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Chapter 4

Mike looked around the unfamiliar surroundings. He felt slightly uncomfortable but he tried to relax. He watched Brendan throw down his keys and take off his jacket.

'Coffee?' Brendan asked, turning to face Mike. He seemed very unsure of what he was doing, he was trying his best to not make any wrong moves.

'Um, sure, why not.' muttered Mike, looking around him.

'Take a seat and I'll bring in some coffee,' Brendan smiled at Mike who smiled back weakly. He watched Brendan disappear into another room and then sat himself down on the large, dark blue couch. The room was painted a similar colour and was lit by a few small lamps, giving the room and dark shadowy feel. Blue and green-hued abstracts were displayed around the room.

'Here,' Brendan said, offering a mug of black coffee to Mike. Looking up at Brendan, Mike realised how badly he didn't want to talk about him and Chester. 'So, how did you meet Chester?'

'We're in a band together. We were best friends and one night he kinda surprised me on the tour bus and then we were together. He divorced his wife for me, and I dumped my fiancÚ for him. I loved him so much, hell I still do. Who the fuck does he think he is pulling this shit on me?! And with my best friend? Now I get why chicks constantly whine about men being bastards because they are!' Mike exhaled loudly and leaned back on the couch, sipping his coffee. He felt better for letting it out but very, very pissed at Chester for doing it.

'Not all men are, you don't seem to be. You were faithful and loving, I presume. If you weren't then you are a bastard,' Brendan looked straight at Mike, he was being serious.

'I never did anything but love Chester. I wouldn't want to hurt him. I loved him. I loved his smile, his voice, his movements, his body, his touch, his scent. There was nothing bad about him, except his temper that he never took out on me. He was the perfect boyfriend, but I guess not really.' A tear silently slid down Mike's left cheek, falling off his face and splashing into his half drunk coffee.

'I know exactly what you mean but the thing you need to decide is what you're gonna do now,' Brendan was still looking at Mike intently.

'I really don't know what to do,' Mike whispered, returning his lips to his mug to drink the black liquid.

'You need to decide! Do you still want to be with him or do you want to cast him and your relationship into oblivion?' Brendan raised and eyebrow and turned his attention to his own drink.

'I- um- I don't know what I want. I guess, I- in reality, what I'd like to do right now is to rip the head off that tiny little mother fucker and feed it to Jaws,' Mike said huffily.

'But that's really not an option unless you want homicide charges to ruin your career.'

'It just- I love him so much but he's hurt me so badly. I want him - but on top of that - I want to kill him for the pain he's caused,' a far off look appeared in Mike's eyes as he relived the past 3 months in his head.

'I think you should go see him, it's the best thing to do. If you see him, you'll know exactly what you want. If you choose to stay with him, fine, work at it with him. if you decide against it, I'm here if you need a friend or some place to stay,' Brendan smiled slightly, reassuring Mike. Mike slowly nodded his head realising what he had to do.

The lock clicked and the door swung open before him. Mike stepped into the room and immediately, Chester jumped up from the couch.

'Mike, where've you been? I was so worried about you!' Chester exclaimed as mike walked further into the room, ignoring Chester. 'Mike, I am so sorry, please believe me. You know how much I love you and that hurting you is the last thing I'd ever want to do. That wasn't supposed to happen, I don't even know why it did! Rob means and never will mean anything to me! You are the guy I love and the guy I want to spend my life with.' Chester's eyes pleaded with Mike for something, anything, but he got nothing. 'Jesus Christ, Mike, give me a reaction or something!'

'You want a reaction?! Fine, I'll give you your mother fucking reaction! Who the hell do you think you are pulling this shit and violating me? I loved you, I trusted you and what do I get? "I'm so sorry, you are the guy I want to spend my life with." What a lot of bullshit Chester! Bull-shit! God, I don't even know why I bothered with you! do you have any idea what I gave up for you?! I gave up Anna for god's sake!' Mike shouted.

