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Chapter 7

'Hey Mike,' Brendan called to his new found boyfriend as he walked towards the entrance to the recording studio.

'Hey,' Mike said with a smile, meeting Brendan with a hug.

'What was that for?' Brendan asked a little shocked at Mike's public display of affection.

'What? Can't I hug my boyfriend now?' Mike asked with an innocent smile that just made Brendan's knees go weak.

'The guys are okay, I was going to say they're just about to come out but look, they're here!' Mike laughed, he seemed to be in a very good mood. 'Come on, I'll introduce to them and their women.'

Mike pulled Brendan along towards his friends. There was brad and Rob who he knew, and then there were three other guys and three girls.

'Everybody,' Mike addressed the group of people getting their attention, 'This is Brendan. Brendan this is Phoenix and his girlfriend Maz. That's Joe and his fiancÚ, Leigh. You know Brad and Rob. And that is Chester. I can't tell you who the chick is because I don't know her.' Mike smiled when he'd finished the intros. Everyone smiled and extended a hand or said 'Hi' except Chester and his chick. That didn't bother Brendan much, he was just glad Mike was happy and that he finally knew what Chester looked like. Mike had never shown him a picture oddly enough.

'Ready to go?' Joe asked, since he'd planned this little outing. He wanted to get the band back on good terms again and he figured this would be a good way. Chester had fucked up bad and he just needed the guys to remember the old Chester, the one they all loved. It was going to be hard, especially for Mike, but it was possible. And Joe would be damned if it didn't work.

Joe took the guys to a small club not far from the studio. It played a good mix of music, hip hop, rap, dance - not much rock but that didn't make much difference to any of them. A table was found and soon the beers were flowing and the guys were all having a really good laugh. They were all dancing, either as couple or groups.

Brendan noticed how relaxed Mike had become in the presence of his band and it felt good. He watched the other couples around them. Brad and Rob weren't all over each other but they were pretty close. They'd told him that they were 'being considerate of the hetros', as they didn't want to get bothered for being gay. Joe and Leigh seemed extraordinarily happy, but then again, he guessed that was why they were getting married. Maz and Phoenix seemed quite 'close'. They'd supposedly been going out for a couple of months but they seemed to be getting along well. Brendan liked Maz, she kept making kinky comments to him - it was really funny. Chester and the chick he was with barely communicated with the rest of the group, they were sat further away from the rest so Brendan couldn't really comment on either of them.

Eventually the beers began to have an effect on Brendan's body and nature called. He rose from his seat and leaned into Mike to explain what he was doing.

'Mike, I'm going to the ladies, be back in a sec okay?' Brendan explained.

'Hurry back,' Mike whispered seductively in Brendan's ear, kissing him on the cheek and then smacking him on the ass. Brendan gave Mike a shocked look and it was returned by a cheeky smile and wink as Mike drank his beer. Brendan laughed and made his way to the bathroom.

Brendan walked into the enclosure that separated the bathrooms from the club and he saw Chester walking towards him.

'So, you're Mike's new man?' Chester asked standing next to Brendan who had stopped short for no apparent reason.

'Yeah, and you're Mike's old man, get over it,' Brendan said, not meaning to be rude, he just couldn't help but be nasty to Chester.

'And I must say, Mike has rather good taste,' Chester spoke as he walked around Brendan, his eyes searching Brendan's entire body, but settling on his ass.

'Thanks,' Brendan shifted uncomfortably as Chester kept staring at him.

'You know,' Chester put a hand on Brendan's shoulder and leaned close to him. 'If you ever get bored, I'm here.'

'I think not Chester,' Brendan snapped, pulling out of Chester's hold.

'C'mon, it's an offer you just can't refuse. Mike's not exactly the most fantastic of lovers, he doesn't know how to satisfy a man,' Chester leaned in again, a smile on his face.

'I didn't think you did either, being straight and all,' Brendan spat back. Brendan found Chester attractive, who wouldn't? but he was with Mike.

