Short Fics





Chapter 4

Kris’s PoV

I woke up early the nest morning out of a dream saying “CHESTER BENNINGTON!” to myself, but I can’t actually remember what the dream was about. But I do remember Emma being in it, I don’t know why, coz I didn’t see her after we left, but it was probably because of the fight.

I rolled over to see what time it was, 10.30, SHIT! Was I doomed to be late for the rest of my life? I told my friend Char I would meet her in town at 11am, coz it was a Sunday and not many people would being around, leaving us to shop, fuss free, I hated town when it was crowded, coz people are always so ignorant and they shove into you! I actually got so pissed of one time that I stopped someone and made them pick up my bags they made me drop!

45mins later I ran out to Char waiting for me outside Virgin, as always, out of breath and looking decidedly terrible.

“I’m soo sorry I’m late! I KNOW I promised I would be on time today, but I didn’t to get to bed till late last night, and I didn’t get up on time, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

“God sake girl, get a grip, you’re never on time, its not like it’s anything new to me! Where were you last night then to keep you late for me?”

“Oh my God, Char, I have so much to tell you, but I need food, I skipped brekkie to make it here!”

“Aww, you never ate? For ME? That must be saying something!”

“I love you THAT much, now walk GIRL!” We headed towards the same café that only yesterday I sat with Emma in. The same café where only yesterday Chester asked me out on a date. The same café where only yesterday I was yelling all over it and embarrassed myself in front of everyone there.

I proceeded to tell Char the whole story, about how I met Chaz, the argument we had in here yesterday, Chaz asking me out, and everything that happened in the cinema.

“And you REALLY didn’t know it was him when you started talking?” she asked me disbelievingly.


“But, you have their CD, You LOVE Linkin Park, HOW could you NOT know?”

“Well, I never really paid attention to the pictures on the CD cover, and I know I like them and all, but I’m not a mad crazy fan and I wouldn’t bother paying attention to that stuff, and it was dark on Friday! I have an excuse god dammit!”

“Fair enough, but I never thought Emma would be such a bitch as to see Scott to spite you, good thing he realised and walked off!”

“Yeah! I mean, I don’t like him as much anymore, but what really annoyed me is that she stooped so low.”

“But you know how she is when she’s jealous, but if you had done that to her, you’d probably be in hospital by now, or in very serious pain at least! I wish you hit her, she deserves it!”

“I know, but sti- whaatt?” Somebody just covered my eyes, and I didn’t know who.

So I smelled instead, mmm, they smelled nice, oh my god, DÉJÀ VU! It must be Chaz! I’d recognise that smell! “Hi Chaz!”

“How’d you know it was me?” he sat down on the sofa beside me, and his friend, who I recognised from the club, sat beside Char, looking quite nervous.

“Who’s your friend?” I asked, nodding towards him.

“Oh, that’s Mike.”

“Hi Mike, I’m Kris, nice to meet you,” I said, reaching my hand out to him, “That’s my friend Char sitting beside you.”

“Hiya Mike!” Char said, smiling at him. Once they were introduced they got on like a house on fire, I guessed it was because they were both emcees and had a lot in common.

I couldn’t keep up with their conversation, so I started turned to Chaz.

“Are you doing anything tomorrow night?” he asked me.

“Nope, why?”

“Coz we have our gig at the Ulster hall, I want you to come.”

“Yeah, I’d love to! Oh my god, I feel like a groupie or something now!”

“Nah, groupies aren’t invited to the after show parties!” Chaz joked.

By the end of our conversation I noticed Char scribbling down something on a bit of paper and handing it to Mike, I guessed it was her phone number, he was definitely a fast worker!

We both went our separate ways and when we were out of earshot from Mike and Chaz, Char started screaming in my ear!

“OMIGOOODDDD!! He asked for my phone number! Ohmigodomigod OH MY FUCKING GOD! ARGH!!” she shrieked, getting a few stares form passers-by.

“So I noticed! You got on really well!”

“Kris, I LOVE YOU!” She hugged me and started jumping up and down.

“Yes, and I love you too Char, but let GO of me already!” I laughed pushing her off me.

“Did he ask you to go to the concert tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, he did, and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! ARGH!” she exclaimed dragging me towards the shopping centre. We spent the rest of the day of the day shopping for the perfect outfits for the concert when I remembered there was a party that night, yeah, a Sunday I know, but it was nearly the end of everyone’s exams (except mine of course, I just had to choose the most obscure exams with the worst times!) and you didn’t want to be throwing a party at the same time as someone else.

