Short Fics





Part 2

Now Dai wondered what she was doing. Why had she accepted this invitation?

She stood outside Romeo’s, looking at the door. Fate had brought her here, now it was fate’s turn to tell her whether or nor to actually go in. Dai was a big believer in fate. And she believed that if she was meant to do this she would be given a sign.

That sign was then given. The door to the restaurant swung open and Rob saw her instantly. He smiled at her and she walked towards his table.

‘Hey,’ he greeted her, as she sat down across from him. Dai just looked at him. ‘I’m glad you came.’

‘You offered free food, I’m not one to turn that down,’ Dai gave her response and picked up her menu.

‘So, how are you doing?’ Rob had to and make conversation.

‘Just peachy,’ Dai snapped back, she was now regretting relying on fate to bring her here.

‘I, um, was thinking we could use this lunch as a way to get to know each other better,’ Rob explained.

‘Really…’ loathe coated her voice.

‘Yeah. So, Dai, why did you want to become an ex…a stripper?’ Rob corrected himself, remembering that she didn’t like the term ‘exotic dancer’.

‘that’s as stupid as me asking you why you wanted to be a musician!’ Dai spat back at him. lucky for Rob, the waiter came over and they ordered their meal.

‘Why don’t we start over?’ Rob suggested after they’d ordered. He was gonna succeed in getting to know her if it killed him!

‘Why don’t we?’ Dai said sarcastically.

‘OK. Well, hi, I’m Rob Bourdon,’ he offered her his hand across the table.

‘I’m Dai,’ she replied, once again ignoring his out stretched hand. Rob quickly pulled his hand back to him.

‘So what brought you to LA cos your obviously not from around here,’ Rob continued with the ‘getting to know you trip.’

‘Well, I lived in the is little town in Houston, Texas. I was a blonde waitress and everyone knew who I was. I hated it. I was better then that and them. So, one day I up-ed and left. I came to LA, dyed my hair, got me a tattoo and used the money I’d saved to buy an apartment.

‘I needed a job so, I checked out the ads for a well-paid job. I saw an advertisement for a stripper and knew that I could do that. I could dance, I have the body and it would give the attention I craved. I got the job. Three years later, I’m still doing it. I have a fantastic apartment, a great car, a hell of a lot of money and I’ve not been back ‘home’ since I left.’ That was Dai’s little life story.

‘Cool,’ was all Rob could say.

‘So, tell me about you, Rob,’ Dai played along with him.

‘I grew up here. Played drums as I grew up. my friend Mike wanted to start a band, so I joined him. We got a record deal and now we’re doing quite well for ourselves,’ He couldn’t really say much more than that. That basically summed up his life.

‘How lovely,’ Dai replied, eating the food that had been brought to their table.

‘Why are you so bitter?’ Rob couldn’t resist asking, he wanted to know.

‘Because life demands for you to be strong in this fucked up place we call home. Letting people get to you and beat you down is something you just can’t afford to let happen. I’m bitter because it’s the best way to keep alive,’ Dai stated matter-of-factly.

‘Happiness can also be good way of keeping alive,’ Rob pointed out to her.

‘I never said I wasn’t happy,’ Dai responded, leaving Rob without a response.

Silence came and stayed between them for a while. Rob needed to break it and knew the perfect way how to.

‘On Thursday night I have this MTV charity auction/meal thing to go and I was wondering if you’d join me?’ it was worth a shot, right?

‘You’ve got to be kidding me?!’ Dai almost laughed at him again.

‘I’m serious. I’m not asking for you to be my date as such, just that you’ll come with me.’ He was going to get her to come with him if it killed him.

‘Look, drumming boy. I don’t like you, that’s no secret. On top of that I hate your band! Your just some pathetic little manufactured nu-metal corporate rock whores, who play this nu-metal shit that fucks up the radio. Why you keep coming back to me, I don’t know. I’m a stripper! You're not the only guy out there who likes women who take their clothes off. You don’t even know me so I don’t get why you insist on trying to get with me.’ Dai snapped at Rob. He just looked at her, a clam expression upon his face.

