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"Differing Preferences" continues on from the short fics Still had his Socks on and The Way to get over a Break-up.

Chapter 1

The sun soaked through the window, lighting up the bed within. The cotton sheets swirled around Brad, covering little of his body. He wore only boxers that covered even less than the sheet. He rubbed his face, his eyes still staring at his insides as he stretched outwards. His flailing limbs did not come into contact with anything but bed - he was alone.

This realisation snapped his eyelids up and roused from his half slumber. His nostrils were filled with a scent that puled him from the bed. He could smell fresh eggs and toast making his stomach growl from lack of food. He wandered out of the room and down the stairs to the kitchen. There stood the chef that was causing the wondrous smells. Brad crept up behind the chef and circled his arms around their waist.

'Morning Bradley,' Rob laughed as Brad kissed his lover's neck.

'Robert,' he laughed back, loosening his grip on the other man so that he could turn around.

'Breakfast?' Rob asked, holding up the frying pan he held so Brad could see the contents.

'Smells good. I'll take two eggs and some toast,' Brad let go of Rob and sat at the table. He watched Rob move around the kitchen preparing eggs, toasting toast and pouring coffee. He put the food on a plate and put that and a mug infront of Brad.

'Thank you. You not eating?' Brad looked up at Rob as he dug into his 
well-cooked breakfast.

'Already have done. You slept well last night, you didn't even feel me get up this morning!' Rob turned back to the coffee pot and poured himself a mug.

It had been 3 months now since Brad and Rob got together. Rob had just broken up with his girlfriend and Brad had comforted him. the comfort he gave turned into an amazing relationship where both men were happier than ever before.

'This is fantastic!' Brad smiled as he finished off the last of his 

'I'm glad you've enjoyed it,' Rob smiled back. Brad pushed himself up from his chair and stood infront of Rob. Brad pulled Rob into the fist kiss of the morning, enjoying the taste of coffee that coated the inside of his mouth. 'Well, good morning!' Rob giggled slightly before leaning into Brad for another kiss.

'God, I love you,' Brad held Rob tightly against him when their kisses had ended.

'Right back-at-ya!' Rob caressed the base of Brad's spine as the two men stood in the middle of the kitchen.

'I need a shower!' Brad exclaimed. 'Care to join me?' He pushed off Rob 
slightly so he could look at the man's face.

'Sounds tempting but I'm not so sure.' Rob teased, rolling his eyes up as if he was actually considering the offer.

'How about a little persuasion?' Brad asked, pulling Rob into another kiss. Brad let his hands search every inch of Rob's body as the two men kissed.

'I- think- you- just- persuaded- me,' Rob said breathlessly between kisses. Brad smiled mid-kiss and started puling Rob out of the kitchen and up the stairs, their lips never losing contact.

The sun could be clearly seen from the porch where Chester and Mike sat, side by side. They held on to each other and looked out over the view they had had from their French doorway. Both had woken early that morning and had sat and watched the sunrise. Even though it was now fully risen, the still sat there, happy to be together at home and not on the road.

'What time is it?' Mike's voice croaked, even though they'd been up for over three hours, neither had really spoken, they'd just sat.

'Um, 10:27,' Chester replied, leaning back to see the clock inside.

'We need to go get ready, we have an interview,' Mike reminded him. Chester exhaled loudly and tightened his grip on Mike.

'Do we really have to? Can't we just, you know, waste a little time?' Chester asked, raising an eyebrow slightly. Mike knew exactly what Ches was suggesting, he always did.

'You know we can't because we've gotta go. And I don't wanna prolong this interview as you know I have a lunch date!' Mike explained as Chester turned so that he was looking straight into Mike's eyes.

'Has it been three months already?! Jesus, time flies,' Chester shook his 
head as he realised how quickly the months had gone.

'Yeah, the last time was just before you and me got together,' Mike looked back at Chester. 'Come on then, babe. We gots to get dressed.'

Chester moved his head forward and pressed his lips to Mike's. Mike closed his eyes and let the sensations of his lovers' lips take over his body. Lightly, Mike trailed his fingers up Chester's spine as the kiss increased in passion. Chester positioned himself so that he could lay Mike down on the floor. As he did this Mike pulled away and stiffened himself.

'No, no,' Mike shook his head and pulled out of Chester's grasp.

'But I wanna get laid!' Chester called after Mike who was retreating to the bedroom.

'Down boy!' Mike called back as Ches scrambled up from the floor to follow.