Char and I parted, after making plans for that night, and I made my way home.

“THIS PARTY’S GREAT ISN’T IT?” Scott shouted in my ear over the noise, making me jump, I was standing there, minding my own business, and he was the last person I was expecting to come up to me, especially after last night!

“YEAH, REALLY LOUD THOUGH!” I yelled back at him.


“It’s OK,” I told him.


I dragged him over to a quieter corner of the hall. “I said it’s OK, I should be saying sorry for saying that stuff.

“So we still friends then?” he asked me, sticking his hand out.

“Yep, friends!” I said, shaking his hand.

“You’re looking really nice tonight,” he said to me, apparently trying to make conversation.

“Thanks, so do you.” I replied, trying to stay detached from the conversation, I didn’t want to get myself too far in, because I know if I did, I would only begin to like him again, and that wasn’t fair on Chaz.

“I mean, I’m not on the touch for you or anything, but you look really gorgeous, your man is lucky.”

If he wasn’t on the touch for me, why did he keep touching my arm? We continued talking about things in general till he had to leave. I started walking away after I said goodbye when he pulled me back.

“Don’t I even get a kiss on the cheek?”

“Erm, ok?” I leaned in a kissed him on the cheek then went to sit down, very confused.

He said he wasn’t on the touch for me, so what was that? I mean, I had had conversations like that with him before, and he always said that if he liked a girl he wouldn’t bother with all the cheesy chat up lines, he would just go over and talk to them, pay attention to them, and give compliments. Man, that boy was WEIRD! But I should have realised that a party couldn’t go past without something like that happening to me.

“Are you OK?” Char came over and sat down beside me in my corner.

“Yeah, it’s just, umm, yeah, I’m fine.” I tried putting on a smile.

“Well, if you’re so fine, then get your ass up and dance!” she said, mock sternly, grabbing my hand and pulling me up. Dancing may aswell be the first stage of foreplay.

Dammit! Why did that dick have to pop into my head, doesn’t he realise he’s confused me enough as it is?

I got up to dance when I looked across the room towards the doors to see Scott looking over. Stop it, stop it, STOP ITTTTT!!

“What’s the matter?” Char asked, looking concernedly at me.

“Erm, yeah, fine.” I told her, when I realised I’d stopped dancing and was looking stupidly at the door from where Scott had now disappeared.

Chaz’s PoV

“I wonder where Kris is tonight?” I thought out loud.

“Will you quit going on about your chick? You haven’t shut up about her today, you and Mike are as bad as each other!” Brad motioned to Mike, whose blank expression was meant to be looking out the window.

“She’s not a CHICK already, she has a NAME ya know, and I’m not as bad as that THING over there!” I yelled, flinging my arm towards Mike.

“Someone call me?” Mike looked around, bewildered.

“No you dumbass, go back to your day dream!”

“Whatever,” Mike blew us off, turning to the window again.

“Shit man, no need to go off your head!” Brad looked over at me.

“Sorry dude, I’m just wondering where she is, she never said anything to me about going out tonight when I spoke to her earlier, I just, kinda, miss her I guess.” I looked down at my feet, which suddenly became interesting when I realised how stupid it sounded.

“What are you gonna do when we leave this place then? You aren’t gonna be here forever!”

The truth hit home to me, we weren’t going to be here forever, so I guess I better tell them my decision.“I wanna ask her to go on tour with us.”

“Come again?”

“I wanna ask her to come on tour with us!” I repeated. Apparently Joe never mentioned it to him, not that it should surprise me, Joe had the concentration span of a monkey and a memory of less!

“You hardly even know her man!” Brad exclaimed, his eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head they were that wide!

“I don’t need to, to know I’m in love with her.”

“Me too,” a voice came from the other side of the room. We turned round to look at Mike who was now standing.

“God, what is this, some big fucking LOVE fest?” Brad yelled as Joe burst into the room (yet again) this time on a skateboard doing the super hero arms.

“Mighty Hahn TO THE RESCUE!” He was wearing a cape and goggles this time. “I heard shouting,” he said, matter of factly as he hopped off his skateboard, “So I guess you’ve told them about bringing your chick on tour?”