‘I get it, you don’t like nu-metal. I’m not asking you like my band or be a groupie. I’m asking you to join to a Charity Event. You're a stripper, big deal. I know there’s more to you than that and that is why I’m trying to get to know you. Yeah, I like chicks that take their clothes off but I like you for more than that. I feel a connection to you. All I want from you right now, is the word yes in conjunction with the question of you accompanying me to this thing.’ Dai stared at Rob, Rob looked back.

‘Firstly, I have to work and secondly, do you think a girl like me has something to wear to one of these things?’ Dai said simply.

‘I’m sure you can get the night off and you can buy a dress! Either I’ll buy it or you can, I know you can afford it!’ Rob replied, he was not going to give in.

‘What charity is it for?’ Dai asked.

‘It’s for AIDS research,’ Rob replied.

That struck home with Dai for some reason. ‘Fine, I’ll go to it, but not as your date.’

‘Great, so when you buy your dress tomorrow, can I come with you?’ Rob smiled.

‘Who said I was going to get it tomorrow and why do you wanna come?’ Dai shot back.

‘I just presumed and I wanna know what your dress is like so that I make sue I don’t clash with your outfit,’ Rob smiled again, it looked creepy.

‘Fine,’ Dai turned around to where a waiter stood and grabbed a pen from the waiter’s shirt pocket. She scribbled something down o a napkin and handed it to Rob. ‘Be here tomorrow at 11.’ She then stood up. ‘Thanks for lunch.’

Dai then exited the restaurant, leaving Rob with a very amused look upon his face.

‘Hello?’ MJ’s voice answered the phone.

‘It’s me,’ Dai never bothered with saying the greeting back.

‘DAI! Hey, girl! What’s up?’ MJ sounded like she was in a very good mood, how annoying.

‘Why the fuck did you give that prick my phone number?!’ Dai exclaimed down the phone. She wanted, no, she deserved an explanation.

‘I was returning a favour! Jesus, you don’t have to get all bent out of shape cos of it!’ Could Dai never happily accept things?

‘You were returning his favour!? I’m the one who told him to take Phoenix to you. If anyone, you should be returning me a favour! I can’t believe you did this to me!’ Dai wanted answers now.

‘Look, Dai. He likes you. For once he’s a guy that doesn’t mind sharing you with the world. You know what most guys are like, they want you because you’re a stripper but don’t want anyone else to see you. Rob’s different! I really wanna know what’s so bad about him?’ Dai was being stupid, she needed to be shown that.

‘What’s so bad about him? Let’s think… He’s practically stalking me, he’s in a fucking nu-metal boy band, he’s not my type… the list is endless!’ Dai snapped back.

‘That’s all bullshit and you know it! Just go with it, you never know, it could really be fun.’

Dai laughed inwardly at MJ’s comment and decided to change the subject. ‘So, how’s you and this Phoenix guy?’

‘Oh my god! It’s fantastic! He’s great, I couldn’t be happier!’ MJ was getting really, really giddy-it was sickening.

‘So, you fuck him yet?’ Dai asked casually.

‘DAI! How can you be so crude?’ MJ screeched down the phone.

‘Easily- so have you fucked him?’ Dai asked again.

‘As a matter of fact, no. I haven’t slept with him yet. Not that it’s important.’ MJ gave her answer simply. ‘Has Rob asked you to this Charity dig?’

‘Yes, he has actually.’

‘Are you going?’ Thank god she’d been able to change Dai’s chosen subject!

‘Yep,’ Dai replied, her tone emotionless.

‘You are? If you don’t like him why the fuck are you going with him?’ MJ was seriously confused by Dai and her motivation.

‘I’m going to support the charity, NOT as Rob’s date, if that’s what your thinking,’ Dai explained. AIDS charities were something she believed needed to be helped.

‘Yeah, right,’ MJ mocked.

‘Fuck you, gutter slut. Anyway, I gotta go, things to do. See ya later,’ Dai hung up the phone before MJ could respond.

Knock knock

Right on time, Dai thought, looking at her clock. She opened her door to see Rob stood in front of her.

‘Ready?’ he asked with a smile.

‘Yeah, let’s go,’ Dai’s voice lacked any form of enthusiasm.

They walked out of her apartment block and on to the street. The sun made it almost unbearable to be outside, Dai detested this weather. Rob continued walking when they came out of the building.

