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Chapter 10

After walking away from Mike's body, Chester called 911. He'd managed to explain what had happened before finally blacking out on his porch from the major blood loss he had suffered. He had come round once while he was in the ambulance but had almost immediately lapsed back into unconsciousness, his body held no strength within it.

Chester's eye lids fluttered slightly, a bright, sterile white light invaded his head. The brightness hit his corneas like a truck hitting a wall. He groaned loudly, forcing his eyes to open and resist the light's invasion, no matter how much pain it caused his aching head.

He felt uncomfortable in the sitting position that he had been put. He tried to move and ended up causing himself more pain. He cried out and looked down at the source of pain. His midriff was wrapped in a bandage, covering the wound he'd received the previous... how long ago was it? There was another bandage wrapped around his cut upper left arm as well. He could feel some type of band aid on his split open lip. A mask was held over his mouth and nose, blowing cool, clean air into his body.

Through the window in the door, Chester could see a man in a long brown trench coat. The man looked like a cop. When the guy saw Chester moving uncomfortably in his bed, he briskly walked to the door and entered the room.

'Mr Bennington?' he said it as a question, even though he knew very well who he was. The weakness that wracked his body prevented him from vocalising his answer so he instead nodded, regretting the action as soon as he'd done it. Pain seared through his internal organs, making him groan slightly.

'I'm Detective Inspector Charmers. Mr Bennington, I have some news to tell you. Firstly, it's been 3 days since the incidence and I'm very sorry to bother as soon as you've come round but what I have to say is very important.' The man paused and looked at Chester's broken body. Chester stared back, there was nothing he could do to respond.

'After receiving your phone call, one unit was dispatched to the arena,
another to your home. Upon arrival to the arena all reported persons were found dead on arrival and nothing could be done for them, unfortunately.

'Upon arrival at your home, you were found first. You had suffered severe blood loss and so was transport immediately to hospital. You were given a blood transfusion and several stitches. Luckily, we found you in time.

'The next body to be found was that of Davey Havoc. He was DOA, there was nothing that could be done to save him. the knife has pierced straight through his heart, he'd probably died almost instantly. Then your wife Samantha Bennington was found.'

Again the man paused. He looked at Chester, letting everything he'd just said sink in. Chester know what was coming up but he let the man say it out loud so that it could be a reality. He then continued.

'Samantha was strapped to the bed by her wrists and ankles. It became clear that her jugular had been snapped, or least that's what was assumed. When it was seen that she was still breathing, it was determined that it had only been severed. She was rushed to hospital and taken in for emergency surgery. After several hours of surgery, I'm afraid your wife's body just gave in. everything possible was done for her to revive her but unfortunately her body couldn't handle it. She died on the operating table. I'm so sorry.'

The man was finished now, his story told. Tears flowed freely from Chester's bloodshot eyes. They formed rivers down his face but the collided with the mask he wore making gorges down the sides. He stopped all the sobs that wished to come out from fear of the pain they would cause his already aching body. Samantha may not have been the person he loved but she had been his wife and the bestest friend he had ever had. Losing her was the worst thing that could have happened to him, he could physically feel his heart shattering.

Detective charmers stood up from the chair and turned to leave the room. Before he could do so, Chester raised his hand to his oxygen and pulled it from his face.

'You didn't find his body did you?' Chester's voice was raspy from its lack of use and the tear that still plagued his face.

'No, sir. I'm afraid Michael Shinoda's body nor person was ever recovered at either site. But you have my word that we have every man looking for him and we won't stop till we find him.' Charmers' eyes should how sorry he was for this.

'Jesus Christ, he's got more lives than a fucking cat,' Chester laughed slightly in spite of himself. Charmers nodded and exited the room, leaving Chester to return to he grievance of the loss of his wife.

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