“Yes, I did, AND WILL YAS ALL STOP CALLING HER A FUCKING CHICK? What is she, a fucking animal?” I could feel my face getting hotter.

“You knew about this too?” Brad looked as though he was about to explode.

“Yeah! Course I did Mighty H is the knower of all! And will you dudes calm down?”

“No I won’t! You can’t just bring someone on tour with us like that!”

“Says who?” Mikes voice piped up again.

“Says ME!”

“Dude, you need to go and get some!” Brad stared around the room, to Mike, who had looked away from his window, to Chester, who was slowly calming down, to Joe, aka Mighty H who was standing puffing his chest out to make it look like he had muscles.

“Well, I, uhh, argh, fuck you!” Brad stormed out of the room.

“I see my work is done here?” Mighty H said trying to sound grown up.

“What work?” Mike and Chester both looked at him, puzzled.

“The ‘WORK’!”

“You did know work here!” Mike said, looking Joe up and down, and burst into fits of laughter.

“You’re wearing your underwear over your trousers bro, and-, and- YOU WEAR TIGHTY WHITIES!” Mike erupted into laughter again as Joe/ Mighty H fled the room crying for his mommy.

“What just happened there?” Chester asked curiously.

“I have no idea dude, but it was FUNNNYYYY!” Mike choked out wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes.

“So you wanna ask Char to go on tour with us?” Chester looked at Mike questioningly.

“So you wanna ask Kris to go on tour with us?” Mike looked at Chester the same way, but never quite pulled off the look, due to the huge smile on his face, and the tears still streaming down his cheeks.

“YEAH!” Mike and Chester both high-fived each other before Chester left the room, and Mike went back to his window.

Chapter 5

Chester walked out of the hotel and was immediately hit by a gust of wind.

“Whoa,” he walked down the street, battling against the winds. He made his way down the street into a shop on the corner to buy his cigarettes. 

He continued to make his way down the street, turning a corner to get out of the wind, and the first thing he noticed was the music blaring from the club. 
There was only one other person in the street, but a lot of noise coming from the club. He looked down to the lonely figure sitting on the wall, and recognised the person who was with that girl Emma at the cinema the other night.

Suddenly the doors of the club opened and I saw a girl walk out by herself, with her back to me. I squinted to see who it was, and recognised who I figured to be Kristy.

I started walking towards her, wanting to surprise her, I was still quite a distance away. She walked past whatever his name was, Sam, or was it Scott?

Yeah, that was it, Scott, and the she stopped and turned round.

Scott stood up and started walking towards her. I hoped she didn’t recognise me, but she never looked in my direction, but continued walking once Scott caught up. They approached a bench, where Scott sat down and motioned for her to it beside him. I picked up my pace.

They had turned round to face each other now. I reached them just in time to see Scott leaning in to kiss her, and turned round, sprinting back to the hotel. Bitch, whore, slag, slut, mother-fucking c**t!

“Chaz!!” I heard her shouting after me.

“FUCKING BITCH!” I yelled, not looking back.

Kris’s PoV

“NO, Scott, I can’t do this!” I pushed him off me, and looked around in time to see Chaz walking away.

“Why not? Come on, I know you want to?” he looked at me as if he was making a proposition.

“That’s why!” I screamed at him, pointing towards the fast departing Chaz. I jumped from my seat, and started down the street after Chaz, calling him.

“FUCKING BITCH!” came his response, and I could feel a tear rolling down my cheek. I couldn’t believe this was happening, I should have known as soon as I sat down beside Scott. Now the dickhead went and fucked it all up. Just my luck as things were going well. By the time I turned the corner he was well gone, so I started to make my way towards his hotel.

I walked into the lobby in time to see the elevator doors closing with Chaz inside.

I ran over to the elevator and started hitting the button to open the doors, but it was too late, so I took of my shoes, and ran full pelt up the stairs. 
I made it to the top, looking dishevelled and out of breath as Chaz was stepping out of the elevator.

“Chaz!” I gasped for breath. “Don’t you DARE move!” I screeched, as I saw him making a move back to the elevator.

“Why shouldn’t I?” he sulked, crossing his arms.

“Coz I bloody well said so, THAT’S why!”

“And you expect me to listen to anything you say now?”

“Yes, I do, and you can listen to this,” I grabbed his arm and turned him to face me, “I’m so sorry, he made the move on me, if you stayed for long enough you would’ve seen me push him off! Chaz, I like you FAR too much, to jeopardise, what we have, and anything we could have, do you believe me?”