‘And where are you going?’ she asked, raising an eyebrow.

‘Shopping… right?’ Rob was confused.

‘Well, I dunno bout you but I’m going by car,’ Dai walked over to her Porsche and climbed in. Shrugging his shoulders, Rob followed, getting in the passenger side. It was much cooler in there-it felt good on his skin.

Dai drove, not offering an explanation to where they were going and not attempting conversation. She parked up the car after about 20 minutes and climbed out. Rob figured it would be a good idea to follow her.

‘This place is perfect,’ Dai said simply, walking into the store, Rob not far behind.

For about an hour, they searched the racks for a dress Dai liked. It proved difficult. Rob picked up one that was strapless, white and had a net bottom. It was a beautiful garment but Dai would never, ever wear it.

Finally, she found it. It was a black strap dress, with grey netting over it and a diagonal, uneven hem line. Shoes were much easier to find. The ideal pair were stiletto heals that fastened all the way up the leg. She was going to be a bit taller than Rob in them, but what the hell - they looked good.

They took them to the counter and Dai pulled out her wallet.

‘Let me,’ Rob offered, pulling a card from his own wallet.

‘Fuck no! This dress is for me, I’m buying it. I want nothing from you,’

Dai handed the amount in CASH to the woman.

‘Why can’t you just accept something for a change?’ Rob was actually getting slightly pissed off with her - shopping with the woman you like is NEVER a good idea.

‘If you want to give me something, you can buy me a soda now,’ Dai took her bag from the woman and walked out of the store.

‘OK, fine. I’ll buy you a soda,’ Rob was now the one speaking in an exasperated tone.

They went into a nearby café and got their drinks.

‘Tomorrow night. How about I pick you up at 7 and then we go to this thing. Eat, drink (it’s an open bar), dance and then I take you back to your place and I return to my hotel?’ Rob summed up the evening, sipping his coke.

‘Sure, that’ll be fine,’ Dai drank her own.

‘I know what’ll make you cheer up,’ Rob smirked.

‘What?’ breathed Dai, she was bored now.

‘Chino Moreno will be there tomorrow and Staind are playing live,’ Rob told her, knowing she loved both things.

‘Cool,’ Dai never even cracked a smile but her eyes lit up noticeably.

‘Right, I gotta go now,’ Dai stood up. ‘Thanks for the drink.’

As always, she walked off. Leaving Rob behind, with no ride or idea where he actually was.

Dressed and ready, Dai stood and looked in her mirror. She had to admit she was amazed by what she saw. Her reflection looked back at her with the same expression on its face. It was a look of confusion and disdain.

Why was she going with Rob? She still had made up her mind, hadn’t given herself a reason. She couldn’t, she was just going. End of story.

The knock on the door pulled from her thoughts. She walked to it and opened the door, already expecting Rob’s face to be on the other side. Rob was dressed in a black suit with a deep scarlet shirt, the top two buttons of it unfastened. He actually looked good, but Dai wasn’t going to tell him that.

‘You look absolutely gorgeous,’ Rob smiled at her, knowing that her response would be cold as always.

‘I know. Right, lets go,’ Dai said shutting her door.

‘Let’s,’ Rob still smiled at her, and extended his hand. As always, Dai ignored it and Rob felt stupid. Why did he insist on doing that? He didn’t know so how could anyone else?

Outside Dai’s apartment was a black stretch limousine, waiting for them. It was very unexpected but Dai kept her cool, not showing any real emotions, as always. Rob opened the door for her and she climbed in.

‘Oh my god! Dai you look fabulous!’ cried MJ, Dai hadn’t expected to see her but what the hell.

‘Thanks, you look good to,’ Dai gave a half-hearted smile to he friend. MJ wore tight fitting, strapless, red dress with a large split up one side. It was a simple design but it looked rather impressive upon MJ’s exceptional figure.

‘Oh, where are my manners? Phoenix baby, this Dai. Dai this is Phoenix,’ MJ introduced the guy sat beside her to her friend. Dai knew who it was anyway but she went along with it nonetheless.

‘Hey, pleasure to meet you,’ Phoenix smiled, cleverly not extending his hand to the woman.

‘Like wise,’ Dai replied, finally realising Rob was sat beside her.

