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Part 1

‘You all set for tonight with your new routine?’ Cecile asked the woman who was sat doing her make-up.

‘Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? It’s not like it’s a hard thing to do,’ she replied, annoyance evident in her voice. Before a reply could be given, a girl ran into the dressing room, screaming.

‘You will never guess who’s here!’ she cried, excitement etched all over her face.

‘Who?’ asked the annoyed woman. She wasn’t at all excited, she hadn’t even got excited when Matt Damon came to the club, why would she be now?

‘LINKIN PARK’ she squealed, MJ was a huge fan of the band so she was really hyped up about it.

‘What the hell are those mutha fuckers doing here?’ she replied, she hated Linkin Park they were such corporate rock whores.

‘Daisy Lou Hutchinson! Just cos you don’t like them, don’t mean you have to be so fucking miserable!’ MJ complained in her Kentucky accent.

‘First of all don’t call me that! My name is Dai. And secondly, big whoop! Linkin Park are here. Ooh, nu metal freaks like watching girls strip just as much as the next guy! What a shock,’ Dai replied, this really wasn’t a big thing to her.

‘Fuck you, Dai,’ MJ snapped back at her, turning to talk to the girls that were actually interested.

Dai continued with her make-up and getting ready as she was gonna be up soon. Dai had moved to LA about 5 years ago from Houston Texas. She’d hated where she lived, it was a town where everyone knew everyone else. She wanted to get out so she did. She’d rather be Dai the stripper from LA, than Dai the waitress from Texas. Her move to LA had changed her slightly. She’d dyed her hair black and red and had a tattoo of a dragon upon her right arm.

She’d also become quite bitter, but she liked it that way.

She fastened her boots and stood up, she was now ready. She wore a black bra and thong with flames on both, a pair of black, leather hot pants and a torn up red top that was held together with safety pins. Around her wrists she had black wrist cuffs with flames on it and a spiked dog collar. On her feet were knee high PVC boots.

‘Dai, come here,’ MJ called her over to where everyone was stood.

‘What?’ Dai asked, walking over to them. She saw what they were looking at, a picture of Linkin Park. ‘Why the fuck do you want me to look at that?’

‘So you know who they are when your out there,’ Mary Joe explained. She then pointed to each guy in turn and told her who they were, mentioning that one was not present. ‘And he is Phoenix, I’m gonna give him some extra special service.’ MJ winked as she said this.

‘Why?’ asked Dai, there was nothing special about this guy. There was nothing special about any of them.

‘Because he’s Phoenix, he’s in Linkin Park and I wouldn’t mind getting me some of that!’ MJ giggled. Dai felt like she was gonna throw up.

It was now time for Dai to go out to the staging area. She stood by the curtain that shielded the entrance and let Mark announce her.

‘Here is our own lil Texas Rock Chick! Dai-Glo!’ he shouted over the PA system as Union Underground’s ‘Turn Me On Mr Deadman’ began and Dai came out on to the staging.

‘Violate, violate, violate all the simple minds’ was sung to her as she began moving her body to the new routine.

The cat calls and whistles began almost immediately when Dai came out, she liked that, she loved her job. But she didn’t show it, it helped her. she could see Linkin Park already, they were sat at the table that was right at the end of the staging. That meant she was gonna have to dance right infront of them.

Her body moved perfectly in sync with the music, her hips doing most of the work. She made her way to the end of the staging, to where the pole was and moved her body up and down it. All the men were going crazy, including Linkin Park. Money was getting shoved into her shorts before she took them off! Slowly and professionally, she removed every garment of clothing till she was in just her thong. The song ended. All her clothes were off (except her flamed thong). She picked up her fallen clothes and all the money that had not quite stayed with her as she walked off the stage. She counted her tips, it seemed Linkin Park were in a very generous mood tonight, she’d have to stay by them.

Dai returned to the dressing room, shoving her clothes in the laundry chute, and returning her bra to her person.