“I want to…” he mumbled.

“You HAVE to, Chaz, it’s the truth, I swear I wouldn’t lie to you, do you think if I was lying I would’ve followed you here, running might I add, to say sorry, and looking the mess I do?”

“You don’t look a mess, you never do, you’re just per-“ he was cut off by my reaching up and kissing him.

“What’s going on? I heard shouting!” Joe came running out of his hotel room and full speed, then stopped dead when he noticed us kissing.

“Aww, you two are just SO CUTE!” he squished between us and put his arms around our shoulders, “have ya asked her yet?” he continued.

“Asked me what?” I gave Chaz a questioning look. “Uhh, just about going to the concert tomorrow night!” he said quickly, before Joe could say anything else.

“NOO, dude, that wasn’t it, it was-“ He was cut off mid sentence my Chaz hitting him over the back of the head telling him to shut up.

“Ow! That hurt!” and with that he took off down the hall, sulking quietly to himself.

“So, what were you meant to ask me then?”

“Oh, nothing, just that, ya know, about the, umm, gig? Yeah, that was it, just about gig!” He didn’t at me once, while he said that, which made me suspect something was up immediately.

“So why did you hit Joe over the head then?” I faced him with my hands on my hips, trying to look indignant.

“You look so cute when you stand like that!” Chaz grinned at me.

“Stop changing the subject mister!”

Chaz’s PoV

I debated in my head whether I should ask her now or not, but I figured now was as good a time as any. I was going to ask her on stage, but maybe that wasn’t a good idea, some of the other fans might not be too pleased.

“Well, I was kinda, gonna as-as-asskk y-y-you t-t-t-to..” I trailed off, stuttering as I went, now feeling incredibly embarrassed for sounding so stupid!

“Ask me what?” she asked gently, putting her hand on my arm, I know it sounds stupid, but even now just the touch of her like that sends shivers up my spine.

“I, uhh, wanted to ask you,..” GET OVER YOURSELF MAN, JUST ASK HER ALREADY! “Iwantedtoaskyoutogoontourwithme?” I said quickly. Kristy looked at me when a confused look on her face.

“Please don’t make me say that again?” I looked at her pleadingly. Then it must’ve dawned on her what I asked because she just stared at me open-mouthed.

“I shouldn’t have asked, I’m sorry.” I shook my head and turned away.

“NOO!” she exclaimed, “I WANNA GO!” She ran after me and started hugging me. “THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOOOOOUUUUUUUU.”

“Whoa, I never realised you’d be this happy!”

“Course I’m gonna be this happy! You’re just the best, I love you!” She hugged me again. Then it just hit me what she said.

“What did you just say?” I stared at her dumb-founded.

“That you’re the best?” She raised her eyebrows at me.

“No, after that?”

“Erm, that I love you?”

“Umm, ok, I gotta go, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said, reaching into my pocket and thrusting a couple of tickets into her hand.

“Umm, bye?” She replied as I took off down the corridor. I sat down on my bed with my head in my hands. She just told me she loves me, ok, so why did I bolt like that?

“What’s the matter?” Mike asked as he walked into the room.

“Kris just said she loves me.” I mumbled.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing! I ran!”

“What did you do THAT for?” he said through a mouthful of overpriced nuts from the mini-bar.

“Coz I didn’t know what to say!”

“Umm, you could try saying it back maybe?”

“You’re not helping man!”

“AW well, I only wanted your food anyway, all the food in my mini-bar has gone.” And with that he left, leaving me to face my dilemmas on own.

I lay back on the bed a started at the ceiling while I was dwelling on what just happened. I don’t see why I didn’t just say yes, I mean, I’d already established that I loved her as well, but yet I couldn’t SAY it? With these thoughts going through my mind I slowly fell into a restless sleep.

Kris’s PoV

I was the only person out of all my friends that had exams that day, and what boring exams they were, but the day passed, eventually, and I made my way over to Char’s house instead of going straight home like I usually do.

“Char, I NEED to talk to you!” I burst through the door as soon as she opened it.

“Me first!!” she said excitedly.

“Mike asked me to go on tour with him and the guys!”

“Very good, but I have a dilemma here!”

“Why, what’s wrong? Didn’t Chester ask you to go?”

“He did, but that’s not the problem!”