‘Champagne?’ Rob offered her a champagne flute that she accepted without thanking him for it. This was going to be a long night that was for sure.

The limo finally pulled up outside the building at which the Auction was being held. A red carpet led up to the door, barriers on either side, preventing press and fans to get too close to the stars.

Rob climbed out as the door was opened for them and he extended his hand to Dai. For some reason, Dai accepted it and together they walked down the carpet, arm in arm.

‘I’m shocked,’ Rob said as they entered the building.

‘Why?’ Dai asked, looking casually around the room.

‘At what you just did,’ Rob smiled slightly, trying to get Dai to look at him.

‘I thought maybe I’d give the cameras something,’ Dai said, letting go of Rob’s arm as they walked towards a couple. Dai recognised the guy - the married fuck from Linkin Park. The chick next to him must be his wife.

‘Hey Chester,’ Rob greeted his friend as he approached, the guy smiled at him. ‘Sam,’ Rob hugged the woman and kissed her on the cheek.

‘This is Dai. Dai, this is Sam and I’m sure you remember Chester.’

‘I remember you, you’re one of the strippers, right?’ Chester asked her.

‘Yeah, and you’re the piss ass that knocked the bottles out of my hands,’ Dai smiled at him, mockingly. Chester laughed, slightly embarrassed by her quick come back. Dai turned to look properly at Chaz’s wife. She was petite and small. Her skin was bronze and her hair was badly highlighted blonde.

She wore a short brown and gold dress that went well with her coppery complexion.

‘So, you’re a stripper?’ asked Sam, her voice fitting her cheerleader appearance.

‘Yeah, I am,’ Dai replied.

‘Do you enjoy showing you naked body to men?’ Sam patronised Dai, angering the woman.

‘Yeah I do actually. Your husband seems to enjoy watching me do it. But you know what? I think you’re just jealous because you could never satisfy him the way a stripper does. Especially with those tits, well, they’re not even tits!’ Dai laughed, smiled at Sam and walked away to the bar.

‘Triple vodka,’ Dai told the bartender what she wanted and made herself comfortable on a bar stool.

‘You sound like you’re not enjoying yourself,’ the guy next to Dai spoke up. She looked at him and almost broke a smile. He was dressed quite casually in a jacket, pants and green shirt but he looked so damn hott!

‘You’d be the same if you were with the pricks I’m with,’ Dai sighed, picking up her drink.

‘And who would they be?’ the guy smiled, turning himself to face her fully on his stool.

‘Linkin Park,’ Dai told him.

‘OH, yeah, I know those guys, they’re not that bad! In fact, I think they’re kinda cool,’ he smiled at her, oh how dreamy did he look!!

‘Well you must be the only on who does,’ Dai laughed slightly, allowing herself to relax in the man's presence.

‘I’m Chino, by the way,’ he extended his hand to her which she took into her own.

‘I’m Dai,’ she said with a smile.

‘Oh yeah, and this,’ Chino pulled a girl round so that she was stood beside him. ‘is Lucy.’

The girl was beautiful and had sparkling eyes and a great smile. She wore a simple black dress that just made her look perfect but Dai knew that she looked better.

‘Hi,’ she smiled shyly.

‘Hey, I’m Dai,’ she introduced herself just as the familiar form of Rob approached them all.

‘Hey Rob,’ Chino greeted him.

‘Hey Chino, Lucy,’ Rob nodded at them both.

‘Anyway, we best go mingle. It was nice meeting you, Dai,’ Chino smiled once more, Dai wanted to eat him alive!

‘You too, bye,’ she smiled once more as the couple walked off.

‘Did you have to be so fucking rude to Sam?!’ Rob shot at her as soon as Chino and Lucy had gone.

Slowly, Dai finished her drink, licked her lips and then locked eyes with Rob.


‘What is the matter with you?’ Rob demanded.

‘Nothing, I just hate little bitches like her treating me like shit. She should learn manners,’ Dai snapped, not in the mood to be lectured about her behaviour by Rob.

‘Fine. Right, c’mon, you need to meet the rest of the band,’ Rob pulled Dai off the stool and led her over to a group of people.

‘Guys,’ Rob got everyone’s attention as they came to the group. They all looked at Rob and Dai, greeting their friend. She recognised them from the club, except one guy. They all had women on their arms too.

