried Chester as he hit a dead end. 'Where the fuck are you all?!' He collapsed in a pile on the floor, his head in his hands. Tears flowed down his cheeks like rivers. He couldn't handle this. Were they all dead? Was this a dream? Was their really some sick, twisted fuck after him and his band? What if Mike was dead? Chester knew for a fact he wouldn't be able to cope without Mike, he loved him so much, his life wouldn't be worth living if Mike was dead. He'd just give himself up to the killer if he found Mike's body.

A scream pulled Chester from his thoughts. Someone else was alive! The scream came again. 'MIKE?' Chester shouted, running in the direction of the scream. Please don't let Mike's screams be from death, Chester kept running, using the sounds of the scream to guide him.

Chapter 5

Chester fund himself heading into Joe's dressing room. He threw open the door, he hadn't heard any more screams for a while that had made him run faster.

'Mike,' Chester breathed, seeing the crumpled body of the emcee in the corner. Mike was balled up in a corner crying and Chester saw why. 'Oh god,' Chester rushed to Mike's side, trying his best to ignore the nausea he now felt.

The reason Mike had been screaming was the bloody mass of human tissue that used to be Joe that now lay on the floor. Joe had been literally cut into two pieces down the middle. Broken records were stuck out of all parts of his body and the needle from a record player was jammed into one eye. The blood covered the walls, the floor, the couch, the table, the mirror: everything. A river of blood had formed between the two halves of Joe's body. Chester felt sick, how could someone do this? The second of his best friends was dead.

'Mike, honey, we need to get out of here,' Chester whispered in his ear. Mike was shaking violently and seemed unable to control himself. He tried to speak to Chester but couldn't quite let the words form. 'It's OK babe,' Chaz pulled Mike's shaken form closer to his own body and tried to keep himself focused. He wasn't usually the calm one but he had to be strong now for Mike's sake.

'Why?' Mike finally choked out, his voice was shaken by the tears. 'Why would someone do this? Joe was one of my best friends! Look at him now! He doesn't even qualify as a person anymore!' Mike was shouting now.

'I know, this is so fucked up Mike. That's why we have to leave, Phoenix is dead too. I found his body about 20minutes ago.' Chester told Mike, trying to get him to rise to his feet.

'What? NO! This can't be happening!' Mike ruined Chester's efforts by collapsing to the floor.

'Mike, come on now! We can't stay here! I know this is a shock but we need to see if the others are alive and go get help!' Chester was being firm now, he couldn't cope with staying in the room with Joe's body any longer. 'We can't stay here,' he repeated again, quieter this time. He managed to pull Mike to his feet and help him out of the room.

Mike stared at Chester, wide eyed, tears staining his beautiful face. Chester wiped the streams off Mike's cheeks and held his face in his hands. 'We have to go found Rob and Brad, and then leave. Our lives are in danger and we can't stay here.' Mike's eyes locked with Chester's as Chester held on to Mike's face. Mike brought his hand up to Chester's hand and held it. He then moved his face slightly forward and brought his lips down to Chester's. he lightly grazed his own lips along Chester's, slowly kissing him. He applied more force with his lips, his tongue running along Chaz's bottom lip, over the ring he held in his labret. Chester brought his tongue to Mike's, massaging it with his own. Mike then kissed Chester once more and ended it. Chester looked into Mike's eyes, he had wanted to feel that so badly for the past year, it felt good. With that, he took Mike's hand and the walked towards Rob's dressing room with urgency in their strides.

The arrived at the door and both just stood infront of it, neither moved. They just stared at the door infront of them, holding tightly to each other's hand.

'OK,' breathed Chester, tightening his grip on Mike's hand. 'It's now or never.' He went to open the door.

'Chester, wait,' Mike stopped Chester doing the action. 'What if Rob's body is in there? What do we do then?'

'I don't know, but we need to know if anyone else is alive.' Mike nodded his approval and Chester resumed the action of opening the door.

'Oh fuck, no,' Mike's head moved to Chester's shoulder as he looked away from the sight that affirmed their suspicions.

Chapter 6

Even though this was the fifth dead body Chester had seen he still couldn't cope with the sight. Especially when it was that of a friend. The wave of nausea swept over him again as he comforted mike, who was still covering his eyes on Chaz's shoulder.

Rob had one of his drums wrapped around his waist, the skins broken where Rob's body had been forced through it. A drumstick rested in the place of his heart, blood still spurted from the wound. The sight was unbearable but Chester couldn't seem to pull his eyes from it. His mind was plagued with the thoughts of who could have possibly down this and where were they now? Was that person watching Chester and Mike? Or was he somewhere torturing Brad.

Chester was trying to stay calm but it was getting hard to be calm when he was as shaken as hell. He was scared for his life, scared for Mike's life. Tears flooded his eyes and he let them fall down his face as he stood, still looking at the disgusting sight of his once living friend. Three of his best friends were dead, and he knew why. But was this a message to him? Was he getting slide shows of what was going to happen to him soon? Would this perverse fuckwit do this to Mike? Would he do it to mike in Chester's presence? He couldn't bare to think those thoughts. 'Brad!' Chester realised they still had to find him. Mike's head rose from Chester's shoulder, he looked at Chaz, all bleary eyed with tears still rolling off his chin.

'W.what?' he questioned, wiping his eyes with his spare hand.

'We still have to find Brad, he could still be alive,' Chester was praying to God that Brad was still of the living variety.

'We don't know that. He's probably dead somewhere, just like the others. We're the only ones left!' Mike was getting hysterically.

'No, Mike. Don't think like that. Brad could quite very well still be alive if we hurry. Come on,' Chester took a firm hold on Mike's hand and pulled him in the direction of Brad's dressing room.

They got to Brad's dressing room, and Chester slowly opened the door to the room. It was empty. Brad wasn't there, he wasn't in the communal room, they weren't sure where he was.

'I vote we get out of here. This is crazy, we're never going to find him if he's alive and I don't particularly want to find him if he's dead,' Mike told Chester.

'OK, I guess your right. We need to call the cops and get this finished. Let's take the exit across the stage,' Chester walked ahead of Mike, he wanted to leave now, this was all getting too much for him.

The stage area was plagued in darkness as Chester walked out on to it. He got abut halfway across and realised Mike wasn't next to him. 'Mike?' he called into the darkness. As he did this the stage lighting came on.

Something dripped on to his head from above him as the lights shone on, illuminating the stage. Chester looked up and screamed more than he'd ever screamed before.

Above him was Brad's body. It was suspended from the light fixtures by mike cords. Fresh, warm blood dripped from Brad's feet, he'd been gutted it seemed but Chester couldn't really see. The most sickening part of it was that Brad had a light inside him. It illuminated the blood that was still inside his veins and made him look like an oversized Christmas light that had been decorated for Halloween.

Chester threw himself to the ground as he continued to scream, he was close to throwing up. Tears ran down his face, burning his skin. He tried to wipe the blood from his face but was just covering himself in it further, some had dripped on to his lips and he could taste it. He could taste Brad's blood!

He heard footsteps and looked up from his position on the floor. Mike towered over him, looking at him with a vacant expression on his face. 

'What are you gonna do now Chester?' he asked the man that laid on the floor infront of him.

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