“Then what is?”

“I said I loved him!”


“He ran off.”

“He what?” I thought her eyes were gonna pop out of her head now.

“That reminds me, here.” I gave her one of the tickets Chaz gave me last night.

“Are you gonna go tonight then?” she questioned me.

“Yeah, I’m gonna go, but I don’t know how I’m gonna face him!” I gave a loud sigh.

“You just gotta ask him straight, think about it, if he didn’t feel something for you, then he wouldn’t have asked you to go with them on tour!”

“Yeah, I suppose so.”

“All sorted, see? All that stressing for nothing girl!”

I went home shortly after that to get ready for the concert. I must’ve emptied the ENTIRE contents of my wardrobe out while screeching, “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!” and getting more than slightly red in the face.

Finally, about half an hour later, I found the perfect outfit, my grey baggy flares, and my black shirt with a silvery/ grey dragon on one side. Once I found the outfit I finished getting ready, all the usual girl stuff, makeup, hair, etc!

At 7pm as I was putting the finishing touches to my hair and makeup Char pulled up outside and started beeping her horn like a madwoman. What am I saying, she IS a mad woman!

I ran out to the car where Char was sitting impatiently blasting With You.

“You TOOK your time woman, get a move on!” she shrieked at me through the window, which she had wound down. She was the ultimate poser, even for a girl, she loved to have her music booming and the window wound down while she was cruising along, but at least it was good music, which is more than I could say for any of the other posers that I know with their steeky dance crap.

“I went as fast as I could, it’s not easy looking as gorgeous as me!” I mock-glared at her.

“Well, I managed to get here on time didn’t I? And it’s not easy being me either!” she giggled as we took off down the street. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach starting after last night, and thought I was gonna be sick.

“You ok?” Char cast a worried glance at me as she saw me clutching my stomach and probably looking decidedly green as well.

“I’ll be fine, just nervous after last night,” I waved it off, I was sure it would pass, I still wanted to go to the gig, whether last night happened or not.

We pulled up outside the venue and where amazed at the crowd standing outside already.

“Wow, look at all these people!” Char gaped. Then I remembered, before he ran off, Chaz also gave me VIP passes. I rummaged through my small bag and pulled them out triumphantly, waved them under her nose.

“Lookie what I got!” I grinned at her, as we walked up towards the doors.

“This is working out great already!” she winked at me as we walked past the crowds, flashing our passes at the doormen, who waved us through, and we left the shouting crowd behind. WE made our way down the corridor, with my butterflies growing worse by the minute, when I rushed off, leaving Char on her own, into the girls toilets, and proceeded to empty all the contents of my stomach out.

“KRISTY! Are ya OK in there?” I could hear Char burst through the doors, and start banging on my cubicle.

“Do I SOUND ok to you?” I said, through the waves of nausea that were sweeping through my body.

“Point taken, do you want me to go and get someone?”

“No, I’ll survive,” I said, as I walked, -wobbling- through the door of my cubicle. I made my way over to the water fountain and started rinsing my mouth out.

“You sure now? You sounded awful!” She walked over to me.

“Posbfjs.” I gurgled.

“What?” she queried.

“I said, I’m positive.” I stood up and looked at my reflection. I reapplied my lip-gloss and fixed my hair, then finished off my cramming about half a packet of chewing gum into my mouth.

“OK, let’s go then, I think the support band and about to start.” She made a face and led the way out of the toilets.

As we were walking out I spotted Scott, with a group of his friends. Did he have to be EVERYWHERE? Apparently so, he turned he head and gave a small wave towards us, god I hated him, so he just got the fingers in return.

After a dirty look fired back from Scott, and a confused look from Char, we made our way to the to the main hall.

VIP passes rule all, when we showed them, we were moved towards the front, I could get used to this!

The support band, Lost Prophets, were actually good, better than the usually standard you would expect of support bands. But although they were good, I just couldn’t wait for them to finish. Eventually, after what seemed like an age, they finished, and the lights dimmed.

One light came up and the whole crowd started cheering as it showed Joe on his turntables, the next light that came up showed Mike and Chester on the stage, then all the lights came up as they started playing Paper Cut, their current UK single.

IT’S LIKE IM PARANOID, LOOKING OVER MY BACK! You could tell Mike was singing directly to Char, his eyes hardly left her the whole time!