There was then a mass of greetings and acknowledgements. The guys there were Mike (she remembered him, he’d asked her to give Rob the lap dance) - he had a phenomenal smile! He wore a dark blue suit and he looked quite amazing. He had the cutest laugh and was really sweet to everyone.

There was Joe, he was Korean, he looked familiar and he was kinda cool. His chosen formal wear was a black suit and shirt - kinda fetching really. He seemed in his own little world. But when he was back to reality he was absorbed in the chick he had on his arm.

And the other guy was Brad, she’d never seen him before. He wore black suit and white shirt, very smart. He was so polite - a gentleman if you will.

Then the women were introduced to her. The first was Joe’s girlfriend. Her name was Chrissy. She was quite attractive, with blonde hair that was pink underneath. Her eyes sparkled an amazing blue colour but they clashed with the Barbie pink dress she wore. The dress didn’t leave much to the imagination, and her platformed shoes made her as tall as Joe. She giggled constantly and seemed airheaded. She was really pissing Dai off and there was nothing she could do about it.

Brad’s girlfriend was an improvement. Her name was Laura. Her shoulder length blonde hair fell around her shoulders elegantly, framing her face perfectly. She wore a dark blue dress that had a slit up the front and you could almost see her underwear, but it looked good, she’d make a good stripper. She was quite quiet, always whispering in Brad’s ear, making him smile.

Mike’s girlfriend was called Marie. Her curly, ginger hair was riddled with blonde and red highlights and it was held up in a clasp, showing off her shoulders. She wore a velvety green dress , that displayed her curves nicely - including her ample chest. Her eyebrow held a bar in it which suited her perfectly. Her and Mike made quite a cute couple.

Finally, the introductions were over, thankfully. Dai really needed another drink, the wonderful effects of her triple vodka had faded and she was returning to normal. She hated introductions, these people weren’t exactly the type of people she would usually hang with. She was actually glad that MJ was around,

‘C’mon, we better go sit down,’ Rob told her, leading her to a table.

‘Oh please, god, no!’ Dai stopped in her tracks when she saw the table. She was sat next to the married fuck of all people! With of course his wonderful wife on the other side of him. This was going to be a long dinner.

The dinner had been as long as Dai had anticipated. The married fuck had kept quiet and not spoken to her once luckily. And his stupid wife had been giving her the evils all night. On top of that, Rob had managed to do nothing but piss her off and the airhead Chrissy was getting on her nerves.

Dai had drunk away the night with the free flowing champagne. Now the meal was over, the auction had taken place and the bands were on. She’d had to sit through Britney Spears, Crazytown and Lil Kim - she felt like she was gonna crack at any minute. But the band she had been waiting for was finally here - Staind.

‘You wanna dance?’ the whisper made her jump as she turned to look at the speaker. Rob stared at her intensely, waiting on an answer.

‘OK,’ Dai said, slightly sceptical of him but she felt like working out all her stress.

Rob lead Dai to the darkened dance floor as the amazing vocals of Aaron Lewis sang out her favourite song ‘Me’. She allowed him to wrap his arms round her waist but kept a distance between them so she could see his face.

‘Are you enjoying yourself?’ he asked with a smile, still tying to be the charmer.

‘The only good parts of this night have been shooting that bitch damn, meeting Chino, and these guys playing,’ Dai said without enthusiasm.

‘I’m sorry,’ Rob said with conviction.

‘What?’ Dai pulled away from him slightly, confused by his words.

‘I’m sorry you’re not having fun, I wanted this to be a really good night. Even though I promised you that this wasn’t a date, I wanted it to be. I figured we’d come here have some fun and maybe, just maybe you might actually change your mind about me. I like you a lot, I’m, well, drawn to you. You’re a total bitch but that just makes me like you all the more.’

‘It’s Been Awhile’ was the track now being sung as Rob leaned slightly forward bringing his lips to Dai’s. She kissed back, allowing his tongue to enter her mouth. She brought her own tongue to his, giving him the pleasure he was giving her. He pulled her body to his, entwining her in his arms. They stood there, on the floor, lost in one another.

Finally their kiss ended.

