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Chapter 4

Two days had passed since Mike had returned home. For two days Emma and Mike had lived in pure solitude. The only phone calls they’d made were to the delivery places when they got hungry. No incoming calls had been answered, the machine had gotten them all.

For two days, all they had done is eat, sleep, have sex and drink. Somewhere in the middle of there they’d managed to wash all of Mike’s tour clothes though. They’d become very well reacquainted with each other and relished the fact they were now fiancées. It was like paradise, after all those months apart, they had now not been separated and it felt good.

Emma sat down first, making herself comfortable. She was soon followed by Mike’s body, positioning himself between her legs and leaning back to rest on her chest. She wrapped her legs around his waist and made sure they were both comfortable in the warm, soapy water of their bath tub.

‘Umm, this is nice,’ Mike said, closing his eyes and leaning back on his girl.

‘You’ve been saying that every time I’ve touched you for the past two days!’ Emma giggled, dipping the cloth into the water and brining it up Mike’s bare torso, soaking the dry skin.

‘I must mean it then,’ Mike replied, moaning softly at Emma’s touch. She continued her actions with the cloth but soon got bored of doing that and she squeezed out all its water over Mike’s head. The water ran down over his shaved head and down his face. Emma then kissed the top of Mike’s head.


‘Um?’ he moaned the response, his eyes still closed.

‘Don’t you think we should, you know, tell someone about our engagement?’ Emma asked as she began to massage his shoulders. ‘Because, we haven’t told anybody at all yet, not even our parents. I think we should call people and let them know.’

Mike turned himself around so he could face Emma. ‘Of course we should tell everyone. When do you want to?’

‘How about, we call our folks later, but we arrange to meet the guys and their girls tomorrow for a meal and we tell them then?’ Emma gave the suggestion, Mike sat in front of her, his eyes never leaving hers.

‘Sounds good to me,’ Mike smiled even wider. He lent over the side of the bath and picked up the phone that was lying on the floor. ‘I’ll call the guys now.’

‘OK, well, I’ll go ring a restaurant,’ Emma stood up in the bath and climbed over the side, grabbing a towel.

‘You gonna come back here?’ Mike called after her as she exited the bathroom.

‘You know it!’ Emma called back.

Hand in hand, Emma and Mike walked into the restaurant and were greeted by all their friends. The excitement of telling everyone had gotten to them a little before they’d left the house so they ended up being a tad delayed.

‘Table for Shinoda,’ Mike said to the man at the house front. A waitress came over and showed the group to their table.

Food and wine were soon ordered, of course Chester had demanded a beer as well as wine. Finally Mike and Emma decided it was time to announce their engagement.

‘OK, guys, there is an actual reason that we invited you all here tonight,’ Mike said loud enough to get everyone’s attention.

‘And what would that be?’ challenged Chester, his arm casually draped over his wife’s shoulder’s.

‘We,’ Mike took hold of Emma’s hand and smiled at her, ‘are engaged.’

‘You’re what?!’ Rob cried with surprise.

‘You heard the man, Rob, you’re little surrogate sis is engaged to your best friend,’ Emma said with a cheeky grin.

‘Oh my god!! Congratulations!’ Rob cried, getting up and going to hug them both.

Everyone started speaking at once with congratulations and surprise, hugging the couple and smiling a lot.

‘Hey, can we get some champagne over here please?’ Brad called across the restaurant. The rest of the meal was filled with happiness.

‘So, when are you going to have an engagement party?’ Sam asked, casually leaning on the table.

‘Well since its my birthday next Saturday, I figured we could just celebrate both then,’ Emma suggested.

‘Hell no!’ cried Dave. ‘You gotta celebrate both separately!’

‘You just want an excuse to party and get drunk!’ Joe laughed, prompting Dave to give him the finger before returning to his champagne.

‘NO, we’re going to have a party on Friday night for the engagement and then one on Saturday for your birthday,’ Mike stated simply. ‘And I don’t want to hear any disagreements - that’s what’s happening.’

‘Yes sir,’ Emma nodded and kissed Mike, happy that he’d decided to do that. He always managed to make her feel special.

Chapter 5

Monday morning.

Usually this was the worst morning of the week, but today for Emma it felt good. She sat behind the counter of her store, gazing at her ring. Connie hadn’t arrived yet, Emma had opened up about half and hour ago and had spent the whole time just looking at the metal hoop that circled her finger. The only time she’d stopped staring at it was when a customer had entered the store.

The bell that signalled the front door being opened jangled at the front of the store and Connie walked into the store.

‘Mornin’ hun,’ Connie said with the usual smile in her voice.

‘Hey Connie. Have a good weekend?’ Emma asked, her eyes never leaving the ring.

‘Same old really. Me and the husband took a little road trip and had fun like usually really,’ Connie hung up her coat and continued to act with her usual happiness.

‘I’m glad you had a good time. Was everything all right on Friday?’ Emma questioned, looking up for the first time.