'Like I didn't give up shit for you! I gave up Samantha, my wife, for you! I gave up my home, my marriage, normalcy for you!' Chester was suddenly interrupted by Mike.

'Normalcy? Fucking normalcy? Well what the fuck have we been doing?! Is our relationship not normal enough for you, Chester? You're the one that fucking started it!' Mike spat, rage filling his body.

'You know I didn't mean it like that Mike. I'm just, sorry! This is really fucking with my head, I don't know what I'm doing!' Chester tried to prove he was sorry. 'Mike, can't we please just work this out, please. I'm begging you here.'

'I want you out of this house now,' Mike said calmly, his eyes never leaving Chester's.

'NO, no, I will not do that,' Chester stood his ground and puffed out his chest in an act of manliness.

'GET OUT! GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS HOUSE NOW! I don't want to speak to you or even look at you right now!' Mike growled.

'NO, I refuse to leave this house,' Chester countered.

'Fine,' Mike began moving up towards the bedroom. 'If you won't, I will.'

'What the- Mike, no, I won't let you do that,' Chester chased mike up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

Mike pulled out a bag and started filling it with clothes. At first Chester just stared at Mike, half shocked, half confused. Then he made his move towards Mike.

'I'm not gonna let you do this Mike, we can work this out,' Chester spoke calmly but he was shaking at the same time.

'I really don't think you're in any position to tell me what to do right now,' Mike spat, continuing to fill his bag.

'Stop it! You're not leaving me!' Chester grabbed some of Mike's clothes from the bag and tossed them across the room. Mike turned to Chester and shoved him hard into the wall. Chester let out a low groan as he slammed into the wall.

'Don't be so fucking childish Chester!' Mike held Chester against the wall using his forearm over his neck. 'I'm leaving whether you like it or not. You fucked up seriously and now is the time when you suffer the consequences and reflect on what you've done ALONE.' Mike spoke through clenched teeth as he kept a tight grip on Chester. Mike then turned and picked up the discarded clothes, shoved them in the bag and turned to leave.

As soon as Chester had regained his breath and ability to breathe he spoke.

'Where are you gonna go Mike? You can't go to Brad and Rob's, you know! You can't turn to Joe cos he's on holiday and you can't exactly impose on the new couple that is Dave and Maz! And it's not like you can go crawling back to Anna cos you fucked that up baaaaaaaaad!'

Chester's shouts were ignored and half were not heard as Mike left the building, heading for Brendan's.

Chapter 5

Mike sat on an amp, eating a Butter Finger candy bar and watching the rest of the band infront of him. Two months had passed since the break up of him and Chester, and they'd passed quickly. Mike still remained in Brendan's house, having refused to move back with Chester.

After two weeks Chester had moved out of the home they shared into his own apartment. Dave had christened it 'a premiere bachelor pad for the world's biggest male slut'. Mike hadn't visited the home, and he never wanted to, but he had a pretty good impression of what it was like.

Chester had changed since their break-up, and it was quite a significant change at that. Chester had become straight again. He'd been whoring bitches like nobody's business! It seemed that every day he had a new girl on his arm. He flaunted them infront of the others. Mike couldn't decide whether Chester was trying to make him jealous, or make the other guys jealous. Of course the tactics would only work on Dave and Joe, as Rob and Brad were still together.

Brad and Rob had managed to work past the events that had taken place. Needless to say, Mike was slightly jealous, but he was more happy for them than anything. They were taking things slowly - a week ago Brad had confided in Mike that they hadn't had sex since it had happened. They were just concentrating of the loving part of their relationship. Most days Brad and Rob could be seen holding one another and talking quietly. They seemed happy but slightly distanced from each other. But their relationship was strong - there was no chance they were going to end soon.

They were supposed to be having a short session of choosing the songs for their new album, but they were delayed as Chester hadn't arrived yet. Brad and Rob were sat together talking as usual, Dave was playing his bass and Joe was reading a book.

The door swung open and Chester strolled in with a thin, blonde haired girl who had pink streaks in her hair and a very short leather outfit on. By the way he was walking, everyone could tell he was drunk and she was no better.