‘Wanna leave?’ Rob breathed in her ear. All Dai could do was nod, she was slightly taken back by the kiss. She’d never expected that from him, ever!

Rob took her hand and led her out of the building, into a cab and to his hotel room. Rob’s lips reattached to Dai’s as he kissed her again and again.

Slowly they walked towards the bed, Rob moving his lips to the nape of her neck, down her shoulder blade, nibbling as he went. She slid her hands beneath his jacket, pushing it off him, it fell to the floor as they proceeded to move across the room. Dai could feel his hands slowly beginning to unzip her dress, she wasn’t going to stop him. They reached the bed and Dai fell backwards, Rob landing on top of her, their lips meeting once more.

‘Before we do this, you need to know something,’ she whispered in his ear, she was slightly out of breath.

‘What?’ he asked, eyeing her suspiciously at first and then relaxing as he looked at her face.

‘My name. It’s Daisy Lou Hutchinson,’ she told him, wishing she hadn’t. he laughed slightly.

‘It’s a pleasure to meet you Daisy Lou,’ he spoke before kissing her with passion.

From then on, words were not spoken, all communication came in the form of contact. Dai was blown away by him. She never expected him to be like that, she never expected him to evoke so much emotion in her. As she fell asleep in his arms, a smile spread across her lips.

The night had pasted, the morning was gone and the day over. Dai was once again back in the familiarity of her club. A week had passed since she first met Rob and now she had slept with him.

That morning they’d had breakfast together and he’d told her that tomorrow Linkin Park were going back on tour. Strangely, Dai had found herself completely unfazed by this. It hadn’t evoked any emotion in her what so ever, she was bitter yeah, but she wasn’t cold hearted.

‘Dai! You have to tell me everything!!’ MJ’s screams filled the dressing room, bouncing off the walls. Dai cringed.

‘Nothing to tell,’ Dai said casually, turning to look in the mirror.

‘Nothing to tell?!’ MJ repeated, shock soaking her voice. ‘After seeing THAT lip lock, I know there’s something to tell!’

Dai furrowed her brow and stared at MJ, had everyone been watching her and Rob? Fucking perverts.

‘Fine, I fucked him and I fucked him good,’ Dai told her, a smile smirk on her face. She hadn’t meant to be so harsh, she just wasn’t into girly girl chats!

‘Fuck, Dai! You don’t have to be so goddamn crude about these things! Sex is not a joke!’ MJ looked insulted.

‘I know, it was sex, that’s all, not a big public event!’ Dai snapped.

‘Jesus Christ! You are one of the biggest bitches, you know that Dai,’ MJ retorted.

‘Yeah, I know. And you gotta admit, I’m damn good at it too,’ with that, Dai went out on stage and performed her routine.

MJ and Dai hadn’t spoken for the rest of the night and now their night was over. Dai was now at Rob’s home. The previous night, Rob and Dai had stayed in a hotel room because he had bid for it in the auction. It had been a pretty damn expensive one to - with free champagne, food and extra little luxuries.

They sat on Rob’s back patio, the moonlight and candles lighting their food. It was 2 in the morning but Rob had insisted they share this dinner, Dai was quite flattered.

‘I wish I didn’t have to back on tour tomorrow,’ Rob sighed, finishing his wine.

‘It’s your job, you have to go. There’s no point in sticking around here when you can be off travelling the world and making cash,’ Dai stated flatly.

‘God, you don’t change, do you?’ Rob laughed quietly. Dai didn’t respond and he took that as an opportunity to lean over and kiss her. She let him do this, and kissed him back with passion. Leaving the table and plates outside they ventured upstairs.

That night, instead of falling asleep with a smile on her face, she lay thinking. She knew exactly what she had to do, there was no other alternative.

The time had come for Linkin Park to return to their touring ways. They were all here, Brad and Laura, Mike and Marie, Joe and Chrissy, the married fuck and his bitch wife, Phoenix and MJ, Rob and Dai. They were spread out all over the departure lounge, all saying their separate goodbyes.

Brad and Laura sat beside each other, talking quietly and every so often kissing each other lightly on the lips. Mike and Marie sat silently, his arm round her shoulders, her hand caressing his stomach, both with sombre expressions on their faces. Joe sat with Chrissy crying her eyes out on his shoulder, she was crying like a baby, he was comforting her but looked uncomfortable doing so, it was drawing a lot of attention.