‘Yeah, no problems. How was young Michael? Get reunited well?’ Connie laughed mischievously and began to busy herself with a broom.

‘Mike’s fantastic, and yes we got VERY well reunited thank you,’ Emma giggled.

‘What are you staring at?!’ Connie demanded, noticing Emma’s eyes were glued to her finger.

‘This,’ Emma held up her hand to show Connie the ring. ‘Mikey proposed!!!’

‘Wow, honey, that’s fantastic! Many congrats, he’s a very lucky man!’

‘I’m an even luckier woman,’ beamed Emma, her eyes returning to the ring.

‘So what else do we need?’ Mike asked looking at the shelves of alcohol around him as he pushed the trolley around the supermarket.

‘We need more beer,’ Chester stated, picking up a fifth pack of 24.

‘Is that really necessary?’ Brad asked, raising an eyebrow.

‘Yes, pussy boy. It’s essential, a party is not a party without your specific provisions; beer, weed, alcohol and food,’ Chester said with a nod, picking up a few more bottles of vodka.

‘Well, we now have plenty of all of them,’ Rob spoke, taking hold of Chester’s wrist before he could grab any more alcohol.

‘But…’ Chester tried to complain but was cut off.

‘No whining, we have enough now come on, let’s pay for this shit,’ Brad commanded, walking towards a checkout.

Chapter 6

‘Lets get this party started!’ Chester pretty much screamed as he turned up the CD player and clinked his beer bottle with Joe. Chester then grabbed his wife around the waist and the two of them fell on to the sofa.

‘WATCH THE DAMN COUCH!’ Emma shouted from her half drunken state on the floor. She then turned her attention back to the thing in hand - the half rolled joint in her hand. Carefully she made the it into a cone shape and licked the gum on it and stuck it down. She rolled the end to keep all the tobacco and weed in it and then admired her handy work.

‘Nice joint,’ whispered Rob from behind her. Emma turned to face him, he was laid across a chair, a beer in his hand.

‘Well I was taught by the best,’ Emma grinned and sparked up. ‘OK everybody, gather round. We’re gonna play a little game. One pull pass. You take a drag and hold it in until it comes back to you. If you let it out before it gets to you, you have to do a dare.’

‘Just cos it's your party don't mean you get to come up with all the dumbass games!’ whined Joe.

‘Shut the fuck up boy, and respect my fiancé. You will play this ickle game and you will damn well enjoy it!’ Mike snapped jokingly, as he returned from the kitchen with more munchies and beer.

‘OK, here goes,’ Emma took a large drag of the joint and passed it to Mike who was now sat beside her. She motioned for him to be quick as he took a pull on it and passed it round. It managed to go around the whole group without anyone having to a dare. But eventually that changed.

Chester had to put on Sam’s underwear as one dare. Dave had his face done up in make-up for another dare. Joe had been given one of the worst dares of the night - he had to shave off his pubic hair! But he, like everyone else, was so drunk and stoned that he did it willingly. Sam had to streak down the street, Mike had to drink aftershave mixed with Pernod and Brad gave up after a while because he went white and almost threw up. Only Emma and Rob were left standing, which was surprising, even though they had been smoking this shit for a long time, Chester had been smoking it longer. But they were proud and had the privilege of getting the last bit of cannabis between them.

It was now four o’clock in the morning and Emma was wondering around upstairs. Several people had passed out downstairs, Rob was devouring the entire kitchen’s food and Mike had disappeared. Emma walked into her room, she was drunk and rather stoned but still aware of everything around her. She felt a presence behind her and turned around, only to be pushed against the wall and have lips pushed against her own.

Knowing instantly who it was, Emma kissed back, pushing her tongue into his mouth. She arched her back, pushing herself further into Mike, who groaned slightly as her body pressed up against his.

‘I’m so horny right now,’ Mike whispered into Emma’s ear, kissing it and nibbling on the lobe slightly.

‘You and me both babe,’ Emma breathed back, her panties sliding to the floor. Mike pulled her up and she wrapped her legs around him. His pants and boxers were round his ankles as he slowly slid Emma onto him. He thrusted his hips into her making her cry out with pleasure as he fucked her hard against the wall. 

‘That’s it baby. Hard. Ummmmmmmmm,’ she moaned loudly as Mike thrusted faster, his hips pressing against her, his length going deeper into her.

Mike groaned and hitch her up a little higher, pushing her further into the wall so he could angle her better and hit the spot that drove her wild. The scream of pure pleasure that erupted from her let Mike know that he’d hit it just right. He could feel her muscles tightening around his hard on and could feel himself close to orgasmic peak.

Mike gave one more thrust and he came with a cry as Emma came hard at the same time with a scream. Both were slick with sweat and panting. Emma unwrapped her legs and Mike lowered her to the ground. Both pulled up their clothing and kissed once more. Moving over to their bed, they lay down side by side and feel into a drunk, stoned sleep.

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