“I wanna dedicate the next song to someone that means a lot to me, Kristy, this is for you.” I heard Chaz’s voice come out over the loudspeakers.

“And to Char, my SEXAAYYYYYYY babe!” Mike added quickly, winking at Char, who blew him a kiss back, bleurgh, how sickening.

It’s true, the way I feel,

was promised by your face,

the sound of your voice,

painted on my memories,

even if you’re not with me,

I’m with you

As he sang those words, he looked directly at me, it felt like he was looking into my soul, and all the memories of last night came flooding back, of how he ran off and left me standing, and I could feel tears prick my eyes.

I looked around frantically to see if there was an escape, to see if I could get out before I started crying. I could feel my eyes welling up even more, and a tear roll down my cheek.

Chapter 6

Chaz’s PoV

I could see her eyes twinkling, was it with happiness? No, I don’t think so, she wasn’t smiling. The lights scanned the audience and lit her face as it went past, and I could see the tears brimming in her eyes, a tear fall. What was she looking for? She must’ve noticed the gap in the audience to her left, I saw her look at it, back at me, I almost felt a physical stab of pain when she looked at me like that, the look of sadness was almost too much to bear, but I had to carry on.

She made her way through the crowd towards the exit. Did I do something wrong? I looked over at Mike, I think he saw what happened to, but what could he do, nothing, he just shrugged as we continued singing, only two more songs till the interval anyway, Crawlin’ and A Place For My Head.

I felt really bad though, I couldn’t put my whole heart into the songs after what just happened. As soon as the songs finished I beckoned Char to the edge of the stage.

“What just happened?” I questioned her.

“I wish I could tell you, Chaz, but I honestly don’t know, do you want me to go and look for her?” She gave me a look of sympathy.

“Would you please? If you find her, bring her to the dressing room please.”

“No probs,” he called as she pushed her way through the surging crowds.

They didn’t return for the rest of the set, which I think upset Mike aswell, because Char wasn’t there. But we made our way steadily through the set and finished off with One Step Closer, I put as much of my energy as I could into it, feeling I owed it to the crowd because I couldn’t put my heart into the rest of it. I walked towards the dressing room to see Char and Kristy coming out of the toilets.

I could see she had been crying, her eyes were red a puffed up, and she still had mascara smudges under her eyes. I felt so bad, why did I have to run away last night, I was so stupid.

Char gave me a knowing look before leaving Kristy and walking towards the dressing room where she assumed Mike would be.

“About last night,” I started.

“I don’t know if I wanna hear this Chaz.” She looked at me with the same sad look in her eyes that she did earlier. It was official, I was the biggest moron in the world if I could make someone have that look, I really must be the worst.

“Don’t you even want to hear my explanation?” I pleaded with her.

“I suppose I should give you the chance,” she folded her arms across her chest and looked me straight in the eyes, this time, no look of sadness, just ice cold-emphasised even more by the cold blue of her eyes, which was even worse.

“Last night,” I took a deep breath so I didn’t begin to stutter, like I usually did when I was going to make a speech to her. “Last night was a huge shock for me, and I didn’t know how to react, as sad as it may seem, I’ve only ever told one girl I love her before, it was a long time ago, and I didn’t know what to say, so running seemed the best option, it was either that or standing there like a doofus while you waited for a reply. The reason I asked you to go on tour with me was because I thought the more I was around you the easier it would be to say I love you, to you. But I realise if I feel like that, there’s no point in wasting time, so I’m gonna say this now Kristy, I love you, I want you to know that now, and never question it again like you had to last night. I don’t want to make you look like you did earlier, it cut, me up inside, and I felt so guilty.” She looked at me, her eyes softening.

“Aren’t you gonna say anything, or am I gonna be the one standing here like a doofus?”

“I think I’m gonna leave you standing there like a doofus,” she giggled, the sparkle returning to her eyes.

“So, am I forgiven then?” I looked at her, giving her puppy dog eyes.

“I don’t know…” she replied with a mischievous smile in her face.


“Oh, OK then, I guess so, I wouldn’t want you getting down onto your knees, that’s just pitiful,” she winked.

“Hey! You know you would’ve been loving it!” I said indignantly as I took her hand.

“You’re right, I would’ve been lapping it up.” She replied as we walked down the hall, arm in arm, towards the dressing room. A couple, Kristy and Chester, together.