The married fuck and his bitch sat facing each other over a coffee table, talking as if nothing unusual was happening but they did seem to be taking each other’s appearance’s in, as if they were scared they’d forget each other. Phoenix and MJ sat together making out and talking in-between kisses, both looked upset.

Dai and Rob weren’t like any of the others. A silence had befallen them since they had awoke that morning. Dai knew why she was silent, Rob just seemed to be accommodating her silence, as if he knew what she was thinking.

‘I have something to tell you,’ Dai finally spoke, not even caring to look at him as she did so.

‘What’s that?’ he whispered, moving his body closer to her, hoping she’d look at him.

‘This, us, you and me. It’s just not gonna work,’ her eyes never moved in his direction, her body stayed relaxed but distanced from him.

‘What do you mean?’ Rob pulled away slightly from her, his eyes searching her for a clue as to what was going on.

‘I don’t feel for you, I think nothing of you really. There’s nothing wrong with you as a guy or lover, it just doesn’t work. I’m not going to apologise for this, it’s just the way I feel. There’s no point in me kidding myself or you. We’re never going to work out, so I’m calling quits now before you get yourself in too deep,’ Dai finally looked at him, dead in the eyes, she was serious.

‘Look, understanding everything has never quite been my deal. I believe that you and me could be so happy and free inside this world of misery. This could be the one, you know what I’m saying? I’ve been looking for my Mrs Right, but I know she doesn’t exist. And you know, chemistry is everything and we’re anything but this. What do you think? We could give it a try cos you never know, maybe we could be soulmates, or maybe not. Or maybe so, if you never try then you’ll never know,’ Rob finished his small speech that was fuelled on desperation alone, he really liked her a lot, he didn’t want to throw it all away cos she didn’t think it’d work.

‘Rob, this is how I feel. No amount of pleading is gonna change that, we’re not gonna work, ever. It’s over, you need to get over it, I have,’ she was looking him straight in the face as she said this. He knew she wasn’t lying, this was it, they’re little romance was over, done, finished.

He stood up and she rose to meet his height. He looked at her, at her beautiful face. He looked deep into the windows of her soul, he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close, she didn’t resist, she just stood there.

‘I can’t deny you’ve kept your distance, I got the feeling I can’t satisfy you. You keep your wishes, I’ll keep my feelings. Hey, there goes another one that kept me breathing.’ He laughed slightly, his eyes shut tightly, his forehead pressed on to hers. Her own eyes were closed and now her hands held on to his arms. ‘I’m waiting for you, even though I know you’re leaving. I’ll still adore you, you’ll never need me. Hold on, I found another way to let you go away, you found another way to bleed my soul.’

‘Rob,’ she whispered, she understood what he was saying. He was hurt, not just by the fact she was leaving him but by the fact she didn’t care, it wasn’t hurting her the way it hurt him. God, he was wrong. Everything she said was true, it wouldn’t work, except, she hadn’t got over it. Her feelings for him had grown a lot but she couldn’t do this, they weren’t right together.

‘Shhhh……’ he whispered back, keeping a firm grip on her waist. ‘Little things you told me, to hear you speak, that’s all I wanted from you. To hear the sound of your voice with me for as long as possible. I’m burning slowly, I’m growing weak. You’re slipping away from me, I can feel it, I’m alone again.’ He paused as if for dramatisation. ‘You bring me closer to yesterday, yesterday’s a million miles away. Why can’t you hear what I’m saying, what I want? I don’t understand what keeps me breathing without you.’

Dai felt his lips move to hers, she didn’t stop him, she couldn’t. She tasted him as she let his tongue enter her mouth. She restrained the slight moan that was aching to be let out. He brought his tongue from her mouth and kissed her firmly once more. His eyes opened, hers looked back at him. a tear cascaded from his eye and ran with haste down his cheek.

‘Bye Rob,’ she whispered to him, pulling away from his weakened grasp. She turned and walked away from him, never looking back. She didn’t want him to see her own tears.

‘There goes another one that kept me breathing,’ she whispered under her breath as she left him still standing there, watching her retreating form.

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