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"I Still Know..." continues on from the fiction I Know What You Did Last Tour.

Chapter 1

Lips. Tongues. Kiss. Lick. Hands. Body. Touch. Feel.

Chester's entire being was buzzing as Mike pulled his tee shirt over his head. This was happiness, this was bliss.

Their lips connected again, tongues battling against each other. Chester rolled Mike over so that he was on top and slowly guided his hand to Mike's pant's button. As he kissed Mike again and again, he unzipped Mike's trousers and slid his hand in to the opening. He smiled as his hand connected with flesh, he began gently rubbing the stiff member. He nibbled Mike's neck, continuing his actions below. Mike's hand caressed Chester's back as Chaz moved down, licking Mike's hardened nipples.

'Chester, ooooh Ches,' Mike breathed, his voice soaked with pleasure.

Chester's hand movements quickened as he trailed his tongue along Mike's chest. His skin was damp with perspiration and felt good against Chester's lips. Mike let put an almighty moan as he reached orgasmic peak, causing Chester's hand to become sticky.

Chester removed his hand and pulled himself up on to Mike whose breathing was heavy and ragged. Mike pulled Chester to him, their lips banging together in a passionate, enthralling kiss.

'Now it's your turn, baby,' Mike knocked Chester on to his back and positioned himself above him. He moved his face close and allowed his tongue to penetrate Chaz's lips. He then began to slowly move sown, kissing every part of Chester's chest.

He finally reached Chester's pants, pulling them down. Chester waited patiently as Mike took his mouth to Chester's manhood. He licked the length and then put his lips around the erection. He moved his mouth up and down, using his tongue for extra pleasure as Chester thrusted beneath him. Chester moaned as he grabbed at the sheets around him. Mike's hands rubbed his chest as Chester arched his back, forcing himself further into Mike's mouth. Chester's hands took hold of Mike's hair, manoeuvring him to where he wanted him.

Chester let out a final scream as the saltiness of his orgasm hit Mike's throat, causing him to swallow sharply.

'Chaz? Chaz? Yo, yo Chester?!' a voice shouted at Chester. He jumped, letting out a shocked yelp as he was woken by the voice of Wes Borland. 'Chester, man, it was just a dream. You OK?' concern was etched into Wes's face.

'Yeah, I'm good,' Chester lied. He'd been suffering from dreams like that since Mike had disappeared almost a year ago. He still hadn't got over it.

'Well, your home now you lucky bastard. You can go cuddle up with that gorgeous thing you call your wife,' Wes explained. Since all Chester's band was dead, he was doing solo work and lots of collaborations. Right now he was touring with the corporate rock whores, Limp Bizkit.

Chester climbed from his bunk, picked up his stuff and said goodbye to the guys. Since they were now doing a tour of LA, Chaz was staying in his home while they all had to go to a hotel.

He exited the tour bus and looked at his home. Samantha stood waiting for him. He walked to her and embraced her, kissing her lightly on the lips. She knew all about Chester and Mike now, but surprisingly, she'd stayed with Chester. She had told him that, although it was one of the biggest shocks of her life, she loved him regardless. And after everything he'd just been through she hadn't wanted to cause him any more pain by leaving. She's stood by him and offered him nothing but all her love and support. Chester regretted not being able to give her as much love back, his heart was still with Mike, where ever he was.

Chester was thankful for Sam's support and was glad he'd got her. She was the most amazing thing he had and he really didn't want to lose her.

The two of them held each other's hand and walked into their home, silent as ever, not quite man and wife any longer.

Chapter 2

Chester woke up the following morning, sweat beaded over his entire body. He'd had another dream involving Mike. He looked at Sam as she slept. She was curled up in the foetal position on her side of the bed, he was stretched out on his side. In sleep their bodies never came into contact. Chester felt like he was trapping Samantha in this marriage. It must be awful for her being in such a detached relationship. they barely talked, they hardly touched, but Chaz felt like he couldn't go on in life without the support she gave him.

He silently slipped out of bed and padded down the stairs in just his boxers. His dogs ran at him and began licking his hands but he ignored them and set about making coffee. He picked up the mail he had received whilst touring and sat on the step of the back door with his coffee and a smoke.

Since the deaths of Rob, Brad, Dave and Joe, Chester had received endless letters from fans giving sympathy and sharing their feelings. He was still receiving those letters now. They were hard to handle, they brought all the memories flooding back to him. It hurt so much. A tear rolled down his cheek, dripping from, his chin to his coffee. Annoyance washed over him and he got up. He had to go get ready because today he was doing some recording with Davey Havoc before the show he had that night with Limp Bizkit.