‘Did they touch you then?’ asked MJ, getting giddier by the second.

‘Yes, like every other hot blooded straight male, they wanted to touch me and put money in my thong,’ replied Dai, putting on her uniform, which consisted of black hot pants and black cut off top that had the club's name on.

‘So, did they like give you money?’ asked MJ, she seemed half nervous, half excited about going out there and stripping infront of the band she saw as the ‘best band ever’ for some reason.

‘Yes, they gave me money. Quite a lot actually, but what do you expect? I am the best,’ Dai replied with an exasperated tone. She didn’t receive a response to her last comment as everyone knew she was the best here, she got the most money, she got the most people here. It wasn’t her fault, it was just the way it was.

She left the dressing room and went to her station behind the bar. As she got there, MJ came out to do her striptease. All the guys were going wild for her, including the Linkin Boys. She was concentrating a lot of her attentions to the Phoenix guy it seemed……

While all the men were enthralled by MJ, one of the LP boys got up and came over to the bar.

‘Hey, I’m Mike,’ he said, smiling at her. What did he want? Her to actually smile back and take the time to talk to him? Fat chance of that ever happening.

‘Yeah,’ Dai said, ignoring him, she was working, if he wanted a drink or a lap dance fine, anything else and he could just fuck right off.

‘Yeah, it’s my friend, Rob’s birthday today and I was wondering if you could, ya know, give him something special,’ Mike explained, giving her a wad of cash.

Dai looked at it and then pushed it into her thong. ‘I’ll be over in a minute. Do you want drinks with that?’

‘5 beers and 5 vodka shots please,’ he smiled again, as Dai got their drinks. He paid her and returned to his table.

Dai got all the drinks together and put them on a tray. Instead of walking around the bar, she took the normal route of climbing over it. When on the other side, she picked up the tray and walked over to the table.

‘Here you go boys,’ Dai put all the drinks on the table and was greeted by a load of ‘thank yous’ from the pricks that filled the table. ‘Now, which of you is Rob?’

All fingers pointed to a guy sat in the middle of them. He was kinda cute, with messy dark brown hair. His eyes lit up as Dai leaned into him, kissing him and the cheek and sexily whispering ‘Happy Birthday’. With that she began he lap dance, slowly moving herself on him, taking off her clothes with ease.

The rest of Linkin Park were all going crazy, especially the guy that was supposed to be married. *He’s obviously not getting any* thought Dai.

Dai looked up to see MJ getting kind of annoyed because Linkin Park were paying more attention to her than MJ, but luckily, Phoenix seemed to have his eye on MJ more.

The dance finished and Dai walked away, without saying anything, once again counting the money in her thong.

Returning to her post behind the bar, Dai discarded her shorts and tee and chose to work in just her thong and bra. She was serving some guy when MJ came out to the bar after finishing her tease.

‘You bitch! You were taking away all the attention!’ MJ squealed at Dai.

‘Shut the fuck up girl, we have a birthday boy, you know what that means,’ Dai took hold of MJ, pulling her back into the dressing room. ‘We got a birthday boy on table 17!’ she called, which meant that two other girls had to come out them.

Two others came over and the four women changed into white tees and black hot pants. Grabbing a jug of water each they went down to the front of the stage right infront of Linkin Park.

‘Happy Birthday Rob,’ MJ said seductively, smiling at him.

The 5 men started going wild, all getting their money out, all watching the 4 women intently.

The girls danced slowly to the music, moving their hips, taking their hands over their bodies. Finally they picked up the jugs and poured the cool water over their tops, driving every man in the whole club wild as their white tops become see though.

Dai’s lips never curled up once into a smile. It gave her power over all the guys. That’s why she was the best, she never made herself vulnerable to them. The other girls would smile when hands went to their thongs, when men whistled or when they were counting their tips. Dai didn’t do that, she kept her face looking seductively evil, the only smile she gave was that of seduction. It couldn’t be denied that she was the best and held the most power over the men. They all wanted her but none of them could have her.