Chapter 2

They sat across from each other in the restaurant, both secretly eye fucking the other. Their friendship and relationships stopped them from actually acting on their attractions but they were happy in the friendship they had.

Brad and Mike religiously had lunch together every 3 months. It was a tradition that they kept because they wanted to keep their close friendship alive, which was difficult when in a band. So now they sat together and chatted about their personal lives, it was just stuff they never got a chance to really talk about.

'So, how are things in your first homosexual relationship?' Brad glanced up from his burger as he asked Mike.

'Oh my god, they're amazing. I've never been this happy in my life Brad! Why didn't you tell me how good it was? I could have saved a lot of time!' Mike laughed, a dreamy look in his eyes - he truly was happy.

'Hey, I NEVER thought you'd swing this way!' Brad laughed at his friend. 'I couldn't believe it when you told me that you and Chester had had sex that night on the bus. I was literally in shock!'

'What do think I was like when you told me you'd been with Rob! I mean, I've always known about you, but Rob?! Could a guy be any straighter?'  Mike exclaimed in a hushed tone.

'Yeah, Chester was the straightest guy in the world! He was literally obsessed with women! And now he's a price fudge packer who's dumped his wife for his best friend! How did Sam and Anna take the news by the way?' Brad raised an eyebrow, he'd never actually been told this.

'I wasn't there when Chester told Samantha but she freaked. She started throwing shit at him and everything! He was scared shitless when he came home! Luckily, their divorce was on good terms so there wasn't a huge court battle but she just would not talk to him or me, it was horrible. And with Anna! I told her and she just stared at me. She didn't say anything and I asked her what she was feeling and she just whispered 'get out'. And then started screaming it at me 'GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!' I'd never seen her like that, you know? I mean, it's not like Chester and I set out to hurt them. We don't control our feelings - we just feel. I couldn't stop apologising to her, and I really meant I was sorry.' Mike gazed into space as he relived the event in his head.

'Jesus. Well I guess that's the price you pay for entering into the love that dare not speak its name,' Mike smiled at Brad, his friend could always bring light to a situation.

'Are you and Rob happy is what I want to know?' Mike returned to his food.

'I've never been so happy with a guy before. I've wanted Rob for ages and when I had it was ecstasy. It still is,' Brad smiled, he looked like a lovesick teenager, it was really cute.

'Come on, we should get back to our honeys, they'll be waiting,' the guys laughed as they rose from the table and headed home.

'You wanna come in? I know you haven't seen the place yet,' Mike offered Brad as the arrived outside his home in the cab.

'Sure, I'd love to see what you and Chester have done with the place,' Brad and Mike climbed out of the cab and Mike led him up to the house.

Mike took Brad inside and started to show him around the downstairs area. He then took him upstairs to show him the bedroom that was of course Mike and Chester's favourite room of the house. Mike pushed open the double doors of the room as they entered.

'OH MY GOD!' Mike cried, his face paling considerably. Brad just stood
there, not saying a word.

Before them they saw a truly heartbreaking sight. Chester and Rob were naked, in bed together and were kissing. Well, they had been doing so until Mike and Brad had interrupted.

'WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!' Mike shouted at the two men who were just sat stunned, in bed.

'Mike, just-' Chester tried to say something useful but he was just lost for words completely.

'I need to get out of here,' Brad finally spoke, turning around and running out of the building.

'BRAD!' Rob cried, jumping out of the bed and yanking on a pair of pants.

'You make me sick,' Mike spat at Chester, he then turned and ran out of the house.

'Mike, wait, please!' Chester called after his retreating boyfriend, pulling
on a pair of boxers so he could give chase.

Brad was out of the house and was hailing a cab when Rob got outside.

'Brad, talk to me. Please, baby, I'm begging you-don't do this!' Rob's voice was shaking from tears as he tried to stop Brad from getting into the cab. Mike then came out of the house and ran in the opposite direction. Chester followed, wearing only boxers, shouting his name. Rob failed in his task as Brad climbed into the cab and drove away.

'Rob, Mike's gone, I don't know where he is! It's dark and I can't see him anymore!' Chester was close to tears but they were refusing to fall. He would have given chase to Mike but he was only wearing his boxers.

'Chester I can't. I have to go to Brad. I'm sorry,' Rob apologised and then climbed into a cab to follow Brad.

Suddenly, Chester was alone on the street wearing only his boxers. Cars drove along the road and people walked along the sidewalk in the night, totally unaware of the drama that had just unfolded.

