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Chapter 7

'What?' Chester struggled to speak the word through the fear he felt and the tears that fell down his face. He wasn't entirely sure what Mike was saying to him, it was truly scaring him.

'What are you gonna do now? I mean, they're all dead and it's your fault,' Mike explained casually.

Chester just stared at Mike, not moving. Was he hearing this right? Was.was it Mike that had done all this?

Mike continued in the absence of Chester's reaction. 'I loved you Chester, I still love you. But you ended it! All that shit about the situation making it uncomfortable! UGH! You didn't love me at all.' Chester tried to speak but Mike cut him off. 'I've killed all of them for you, to show you how much I loved you and how badly you hurt me, how could you do that to me?' he demanded.

'Mike, I never said I didn't love you.' Before Chester could continue Mike was on top of him, straddling him and holding him down.

'Don't lie to me! If you loved me, you wouldn't have ended it!' Tears flowed freely from Mike's eyes as he said this. He then leant down, bringing his face to Chester's. his lips pushed on to Chester's hard, and hungrily. He forced his tongue between Chester's lips and surprisingly he felt Chester's own tongue pushing back upon his own. Mike continued roughly kissing Chester, his tongue circling Chester's own. He pulled away slightly and Chester had to crane his neck to reach Mike. Mike smiled in mid kiss and slowly let his hand slide down between Chester's legs.

He began to massage Chester's manhood, pulling away from the kiss so he could see Chester's face. Chaz's eyes rolled back in his head and he arched his back as Mike continued to touch him. In spite of the fear Chester felt, a satisfying groan escaped his lips as he hardened.

'I always knew what you liked, didn't I?' Mike leant down, trailing his tongue from Chester's chin to over his lips. He sat back up and an evil smile appeared upon his lips. His hand closed sharply around Chester's erection, making Chester yelp in pain.

'Scream bitch!,' Mike told him, finally letting his grip loosen. 'You don't deserve pleasure! You deserve pain! After everything you've put me through this past year. I've had to watch you from a distance, I've been yearning to touch you. To kiss you. To tell you I love you. To fuck you. I loved you more than I love Anna for fuck sake! And you wouldn't let me show you!' Mike slapped Chester across the face as hard as he could.

Chester spat blood from his mouth and turned his head to look directly at Mike. 'You want the truth? Do you, huh Mike? Well I'll tell you the truth. I loved you then and I love you still! I love you more than Sam, my wife! I've spent the last year in complete denial about feelings to try make things easier on myself. That didn't work. Do you know how many nights have spent longing you to be beside me? How many minutes I've spent longing for touch. How many moments I've spent wanting to hear you say those three little words to me again? Don't ever say that I don't love you because that's not true. The only reason I ended it is because of the trouble it caused, I didn't want it to end ever, that I promise you. I love you Mike.'

Mike sat staring at Chester with an incredulous look etched upon his beautiful face. Chester used this moment of weakness to his advantage, knocking Mike from off of him and scrambling to his own feet. He hadn't lied when he'd spoken but he was glad that it had helped him free himself. Mike pulled himself off the floor and ran at Chester.

'Bastard!' he screamed as Chester dodged out of his way. he got to the side of the stage and saw the only thing that he could use to defend himself. Mike realigned himself so that he was heading towards Chester again. As he came close, Chester swung back with his guitar, bringing it round and connecting it with Mike's head. There was a sickening crack as it connected and then a thud as Mike fell to he floor.

'I'm sorry,' Chester said allowed to the form that was crumpled up in a pile on the floor. He dropped his precious guitar to the floor and slowly walked out of the venue.

Chapter 8

Chester sat outside the venue, wrapped in a blanket, sat in the back of an ambulance. He'd been asked endless questions by the cops since he'd called them. They'd arrived shortly after he'd hit Mike over the head with his guitar. He hadn't got over the shock of the past events and hadn't managed to stop crying either.

He was now sat watching the EMTs stretcher away the four body bags containing his 4 best friends. He watched Dave, Brad, Joe and Rob be carried away infront of him. Blood could be seen dripping from one of the bags, he turned his head as he saw this, choking back the sobs that threatened.

'Mr Bennington?' a voice challenged him. He looked up to see a cop stood looking at him.

'Yeah,' Chester croaked out.

'The man you described as the killer, Michael Shinoda, can you again tell me what happened to him?' the cop watched Chester, waiting for a response.

'I've already told half you fuckers what happened! I don't particularly wish to keep reliving it! It hurt me too much, I don't think you understand that!' Chester broke down again, he didn't want to keep remembering what Mike had done and said and what he had done to Mike. It was a little too much for his heart to handle.

'I'm sorry sir, but we really need to understand this. Could please tell me what happened after Mr Shinoda told you his motives?' the cop looked at Chester with sympathetic eyes.

'O.OK,' Chester cleared his throat before re-explaining the situation. 'Mike was sat on top of me, he told me his motives - he was pissed because I broke off our relationship. he had a moment of weakness, as I've explained. I knocked him off of me, and then he ran at me. I dodged out of the way, he came at me again and I hit him over the head with my guitar.' Chester finished what he was saying, hoping to God that it was satisfactory. He just wanted to go home and sleep and try to forget Mike.

'This all happened on the stage? Under where Mr Delson's body was?' the cop asked.

'YES!' Chester screamed.

'Sir, please calm down. We have searched the entire building and I regret to inform you that Mr Shinoda's body was never recovered. A full scale search will be done. This man must be brought to justice.'

'What?' breathed Chester. 'Mike's not dead? You mean he's till out there? He's out there and he's after me?!' Chester was getting hysterical. 'What the fuck am I supposed to do?' Before an answer could be given, Chester lapped into unconsciousness.

What was he going to do now that Mike was still out there? Most likely Mike still wanted Chester dead. Life sure as hell was never going to be the same again.

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