They finished their routine, the married guy had been cheering more than the rest, he seemed to be quite happy to give away his cash, Dai didn’t argue with that. The birthday boy enjoyed it, a smile was painted across his face, he looked stupid.

The night was now over, closing time was upon them. Dai was clearing up behind the bar. She was now clothed in some black cargo pants and a black long sleeve. Linkin Park were still there, sat around the same table, all drunk as fuck.

Dai climbed over the bar and walked towards them. ‘Closing time fellas,’ she told them, picking up the bottles from their table.

‘Eh eh,’ said the married guy, shaking his head and grabbing the bottle she had just picked up from her hands. This caused her to drop 3 bottles, luckily only one smashed.

‘Apologise,’ Phoenix snapped, smacking the married guy upside the head.

‘Soz,’ he mumbled, drinking his beer.

‘It’s not like I’ve never had a drunk fuck knock a bottle outta my hands before,’ Dai retorted, walking back to the bar with the bottles she had collected.

She walked to the bar, climbing back over it when the birthday boy walked over to her.

‘I’m sorry bout Chester,’ he told her, smiling.

‘Like I said, it’s not like I’ve never had a drunk fuck knock a bottle outta my hands,’ Dai continued disposing of the empty bottles, she wasn’t interested in what ever this guy wanted.

‘I’m Rob, by the way,’ he held out his hand to her as a greeting.

‘Dai-glo,’ Dai replied, ignoring his out stretched hand and looking for the dustpan and brush.

‘Yeah… So, um, do you dance here every night?’ asked Rob, attempting conversation.

‘Every night but Sundays,’ Dai climbed back over the bar. Rob offered a hand to help her, again she ignored it and jumped to the floor.

She walked back to the table and began clearing up the broken glass.

‘He didn’t mean to do that, you know. He’s just drunk,’ one of them told her, she wasn’t paying attention to which one.

‘What ever,’ Dai said getting up. she turned her back on them,’ Now, get the fuck outta my club.’

The following night, Dai was back in the club, dressed and ready to do her strip tease. It was MJ’s night off and so she didn’t really talk to many people that night.

‘Turn Me On Mr Deadman’ came on and Dai came out doing the same routine she had done the previous night.

Her eyes almost came out of her head when she saw the 3 men at the bottom of the staging. At the same table as the night before was 3 of the guys from Linkin Park; Rob, Phoenix and the married fuck.

Dai danced, trying her best to ignore them. Why were they here? She noticed that Rob’s eyes had lit up when she’d come out and once again, he was being generous with the tipping. These guys were weird.

Dai came out of the club later that night, and headed to her car.

‘Hey,’ a voice came from infront of her. She looked up to see Rob standing there.

‘You know stalking someone will ruin your career, stalking a stripper will kill it,’ Dai said to him, walking past him to her car.

‘Wow, is this your car?’ asked Rob, in awe of Dai’s Porsche.

‘No, I’m stealing it. What the fuck do you think? Anyway, what do you want?’ she asked him, opening her car door.

‘I wanted to know if you wanted to go for coffee?’ Rob asked her, trying his best to be polite.

‘Er, no,’ Dai pulled open her car and tried to get in it. Rob stopped her, he was being persistent. Well, more annoying than anything.

‘Come on, how’s coffee gonna hurt you?’

‘OK, fine. I know a place,’ she slammed her car door shut and started walking off. Rob jogged and caught her up and together they went to get coffee.

‘Hey, Miss Glo!’ shouted the Italian guy behind the counter when they entered the little shop. Dai was a usual, she always came her after work.

‘Hey,’ she replied, walking to he usual booth, Rob following her. ‘Hey Dominic,’ she said to a teenage boy that was staring at her. she smiled evilly when he squirmed and looked away.

They sat down and Dominic came over.

‘What can I get you, Miss Glo?’ asked the boy, he sounded like he was from New York.