Chester inhaled deeply as he pulled open the doors to the recording studio. When he'd left home, Sam still hadn't risen so he'd left her a note saying he'd see her later. He entered the studio and everyone said 'Hi' to him. He smiled falsely at all of them in acknowledgement, making his way to the room he would be in that day. When he entered the room he was immediately greeted by a hug from Davey Havoc.

Over the past 6 months, Chester and Davey had become quite good friends. They'd been working on new material together whenever they could so they had become quite close as friends. Chaz was aware of Davey's bisexuality but he himself would never go there again. Not after what happened with Mike.

Davey's arms release Chester, and the heavily tattooed man stood back and smiled. 'You look down, man. What's eating you?' Davey asked with but concern now for his friend.

'Nothing. Just more letters from the fans,' Chester explained the half truth. The other fact was that this morning he had realised that tomorrow was the anniversary of his band's death and Mike's disappearance. Chester was finding it very difficult to battle his fears of what could happen. In the back of his mind he just knew nothing good would come of the next few days. He just needed to ignore his past. He needed to forget Mike, forget Linkin Park, forget his dreams, forget everything but the present. That was a challenge Chaz didn't think he could handle.

Chapter 3

Chester sat in his dressing room that night waiting for his time to go on stage. Sam had disappeared somewhere with Wes Borland and Chester was sat with Davey Havoc.

'You OK, Ches?' asked Davey, sitting next to Chester on the couch.

'Yeah, I'm OK. Just got a few things on my mind' Chaz didn't feel like pouring his heart out right now.

'Well, just remember that I'm here for you if you ever need to talk,' Davey told Chester, his hand on Chester's knee. Chester shifted uncomfortably under the weight of Davey's hand. What exactly was this man implying?

'Hey man, it's time to go on stage,' DJ Lethal came into the dressing room, lucky for Chester this gave him a reason to move away from Davey.

'OK, let's do this,' Chester followed Lethal to the stage area. He could see al the fans out there, all high on the anticipation of the show.

The six men went out to the stage and screams filled the arena. Fred Durst's annoyingly whiny voice came over the PA system as the band began their fist song. Chester and Fred's voices didn't gel that well together but the tracks sounded pretty good and the fans liked it.

This is where Chester belonged. On stage, singing specifically for the fans. It was even more enjoyable knowing this was his home town. On the stage he managed to forget; well not forget, more like block out the thoughts of Mike and fears that he had.

His screams came over the PA system as emotion took over his vocals. He looked over the audience and something caught his eye. He looked again, was that what he thought it was?

He continued with his song, trying to ignore his sighting but as he sang he saw it again. Now he was definitely certain it was what he thought it was.

It was Mike. His hair was orange now, that's what had made Chaz unsure but now he knew it was him.

He stared at his ex-lover, at the man who had killed all his friends a year ago. Something glistened in Mike's hand. A knife. Mike grinned, knowing he had Chester's full attention.

Chester didn't realise he'd stopped singing or that people were saying his name. Panic began to take over and the only thing Chester noticed was his head bouncing on the floor as he fainted.

Chester was laid on a couch in this dressing room. he had been carried there after collapsing on stage.

'Mike!' he cried, sitting up quickly as he came to, giving himself a head rush.

'Chester, what?' asked Sam, who came straight to his side, concern in her eyes.

'Mike,' he said again. 'Mike was in the audience. He... he's back, he's here!!' Chester cried.

'No, that's not possible,' Sam told him. The whole of Limp Bizkit and Davey Havoc were also in the room.

'Yes it is! I know what I saw. He's come back for me,' Chester was stood now, all eyes were on him.

'Chester, don't say that! Mike wouldn't be stupid enough to come after you!' Tears pricked Sam's eyes.

'Well he was stupid enough to kill all our friends!' Chester retorted, he knew what he was saying was true.

'Stop it!' Sam cried, taking refuge in Wes's arms.

'Chester, calm down! You're scaring Sam,' John Otto told Chaz who was just stood in the middle of the room, looking defeated.

'Yeah, man. Mike won't be here, your imagination will just be in overdrive,' Sam Rivers sympathised.

Chester's look of defeated increased and he exhaled loudly. 'I. I'm just scared, that's all,' he admitted quietly.

'Yeah, we get that,' Fred Durst cut in. 'You just gotta realise that we got your back. Even if Mike is here, you're safe.'

Chester stared at Fred. That's what we all thought last time he said to himself.

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