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Rob and Brad sat beside each other on Robís bed. Brad was trying his best to console Rob whoís girlfriend had just broke up with him.

ĎWhat exactly is eating you about this?í Brad questioned, the couple had only been dating like 3 months!

ĎI think Iím just shocked more than anything. Itís not like Iím heartbroken, we werenít in love,í Rob explained, slumping his shoulders. He was just unhappy thatís all.

ĎWell, I promise you everything will be OK. Iíll make sure of that,í brad told his best friend, pulling him into a hug.

Brad pulled away from Rob slightly, their faces were side by side now. Brad couldnít help himself. His face moved forwards and his lips connected with Robís. He could tell Rob was slightly taken back by his actions as Bradís wet lips continued to kiss Robís own. Brad took a chance and slid his tongue towards Robís lips. Surprisingly, Robís lips parted and his tongue came to Bradís, massaging it.

Robís hands glided up Bradís back, gently caressing it. Bradís own hand was on Robís face. The two men allowed themselves to fall on to the bed and lay beside each other as they continued their act.

Brad manoeuvred Rob so that he could pull off Robís tee-shirt. As the two paused so that Brad could get the tee-shirt over Robís head, Rob looked at Brad.

ĎHave you ever done anything like this before?í He asked. He didnít want this to stop, but he was kinda scared.

ĎNot all us wannabe lawyers are boring, ya know,í brad replied with a slight giggle, as he kissed Rob again. ĎDonít worry, Iíll take it nice and slow.í

Robís hands went up the back of bradís tee-shirt, moving over all the flesh of his back. Brad groaned slightly as he let his own hands brush against Robís chest and taut abdominal muscles. The feel beneath his hands was amazing, it made his whole body tingle. Heíd wanted this for so long.

Rob tugged at the bottom of Bradís top, pulling it up slightly. Brad moved himself so that he could get his tee-shirt off. He then pushed Rob down on to the bed. Brad moved himself down to Robís trousers and slowly unbuttoned them. He pulled them off carefully and looked up at Rob.

ĎJust relax, and let me do the work.í

Brad brought his lips close to Robís hard on. He blew gently on it, sending shivers up and down Robís spine. He let his mouth go around the erection, slowly taking in the end and releasing it. He then took all of it in his mouth, and continued to move his mouth up and down around it. His hands stroked Robís nipples as he look him further down his throat.

Robís hands took hold of Bradís head, changing the rhythm ever so slightly to his own liking. Brad allowed him to do this and continued the movements with his mouth. A loud scream erupted from Robís lungs as he came and a salty taste entered Bradís mouth. He swallowed quickly, choking did not appeal to him. Robís body was spent, and his chest heaved up and down as he struggled to get the air into his lungs.

Rob pulled Brad up to him and kissed him roughly on the lips. He then moved himself so that he could tickle bradís neck with his tongue. These actions caused a groan to escape Bradís lips so Rob bit down slightly on his neck prompting louder groans. He moved himself down and blew on Bradís nipples to harden them. He them took one into his mouth and sucked on it. His hand slid down to Bradís groin and he felt the bulge within Bradís pants.

Carefully and a little unsurely, Rob unfastened Bradís pants, pulling them off.

ĎI see commando is something you like!í Rob joked slightly, trying to calm himself down. What could he say? He was kinda nervous.

Brad sat up suddenly and pulled Rob into a reassuring, passionate kiss.

ĎCalm down, you donít have to do this if you donít want.í

For some reason that made Rob gain confidence and want to do it more. He forced Brad on to his back roughly and moved down to Bradís dick. His mouth took in the whole erection in one go, he wasnít sure what he was doing but heíd had it done to him enough times, so he had an idea of what to do. He sucked hard on Bradís manhood, letting his tongue move around it as well. The satisfied moans coming from Brad proved rob was doing something right.

Brad came loudly and suddenness of the cum going into the back of Robís throat made him choke slightly before he swallowed.

Brad pulled Rob up to him and the two men made out on the bed. Their tongues battled furiously. Brad rubbed his hands furiously all over Robís body except the place he wanted them most - his nipples. In annoyance of the torture he was being put through, he bit down a little too hard on Bradís lip.

This prompted Bradís hands to go straight to Robís nipples. Rob let out a small groan as Bradís hands seemed to work magic.

Rob could feel Bradís erection regrouping on his though as he continued to kiss his best friend.

ĎWanna try something else?í Brad asked mid-kiss. All Rob could do in reply was nod.

Rob allowed Brad to roll him over so that he was laying on his front. Rob was totally relaxed, he knew what was coming, and he wanted it. Quickly, Brad spits into the palm of his hand and rubs the liquid on to his erect penis, lubricating it. Harming Rob in anyway is not what he wants so he makes sure that heís careful as slowly, he enters Rob from behind.

The entrance t Robís ass is tight but Brad manages to get himself all the way in, causing Rob to grunt, half from pleasure, half from pain. He thrusts himself deep into Rob, satisfying the pleasure he yearns for. The sounds from Robí lips let him know that Robís enjoying his act as much is he is.

ĎOh, yeah, fuck me,í Robís muffled voice rises through the air as his face is pressed into the bed.

Bradís thrusts became as he came close to climax. He came even louder than before, Robís screams fighting with his own to win the battle of volume. Pulling himself out of Rob, Brad rolled over and sighed deeply. Even if he wanted to, he couldnít do anymore, he was well and truly spent.

The two men pulled each other close, the sheet being pulled over them. They kissed, a final kiss of passion to end the night. When sleep took over Bradís worn out body, a smile was still spread across his face.

Brad stretched out his arm before opening his eyes the following morning. When his hand didnít connect to flesh. His head shot up quickly from the pillow, Rob was nowhere to be seen.

Brad was a little upset, heíd wanted Rob for so long and now he had him. Maybe last night was just Robís way of getting over his girlfriend?! Thatís when Brad noticed that the door to the balcony was open.
He slid out of bed and pulled on some boxers. Outside, Rob stood looking out over the city. Brad came up behind him, wrapping his arms around his friends waist.

ĎI thought youíd left me,í he whispered in Robís ear.

ĎI could never leave you,í Rob told him, turning round and kissing him with immense passion, pushing him back into the room.

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