'Where the fuck have you been?' Joe shouted as soon as he saw Chester.

'Like it matters! I'm here now so lets get started,' Chester slurred slightly, and leaned over to kiss the girl as soon as he'd stopped speaking.

'You're here and you're fucking drunk! And you've brought some chick with you! we're supposed to be working. You don't pull this shit when we're working Chaz!' Dave cut in.

'Oh, blow me!' Chester snapped back, letting go of the girl. Mike stared at him, still sitting on the amp, his candy wrapper screwed up in his hand. He hated seeing Chester do this, and he did it a lot.

It hurt Mike even more to watch him with another person, and a woman at that.

'I'm here so let's work!'

'Go home Chester, sober up and think about your priorities,' Rob spoke up, holding Brad tightly around the waist.

'I know what my priorities are, thank you very much. And I'm fine, I can work,' Chester's eyes searched the room and then fell onto Mike. 'C'mon, Mikey. You know me better than them. You know when I'm OK and when I'm not, back me up here.'

Slowly Mike slid from the amp and landed on his feet. He looked straight into Chester's dark brown eyes and spoke. 'I never knew you Chester. Go home.'

Mike then walked past Chester and left the building.

Mike shoved the door open and then slammed it back into place, making the door jamb vibrate upon impact.

'Mike, that you?' Brendan's voice came before he appeared from his office. 'You OK?' he asked with concern when he saw Mike's face.

'No!' Mike snapped, storming into the living room and slamming himself down onto the couch.

'What happened? Couldn't you guys agree or something?' Brendan sat down beside Mike and put his hand onto his friend's back.

'We didn't even get onto working thanks to Chester! Jesus, he's such an asshole!' Mike seethed.

'What did he do now? Another chick?' Brendan looked at Mike expectantly.

'Of course there was another chick! But on top of that he was late and drunk. He also had the cheek to ask me to back him, the fucker, up! Who the hell does he think I am? His lap dog?!' Mike growled.

'Ignore him! It's been two months Mike, you've got to get over him. yeah, he is a grade A butt-munch but still, he's history. He's not worth all this pain and aggravation! You could do much better than him, you could have much better than him. Hell, you could have me-' Brendan then stopped suddenly, realising what he'd just said.

Mike's head snapped up and he stared at him. Mike knew how he felt towards Brendan - he knew how his feelings had grown. Looking at Brendan now just made everything rise to the surface and he felt it bubble over slightly.

Slowly, Mike leaned in to Brendan and pushed his lips to the others. He was a little unsure at first, he'd only ever kissed one other man before and that was a long time ago - he was out of practice. He let his own flesh caress Brendan's and slowly trailed the tip of his tongue along Brendan's lips. At first, Brendan's lips didn't part but when they did, Mike's tongue was accepted within them and he responded with his own. Brendan was the first to pull away, realising what was happening.

The two men breathed heavily and then Brendan finally spoke. 'Are you sure this is what you want? I don't want to be some rebound guy, Mike. I want this to work or not be at all.'

'This is what I want. I'm over Chester, I just needed to see that. What you said made me realise that I was stuck in a rut and had a ladder to climb out with, if you get me. I want this but I'd like to go slow, this is still kinda new to me.' Mike smiled his irresistible smile, making Bren go weak inside.

'I'm glad you want this because I've wanted it since the moment I met you. And going slowly is fine, it's been along time for me too, you know. Remember, 3 years with the same guy?!' Brendan smiled. 'Hey, you want me to ?'


Chapter 6

A couple of days had passed since Chester's drunken episode. The band had all left after Mike's departure and none knew what had become of Chester. Brad had called Mike to see how he was the night after and Mike had confided in him about a new man in his life. Brad and Rob were now cooking a meal and preparing their home for Mike and Brendan to have dinner with them.

'Looks good,' Rob smiled over at Brad who was busily dicing and slicing some chicken.

'I thank you,' Brad continued chopping and then threw the meat into the wok.