'Who said I was straight? So I have a string of ladies, doesn't mean I don't like men. And honey, I sure like you,' Chester grabbed Brendan's ass.

'Fuck you, Chester,' Brendan pushed the man away and began to walk away.

'You know you want me! You'll come crawling soon enough, trust me,' Chester's voice followed.

'Don't be so sure of yourself,' Brendan shot back, pushing open the bathroom door and going in.

Brendan felt bad, really bad. Should he tell Mike? Or should he keep his mouth shut and protect his boyfriend from the anguish of dealing with his ex? This was really messing with Brendan's head, but he just couldn't put Mike through that. He was going to keep quiet. His thoughts were interrupted by the door opening and someone entering.

'Hey, Bren.' Brad smiled as he walked in.

'Hey Big Bad,' Brendan replied.

'You know, last night was fun. It's great to see Mike happy and it seemed to have a good effect on me for some reason. Last night I finally got laid after a long break!' laughed Brad. He was drunk, Brendan doubted very much he would have normally said something like that.

'Well, I'm glad you and Rob have finally work things out. Mike was getting a little worried about you two,' Brendan told him, smiling slightly.

'Brendan, man, you OK? You seem down,' Brad frowned.

'Yeah, yeah, I'm fine,' Brendan forced a smile onto his lips. 'I'm good,' he said before exiting the room and returning to Mike.

The night had now ended and Brendan and Mike had returned home. For the rest of the night, Brendan had avoid Chester like the plague. No one noticed so it was a good, but Brendan's head was still conflicted with whether to tell Mike or not.

Mike and Bren were now in Mike's room, Mike a little worse for wear and very randy. They kissed as they sat on the end of the bed. Even though Brendan wanted Mike at that moment but he didn't want to take advantage of the drunken man.

'Come on, Mike, you need some sleep,' he said, pulling away from the kiss.

'Awwwwwwwww, please Brenny, for me?' Mike asked, giving Bren puppy dog eyes. He leaned forwards, taking Brendan in another kiss and slipping his hand down onto his crotch.

'OK, that's enough Mike, you are too drunk for this,' he pushed Mike onto the bed and stood up out of Mike's reach.

'Please, please,' Mike begged, barely moving.

'No, and that's final,' Brendan said firmly, pulling the covers over Mike. Mike was already asleep, so there were no protests. Brendan leaned forwards and kissed Mike on the forehead. 'Night, Mikey.'

Chapter 8

Mike finally rose from his bed at 4 the next afternoon. He entered the
kitchen, his eyes purple trenches, his body exhausted and disorientated.

'Afternoon baby,' Brendan smiled, putting an Alka-Seltzer and black coffee in front of Mike who sat at the table.

'Afternoon? Is the day so late?' Mike grimaced, picking up the glass that was in front of him. He raised it up to eye level and stared at the contents. Satisfied that it would do the trick, he swallowed it, his face showing his distaste.

'The day's not late, hun, you are,' Brendan laughed. 'Want me to cook you up some breakkie?'

'Are you kidding me?! I feel terrible and you're offering me food? Are you out of your mind? OK, that was too many words, too fast,' Mike put his head in his hands and drank his coffee.

'Figured you wouldn't want any,' Brendan thought a minute before continuing. 'Mike, I have...' He couldn't do it, he just couldn't. He wanted to tell Mike what had happened with Chester the previous night. He'd been thinking about it all day. He had to tell Mike.

'What's up babe?' Mike looked at Brendan expectantly.

'Okay, there's something I have to tell you,' Brendan exhaled loudly and sat down across from Mike. 'Last night.'

'Tell me, Brendan. You know you can tell me anything,' Mike rested his hand over Brendan's pair and looked into his eyes.

'Last night, Chester made a pass at me,' Brendan said a little too fast, half hoping Mike hadn't understood him.

'What?' Mike sat back, letting go of Brendan's hand.