Chapter 3

Mike ran down the lamp-lighted streets with a clear destination - a bar. The closest bar he knew was a gay bar that Chester had wanted to go to. It was a cool place with a great atmosphere but Mike had to admit he preferred straight clubs. Right now though he didn't care, he needed alcohol and he needed it now.

When he entered the bar he ordered himself a beer and drank it down. He ordered another and then just sat and stared at it. He couldn't get the image of a naked Rob and Chester in bed together out of his mind. The pain that accompanied the image was excruciating. He hated Chester so much for this, why had he done this?! Tears of anger rolled down his face, dripping off his chin. He ignored them and became engrossed in his thoughts, obsessing over the recent events.

'You OK?' an unknown voice yanked Mike from his thoughts and he snapped up his head to look at the speaker. The guy that stood before him was looking at him with an intense look of concern in his eyes.

'Not really. I just caught my piece of shit excuse for a boyfriend fucking my best friend!' Mike growled angrily not meaning to tell a total stranger what had happened but saying it anyway.

'You wanna go someplace and talk about it? I'm not trying to hit on you, by the way. I just hate seeing other people hurting and like to help if I can,' the man smiled slightly to show he wasn't a threat to Mike.

'I can't do that! You're a complete stranger,' Mike pointed out, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

'I'm Brendan. You might tell from the accent, I'm not from around here. I was born in Australia but I moved here to go to university. A month ago my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me because he's 'not ready for commitment'. So, I'm not really ready for a new relationship yet. OK, now I'm not a total stranger to you, but you are to me,' Bren smiled, trying to get a similar response from Mike and he succeeded. Mike smiled softly before speaking.

'I'm Mike. I have lived here all my life and my first ever boyfriend, who I have been with for 3 months, has been cheating on me with my best friend,' Mike said with fake triumphance.

'Now we're not strangers to each other. Mike, do you wanna go talk cos you're obviously in a bad way,' Brendan's eyes pleaded with Mike.

'OK, Brendan. To be honest with you, I guess I really could do with talking about it,' Mike stood and was lead out of the club by the man he had just met.

Brad threw open the door to his home and charged into his living room. Tears ran over his cheeks, his mind whirled with confusion, anger and pain as he searched for something to keep himself sane. He heard the door re-open behind him but he refused to turn around.

'Brad,' the word was breathed loudly from Rob's lips as he saw the man stood with his back to him. Brad turned around and shot Rob a look of pure hatred and anger. 'Brad, please. Look, I'm sorry.'

'Sorry?! Sorry, oh you're sorry! Well shouldn't I just feel blessed that you're fucking sorry!' Brad shouted at Rob, tears flooding his face and altering his words.

'Brad, come on! You know I love you, you know I wouldn't lie about a thing like that,' Rob pleaded, reaching his hands out towards his best friend.

'If you truly loved me, you wouldn't have cheated on me! And with Chester? Of all the people you could have fucked, you chose CHESTER?! Why, what's so special about him?' Brad seethed with rage.

'I don't have a reason! He's just persuasive I guess.' Rob moved closer to Brad, his entire body pleading for forgiveness.

'Great fucking reason,' snapped Brad, his face contorted as if he had something sour in his mouth. 'So tell me, Rob, was it worth it? Was he good? Was he better than me?'

'God. I. If you really wanna know, it was nothing! It was just a senseless fuck, and a bad one at that! Chester wouldn't know how to turn someone on if he had it tattooed on his dick!' Rob laughed slightly, hoping that the truth would lighten the situation but it failed miserably.

'Well, I'm glad it was terrible because you don't deserve to enjoy anything,' Brad whispered hoarsely. 'I trusted you, Rob. I really thought this could be it. I loved you with every single part of my being, I've never felt so alive in my life. And this is what I get for loving you so much. I really don't know what to do. Half of me is saying 'leave him, he's not worth the effort' and the rest of me is screaming for you.' Brad looked up at Rob, gaining eye contact that obliterated every part of Rob's heart and soul.

'I-' Rob had no clue what to say, he was truly sorry. Hurting Brad was the biggest sin he'd committed and he wanted to burn in hell for it.

'I know,' whispered Brad. He then turned away from Rob and went to sit alone on the terrace outside.

Silently Rob followed, tears still rolling down his face. He took a seat beside Brad and carefully wrapped his arm around Brad's shoulders. Brad hesitated and then leaned his head against Rob's shoulder as the two men sat in silence, watching the sky.

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