Kris’s PoV

Can you believe it? He’s only ever told ONE girl he loves them before me! Do you think he’s for real, I mean, he’s 25! We walked into the dressing room that the guys shared and were greeted by Mike and Char.

“So yas have made up then?” Char questioned me.

“Yep!” I grinned at her as we both sat down. I leaned over to Char and said quietly in her ear, “have you said to your mum and dad about going on tour with them yet?”

“No,” she confided, “and they leave in a few days, I really want to go, but I don’t know what their reaction is going to be like.”

“Same here,” I nodded sadly in agreement.

The rest of the night flew in, with us doing very little except talking, (OK, maybe we indulged in a little kissing as well!) and then it was time for me and Char to leave. We both promised each other that we would break the news to our parents the next day, then phone each other to see how it went.

I closed the front door quietly and made my way up to bed, full of nerves for the next day, knowing what my mum’s reaction was going to be when I told her about going on tour. I got into bed and slowly fell into an uneasy sleep full of dreams about what was going to happen the next day.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon and eggs from downstairs, and my stomach immediately followed the smell.

“Morning mum.” I tried to sound chirpy, hoping it would put her in a better mood for what was coming.

“Morning Kris, why are you so happy this morning? You’ve never exactly been a morning person before!” she smiled at me, while loading my plate with food.

“Just a good morning in general!” I replied.

“Was the concert fun last night?” she asked me, while settling down to her breakfast.

“Yeah, it was great! We went backstage after the show and everything.” I mumbled through mouthfuls.

“Really? That was good, how did you manage that?”

“Well, I’ve been friends with the lead singer for a while, so he hooked me up with tickets and backstage passes. He’s so nice…” I drifted off.

“Oh, got a bit of a crush on him then?” My mum raised an interested eyebrow at me.

“Mmm.. something like that, he’s really nice, you should meet him!” I said, and instantly regretted it, knowing she would actually agree to it.

“Good idea Kris! You can invite him over for dinner tonight!”

“Euuugghhh, mum,” I groaned, “I should’ve known better than to say that to you! Anyway, there was something I wanted to ask you…”

“And what would that be?” she shifted round in her seat to face me.

“Well, erm, like I said, I’ve uhh, kinda been friends with Chaz for a while now, and uhh, the other night, he, err, kinda, umm, askedmetogoontourwithhim.” I rushed the end of the sentence out, then avoided direct eye contact with my mum.


“Well, aren’t you going to say anything!” I said, getting nervous now.

“When does he want you to leave for this, tour?” she asked me quietly.

“Two days.”

“It’s very sudden don’t you think?”

“Well, you know I’ve always wanted to see the world, we’ve never been able to afford it ourselves, and this is the perfect opportunity!”

“That’s true-“

“And you said I should always seize good opportunities when I have them!”

“That’s true too-“


“Have you thought about this? Properly?”

“Yes, I’ve finished my exams now, and I could easily take a year out before going to University..”

“I guess you’ve thought of it all,”


“Well, I guess there’s little I can do to stop you, it’s your life now, not mine anymore.”

“Omigod mum!” I jumped up and gave her a big hug. “thankyouthankyou THANKYOU!” And with that I ran upstairs and phoned Char. She told me that, after a lot of nagging, and guilt tripping on her part, she had finally persuaded them to let her go.

The next two days rushed in, in a frenzy of packing and buying, buying and packing, then finally it was time to leave.

“Take care of yourself Kristy!” my mum said, trying to be stern, but not really pulling it off, as her eyes welled with tears, as we stood in the airport. “And YOU, mister!” she pointed a finger in Chester’s face, “you better take care of my baby!”

“Don’t worry, I will.” He smiled.

“I’ll miss you mum.” I hiccupped, and tears were streaming down my cheeks. A similar thing was going on between Char and her family, except the accusing fingers were being pointed in Char’s direction, not Mike’s, coz they all knew what she was like!

Last call for flight number BA657 A shrill nasal voice boomed over the tannoy system.

“That’s us.” Chaz said, squeezing my hand.

“Bye,” I gave my mum one last hug as we walked towards the aeroplane, and boarded, first class all the way!

“This is it Kristy,” I whispered quietly to myself as the plane took off down the runway. “This is the start of a whole new life.”

“What are you saying?” I turned round to see Chester looking at me.

“Nothing,” I whispered, “I’m just thinking out loud.” I looked back out the window to get the last glance of home as we took off through the clouds.

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