'When I went to the toilets, Chester was coming out and he made a pass at me. Give himself as an option, instead of you,' Brendan averted his gaze from Mike not wanting to look at the hurt he knew was there.

'That sleazy mother fucker. I'm gonna fucking rip him to shreds,' Mike growled, rushing from the table.

'Mike, no. Come on, calm down. I told him where to go. You know I'm not that stupid. I love you, who in their right mind would leave you for him?' Brendan begged through Mike's bedroom door.

'That's not the point!' Mike snapped, pushing passed Brendan as he pulled on a sweater. 'That bastard has fucked with me enough times! He's not gonna get away with this, not this time, no. No way, no how.' Mike shoved on his sneakers and was out of the front door before Brendan could make any further protests.

Mike's fists pounded on the door in front of him, he was impatient. Finally the door opened and Mike was greeted by a smile from Brad.

'I want Chester's address,' Mike said without even a hello.

'Well hello to you to. What do you want his address for?' Brad asked

'Don't ask fucking questions just give it to me!' Mike snapped, pushing past into the house.

'Mike, what's going on? Tell me,' Brad pleaded, turning to Mike and closing the door.

'Look, I don't have time for this. If you don't tell me, someone else will.'

Chester opened the door on about the third knock. He looked like he'd just got out of the shower and from what Mike could tell, he was alone.

'Mike-' Before Chester could say anything more, Mike was shoving him back into the apartment. It was everything Dave had said it was.

'Who the fuck do you think you are?' Mike shouted as soon as they were inside the confines of the living room.

'What are you talking about?' Chester asked, pushing his hand over his
shaved head.

'Don't play stupid with me asshole! I'm talking about you making a pass at my boyfriend!' Mike growled.

'It was just harmless fun, Mikey.' Chester responded.

'Harmless fun?! Oh well, that's all right then! If it's just fun I don't mind you coming onto my boyfriend, no I don't mind you trying your best to fuck up my relationship. NOT AT ALL!' Mike shouted. Chester was such an ignorant piss-ass.

'I'm not trying to fuck up your relationship Mike,' Chester cried defensively.

'Of course you are! You're jealous because I've moved on from you, and I'm happy and it pleases you to ruin it!' Mike shot back.

'What have I got to be jealous of you for? I can have anyone I want!' Chester snapped.

'Correction: you can have any chick you want! You can't get a man and that bothers you because I can! Admit it Chesty, you're jealous!' Mike grinned maliciously, knowing he was getting to Chester.

'FINE! I'll admit it, I'm jealous. And nothing you can say is gonna change that or stop me from making passes at every guy you're with. You don't deserve anybody after what you did to me! I'm gonna always be there, wrecking your relationships out of pure spite for your actions!' Chester let it all out, looking proud of himself.

At that moment Mike lashed out. His fist connected with Chester's face, making his head snap backwards.

'What I did to you?! I had every right to leave you after what you did to me,' Mike punched again, this time just grazing Chester's cheek.

'We could have worked it all out like Brad and Rob did! But no! you had to run at the first sign of trouble straight into the arms of that fuck-rag!' Chester screamed, putting up his defence but surprisingly not retaliating.

A growl escaped Mike's lips and he rammed Chester into the wall, holding him against it.

'You stupid fuck! You blame me for your own actions! I left you because you treated me like shit and I just couldn't stay with you after that. And your actions since then haven't exactly improved matters,' Mike spat the truth in Chester's face.

'If you'd have loved me like I love you, you would have wanted it to work out!' Chester snapped back, venom filling his voice as he tried to get out of Mike's grasp.

Mike looked Chester straight in the eyes as he said this. Chester stopped wriggling and Mike moved forward and roughly kissed Chester.

'I loved you then and I still do. Probably always will but if you ever try
to fuck up my relationships again or harm me in anyway, I swear I will end your existence.' He thrusted a sharp punch into Chester's stomach and walked away, leaving Chester doubling over in pain on the floor.

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