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Linkin Park sat on their tour bus, spending time as usual playing poker. Tonight though was slightly different, a couple of the guys, Phoenix, Joe and Brad, had brought some girls with them. The rules of the game had changed. Tonight they played strip poker.

Most of them were still half clothed, the girls were all still wearing their skirts, most of the guys were still in their pants. Except Chester and Mike. Chester was in his socks and boxers, whereas poor Mikey was only in his boxers.

‘OK, guys. Who’s in? Who’s out?’ Joe asked, looking purposefully at Mike.

‘In,’ Mike said, keeping a straight face.

The guys all laid down their cards one after the other.

‘All right then Mikey boy, it’s the moment of truth,’ Chester smirked at Mike as he laid his hand down on the table.

‘Shit!’ Cried Mike, throwing his cards down. He grabbed hold of a cushion that was on the floor and covered himself as he pulled off his boxers.

‘Another hand?’ Brad asked, shuffling the collected cards.

‘UM, NO!’ laughed Mike, luckily, he saw the funny side of his misfortune. He got up from the table, his cushion still in place. ‘I’m gonna leave it while I still have a little of my dignity intact.’ With that he walked away to his bunk to get dressed.

As he walked off, Chester aligned his vision ass high. *Guy has a cute butt* He thought to himself. ‘I’m gonna fold this hand guys, nature calls me to that thing we call a toilet.’

Chester got up from the table and walked away. He didn’t however head in the direction of the toilet, he headed to the bunks.

‘Nice ass you got there!’ Chester laughed, slapping Mike’s bare butt hard.

‘Thanks,’ Mike giggled, he didn’t care that Chester had done that, it was a usual habit for Chester. He liked people’s butts. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘I was going to the bathroom,’ Chaz explained.

‘Well, you’re on the wrong side of the bus for that!’ Mike pointed out.

‘Yeah…’ Chester breathed, walking up behind Mike.

He grabbed him around the waist, making Mike drop his strategically placed cushion. ‘Hm, you’re quite well hung there, Shinoda,’ Chaz whispered, taking his tongue from Mike’s shoulder to the nape of his neck.

‘Chester, what are you doing?’ asked Mike, his shock evident.

‘I have no idea,’ he spun Mike around to face him and took his lips to Mike. Mike’s lips were soft and warm against Chester’s own, and they felt good. Suddenly, Mike’s body relaxed and his lips parted. Mike’s tongue forced its way into Chester’s mouth, Chaz taking his own tongue to meet it. The fought effortlessly for space in Chester’s mouth, both giving pleasure to each other.

Chester’s hand moved down to Mike’s crotch and he began massaging his friend's balls. He could feel Mike harden under his touch and he continued the action, the two men kissing each other all the more.

‘Brace yourself, Bennington,’ Mike spoke mid-kiss, turning Chester around.

Chester took hold of the bunk in front of him for support as Mike took his tongue from the base of Chaz’s spine to the middle of his shoulder blades. His hands entered the sides of Chaz’s boxers, pushing them down slowly. He entered Chester’s ass carefully but forcefully, Chester cursing under his breath from the feel of Mike’s cock entering his tight ass.

When Mike was finally in, he began thrusting himself deeper. His hand slid round the front of Chester and he began satisfying Chester’s hardened manhood as he used Chaz’s ass to satisfy his own. He nibbled on Chester’s shoulders, groans of pure pleasure escaping Chester’s lips.

Mike felt Chester’s body stiffen as he came close to climax, Mike’s hand movements sped up and Chester came. Biting down on this lip so that the sound of his pleasure could not be heard. Mike was close to climax himself and so his thrusts increased. He however, couldn’t quite silence his own pleasure, and he came quite loudly.

‘You like that then Jap boy?’ Chaz giggled, turning around to face Mike. He pulled Mike to him, kissing him with great passion. Chaz grabbed hold of Mike’s ass, pulling him closer to his body. Their skin stuck together from the perspiration caused by sex, as they kissed, Mike’s arms wrapping around Chester’s neck pulling him as close as possible.
‘I think we should get back,’ Chester whispered, releasing his grip on Mike’s ass slightly.

‘Yeah, but they can wait,’ Mike replied, grinning with the smile that just made Chester go weak. Mike pulled him close and sloe another kiss that just didn’t seem to end.

The two band mates stood together, kissing each other like the world was going to end, both butt naked, except Chester, who was still had his socks on.

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