‘I’ll have the usual please Dom,’ she replied, still smirking at the boy’s discomfort.

‘I’ll have a coffee,’ Rob told the boy.

‘So, you got me here for coffee, now what?’ Dai didn’t really want to be here. She’d agreed to this against her better judgement, that was for damn sure.

‘What’s your real name?’ Rob asked, he really wanted to know.

‘I’m at liberty to disclose that information,’ she responded, Rob was irritating her, why the fuck did her care what her name was? She wished that he’d just disappear *Poof*

‘OK,’ Rob exhaled. Did she really have to be this difficult? ‘So, um, do you enjoy being an exotic dancer?’ he needed to make some conversation with her.

‘That’s as stupid as me asking you if you like being a pop star! I’m a stripper. And if I didn’t enjoy it, why the fuck would I be doing it? All my girls enjoy their jobs. we’re not forced into this. Plus we earn good money, it’s a very good business to be in.’ Her voice gave away her annoyance. She often cared a lot about the people she worked with and what she did. She referred to both the club and the girls as her own. Rob made a point of ignoring the pop star comment, this girl was gonna be difficult to break the walls down of. Their order was then brought. A coffee for Rob, a coffee, burger and fries for Dai.

She started eating her food, not even considering to offer Rob a fry or anything.

She looked up to see Rob sat there staring at her, intently. ‘Look, Linkin boy. If it’s a groupie you’re after, you’ve got the wrong stripper. Your band sucks, your music gets on my nerves and I don’t understand why the hell you won’t leave me alone. Haven’t I made my dislike of you and your actions clear enough?’ she snapped at him.

‘All I want to do is get to know you better. I’m not after a fan or groupie, or whatever. Just to get to know you.’ Dai scoffed at Rob’s response, finishing her food.

‘Whatever, now I want you to do me a favour. Tomorrow night, I want you to bring that Phoenix guy to my club. When the night’s over, go round the back ask for MJ, that’s MJ. OK?’ she stood up, finishing her coffee. ‘Now, I’m gonna ask you to erase the last few days from your head, including the part where you saw me,’ she threw some dollars on to the table and walked put of the shop. Rob jumped up from the table and followed her.

‘Can I get your phone number?’ he called after her, he wasn’t gonna give up on her.

‘I plead the fifth,’ she replied, her retreating form blending in with the background as she disappeared from Rob’s vision.

‘So, explain again, why are we here?’ Phoenix asked Rob for like the 30th time.

‘Because, I was given specific orders to bring you here tonight and for you to ask for MJ,’ Rob explained again - this was really pissing him off now.

‘OK. I feel kinda stupid being here for the 3rd night in a row,’ Phoenix whined as they opened the doors to the strip club.

‘I never ever thought I’d hear Dave Farrell complain about going to a strip club!’ Rob laughed.

‘I’m not complaining about seeing this lovely looking ladies….’ Dave had a far off look in his eye as he stared at the woman on stage. ‘I’m complaining that I feel stupid coming to see these ladies three nights in a row!’

‘OK, I know it’s a bit weird but we’ve had good reasons every night,’ Rob told Phoenix, ordering drinks afterwards.

As they headed to sit down Phoenix gave his response. ‘We had a good reason the first night, your birthday. The second night was because you seem to be infatuated with some stripper and tonight is cos that same stripper told you to come here!’ Phoenix had a good argument.

‘I’m not infatuated with her!’ Rob cried a little too fast, causing Phoenix to raise an eyebrow. ‘Shut the fuck up and watch the nice ladies,’ Rob snapped, feeling foolish but trying to act calm; and failing.

The night was over and they had collectively watched practically every girl in the place. A chick called MJ was never mentioned. But these chicks did change their names so she could have been any one of them. Phoenix was silently hoping it would be one of two. There had been a blonde one who resembled Britney Spears, with sparkling blue eyes and a nice ass. And the other had dark brown curls, an amazing smile and a jaw-dropping figure.