'Hey, has anyone heard anything of Chester?'

'How the fuck should I know? Why are you even asking me about Chester?' Rob cried defensively.

'Hey, hey, baby, calm down. I was just asking, I wasn't accusing,' Brad spoke softly, kissing Rob on the back of the neck for reassurance.

'Yeah, I know, I'm sorry. You know I just don't want anything to affect us and I get snappy when he's mentioned,' Rob looked over at Brad apologetically as he tossed the salad he was preparing.

'It's OK, I understand, you know I do. And you also know that I love you unconditionally so nothing, not even him, will affect us now, ' Brad smiled, pulling Rob close to him and kissing him.

'I love you too and I honestly don't think I'll ever stop,' Rob smiled at his lover, feeling very happy in his current situation.

Brad pulled away and returning to laying the table. 'Don't you think it's fucked up what Chester did though? I mean, dragging Mike into the middle of the argument,' Brad shook his head as he spoke.

'It was so unfair, and Mike looked so heart-broken by it all. You just don't do that.' Rob was quite disgusted with Chester's actions.

'I wanted to punch Chester so badly. Mike's my best friend, my brother and the way he acts is really killing him. It's not fair! It hurts me to see Mike like that and then Chester just rubs it in his face, it makes me so angry!' Brad's face was flushed, his anger seeping through.

'But, hey, Mike should be OK now. He's got this new guy,' Rob reminded him.

'Yeah, he's got Brendan. I'm so happy for him. I'm glad he's moving on and I'm even more glad that he's actually realising that he's gay. It's quite surprising, but at least he knows that's what his and he's supposed to be,' Brad started smiling again as he stood back and admired the laid table.

'Kinda like me,' as Rob said this, Brad's head shot up and he stared straight at his boyfriend.

'Are you telling me you've actually decided you're gay and not bi or whatever?' Brad sounded shocked.

'I knew I was gay the moment I kissed you that night. It just livened my entire being, I felt like I'd finally worked it all out, you know? I mean, I'd always had an idea, my attraction towards you being one. But that kiss just bit the biscuit,' Rob smiled and laughed slightly at the way Brad was staring at him. In one moment, Brad moved across the room and took Rob up in a passionate kiss.

'I'm glad you've realised,' Brad whispered when it was over.

'Me too,' Rob whispered back.

'That was a great meal guys,' Brendan smiled at the hosts, wiping his mouth with his napkin.

'We make a good team when it comes to cooking,' Brad smiled back, sipping his wine and looking through the glass at his lover.

'You sure do,' Mike agreed.

'Ice cream people? We have Chubby Hubby and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,' Rob offered, rising from the table and opening the freezer.

'Chubby Hubby,' Mike and Brad said in unison.

Brendan and Rob laughed at the same time at their partners timing.

'You guys have known each other WAY too long,' laughed Rob pulling out the ice cream.

'I think we've known each other long enough, but unfortunately we're rubbing off on one another,' Mike laughed. The phone started to ring as the men laughed.

'I'll get it,' Brad jumped up from the table and waltzed over to the phone. 'Hello?'

'Hey, Brad, it's Joe,' a voice spoke on the other end of the line.

'Joseph, hey. What's up, man?' Brad asked.

'Just calling to tell you that tomorrow, after we've finalised the album's play-list, we're gonna go and have some drinks and shit. You wanna come?' Joe stated his reasons for calling.

'Sure, that'd be great. I'll tell Mike too as he's here. Hey can he bring a friend?' Brad injected the query quickly into his sentence.

'Absolutely, I'm bringing Leigh and Dave's bringing Maz. And you know Chester's gonna bring somebody.' Joe explained, his voice getting annoyed at the end.

'You've spoken to him?' Brad was curious about the state and whereabouts of the band member.

'Yeah, I figured I should attempted contact with the fucker. He's OK, seems to have very little recollection of the other day,' Joe told brad.

'Asshole. Anyway, must get back. See you tomorrow Hahn.'

'Later Big Bad,' the phone clicked dead and brad returned to the table.

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