‘May help you fellas?’ asked the women who stood at the back entrance. She looked about 40ish, she was probably a stripper to earlier in life, there was every chance that she was the owner of this place.

‘We’re looking for a girl,’ Rob told her, being as polite as possible.

‘I’m sorry guys, but I don’t let my girls do that. You can look but you can’t touch,’ the woman replied firmly, making sure they understood her rules.

‘No, we’re actually looking for MJ,’ Phoenix told her.

‘OH, so you know our lil Mary-Jo! I’ll just go get her for you guys,’ the woman smiled and disappeared back into the club.

A few minutes later the door re-opened and one of the strippers came out. Phoenix’s jaw dropped a mile. It was the girl with the brown curls and great smile. WOW.

‘Hi, I’m MJ,’ she almost squealed, it was Rob and Phoenix and they’d asked to see her!!!!

‘Nice name,’ Phoenix smiled at her, kissing her on the cheek.

‘If you like that, you should here my phone number,’ MJ flirted, smiling seductively at Dave, causing his jaw to drop further. What are y’all doing here?’ MJ was curious as to how they knew her.

‘Dai-glo told me to bring him to you,’ Rob told her. ‘Is she here tonight?’

‘No, hun. It’s her night off,’ MJ sympathised. Rob almost kicked himself - why hadn’t he realised it was Sunday?

‘Oh,’ he said sadly. ‘Is there anyway I could, like contact her?’ How desperate did he sound?

‘I can’t give you that, she’d kill me!’ MJ cried.

‘Please, come on. Throw me a bone here!’ Rob gave her the puppy dog eyes and gave in.

‘You did me a favour of bringing him here so I’ll do you the favour of giving you this,’ she took a pen and paper from her purse and scribbled it down. She gave it Rob.

‘Thanks,’ he smiled, reading it. So her name was Dai, he liked that, it was spunky.

‘Wanna go get coffee?’ Phoenix asked MJ.

‘Hell yeah I do!’ MJ giggled. ‘Night Rob!’

‘Night you two.’

The sun shone down and the air was disgustingly thick and suffocating. Dai lay down in her bikini on the couch. She couldn’t cope with being outside, it was too hot. She lay under the a.c. outlet, letting the cold air hit her skin.

Dai hating sweating. She did like that type of sweat where it made your flesh sticky, but she hated it when the perspiration ran down your back.

That’s what it was doing now.

Her silent thought process was suddenly disrupted by the vulgar noise of the phone. She lent out and picked up the cordless phone off the table.

‘Speak to me,’ Dai greeted her caller as harshly as she would if they were standing in front of her.

‘Hey Dai, it’s Rob,’ the familiar voice of the Linkin Park guy infiltrated Dai’s ears.

‘How the fuck did you get my number?!’ Dai spat down the phone. Now she was pissed with this guy.

‘MJ gave it to me,’ Rob replied casually, ignoring Dai’s out burst.

‘Bitch! I’m gonna fucking kill her when I see her!’ How could she do this to Dai? This was just un-fucking-fair.

‘Hey, calm down! She was returning a favour that’s all,’ Rob hadn’t called for this.

‘Fuck off. Now, I’ll ask that you dispose of my phone number as I hang up on your ass,’ Dai told him flat out.

‘Wait, don’t hang up on me! I wanted to ask you out to lunch,’ Rob quickly let out his reasons for calling so he didn’t piss her off anymore than he had done by continually calling her.

Dai laughed at his request. ‘Do you honestly think I’m gonna accept your invitation?’

‘Possibly. I’ll be at Romeo’s in half an hour. You do know Romeo’s, right?’ Rob asked her.

‘Everybody knows Romeo’s!’ Dai shot back.

‘Good, maybe I’ll see you in 30 minutes there then,’ Rob hung up on her before she could actually decline.

Should she go? She might as well, who turns down free food?

Dai pulled herself off the couch and went to put on some clothes before heading to the restaurant.

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