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Chapter 1

Mike backed up and cowered up against the wall of the dressing room where he had been chilliní out after a huge show they had just done. The large men continued to come forward, taking big strides until they had Mike pinned up against the wall.

"What the fuck do you want from me?" Mike said, his voice filled with fear. Mike was scared. He stood there shaking. He looked up at the men, there were eight of them in total, all wearing long black hooded robes. The hoods covered their faces, hiding them completely. Mike tried to see inside the hoods, maybe catch a glimpse of a face, although he wasnít sure he really wanted to see anything. None of the men answered but one of them moved closer and put his hand on Mike's forehead. Mike was to scared to object, he couldnít move a muscle in his body. The robed man started whispering a chant.

"Absana todash manesiy" he repeated the phrase over and over again. Mike didnít know what to expect, he closed his eyes not knowing if he was going to die or live. A shock of power surged through the manís hand and into Mike, knocking him out. His unconscious body crumpled to the floor, his head knocking the floor.

The eight men silently filed out of the room and left the unconscious Mike there.

Chapter 2

The next night

Chester, Joe, Brad, Rob and Phoenix waited around backstage.

"Where the fuck is he!" Chester screamed, kicking the chair in a fit of rage. Chester walked over to the phone and dialled Mikeís cell number again. He hung up after about a minute of waiting for someone to pick up. All the guys heard the crowd. It was hard not to hear their chants of ĎLINKIN PARK, LINKIN PARK!í

"Geez I know Mikeís been late before, but this is fucking ridiculous!" Brad said, sitting down again because he must have been wearing a hole in the floor from all the pacing he had been doing.

"We were supposed to go on 20 minutes ago!" Joe said looking at his wrist watch. The stage manager poked his head around the door.

"Ok if Mike doesnít turn up in 10 mins youíre either not going on or you are going on with out him," he said and quickly left not bothering to listen to any backlash he got. The crowd were getting noisier and restless.

ĎCome on MikeÖí Chester thought to himself. As if Mike had heard his thoughts, he appeared at the doorway.

"Finally dude! Where the fuck have you been!?" Joe asked standing up. Mike walked in but didnít answer Joe. Instead he gave a him a sort of smug smile. He grabbed his microphone and ran out on stage, not giving anyone the chance to question him about where he had been. Joe and Chester exchanged a confused look. The other guys shrugged and went out on stage, they would talk about it after the show. Chester was confused, something about Mike seemedÖ different but he couldnít quite put his finger on it. He shrugged and went out on stage.

They did their normal set with lots of screaming, jumping and swearing. Everything, including Mike, seemed pretty normal, but there was still a nagging feeling in the back of Chesterís mind telling him to investigate further. After the show and the autograph signing, meeting fans etc. they all went backstage.

"SO what the fuck took you so long to get here? Where the hell were you dude?" Chester asked Mike, who was packing up.

"I was busy," Mike replied in a slightly sheepish voice then walked off, carry an arm full of equipment. Chester sighed. There was definitely something stranger than usual going on. Joe came into the room.

"Hey Joe, does Mike seem a little ummÖ I dunnoÖ weird to you?" Chester asked, searching to find the right words.

"Not really, but I havenít really talked to him since he arrived" Joe said, picking up a donut from the box on the table.

"Maybe itís just me but he seemed a little different tonight" Chester said, running his fingers over his shaved head.

"HmmÖ"Joe contemplated this idea while squeezing the filling out of his donut.

"Iíll go talk to him ok? But then I think Iím gonna head back to the hotel, so Iíll see you tomorrow ok." Joe said walking out and waving at Chester.

"Bye" Chester called out and then leaned back and closed his eyes. Joe walked down the corridor and towards the dressing room. He would probably find Mike there, he liked to hang out there after the show.

"Mike?" Joe said opening the door and stepping in. Joe saw Mike was sitting on the sofa. He had his legs crossed and his eyes were closed. He didnít seem to notice that Joe had entered.

"Mike, are you ok man?" Joe asked walking towards Mike. He was sitting unusually still. A worried look crossed Joeís face. Mike uncrossed his legs and stood up in front of Joe. Joe wasnít sure whether to back away or stay there but Mike was kinda scaring him.

"Ok enough with the joke man youíre starting to creep me out." Joe said, his voice slightly shaking. He took a step back slowly and Mike took a step forward. Mike opened his eyes and Joe looked up at them. What he saw were not Mike eyes, what he saw was evil. Empty pools of black, these were not Mikeís eyes, they were something much darker, much more evil. An evil grin spread across Mikeís face and Joe started to back away to get to the door. Mike put up his arms and waved it and the door shut with a slam. Joe spun around. The door locked itself, Joe was trapped with Mike, or what ever had possessed Mike and he had nothing to defend himself.

"Ok dude, just back off ok" Joe said putting his hands up and backing away towards the wall. Mike smiled and grabbed Joe by the throat and pushed him up against the wall. Joe coughed, struggling for air.

"Mike, what the fuck is wrong with you" he gasped.

"Are you ready to join me?" Mike said and put his hand on Joeís forehead, not really giving him the choice.

"What? What the fuck are you talking about?" Joe said, trying to pull Mikeís hand away from his neck so that he could take in oxygen. Mike released his hand a little.

"Absana todash manesiy" Mike repeated over and over. Joe looked at Mikeís evil black eyes, his own eyes filled with fear. Mike held his hand against Joeís head until the surge of power rushed through him and into Joe. Mike smiled as Joe tumbled onto the floor, unconscious.

"One down, four to go" he said to himself, laughing, and went back to the sofa.

Chapter 3

The next night

The band didnít have a gig tonight so everyone was off doing their own things. Mike and Joe walked along the dimly lit street towards their destination. Mike knew where he was going and Joe was just following him. They didnít talk and the only sounds were the sounds of car engines, sirens and normal city sounds, They came to a large abandoned factory, painted black. Mike opened a large, heavy door and Joe stepped inside. Mike followed him in and pulled the door closed. The inside of the factory did not look like the inside of a factory at all. Black cloth had been laid out to cover everything, and thousands of candles lined the floor. The eight men who had confronted Mike two nights ago were there along with about twenty other men in robes. They sat in a circle with the leader, who wore a red robe instead of a black one, sitting in a large chair, that was more like a throne, at the head of the circle. The other men were facing him. Mike slowly walked, being careful not to disturb anything, over to the leader and kneeled down in front of him.

"You have done well Shinoda. You have proved yourself worthy" he said, in a low voice. He picked up a black robe and Mike stood up. The leader put it over Mikeís head and pulled the hood over his face.

"Absana rakish" all the men said together.

"Absana rakish" Mike said and bowed to the leader. He went and sat down in the circle. It was hard to tell which one was Mike as they all looked the same.

"Hahn!" the leader called out. Joe walked slowly to the leader and kneeled down in front of him just as Mike had.

"To prove yourself worthy you must help Shinoda take Delson, Farrel, Bourdon and Bennington" the leader said, in that same low, raspy voice that was filled with evil.

"Yes master" Joe said and stood up. He walked to the edge of the circle and sat down next to Mike. They all sat cross legged. Even with their dark, evil eyes closed they could see anything. Mike saw Chester, he was with a friend at the hotel restaurant. It was a clear vision and he smiled at the thought of how much fun it would be to posses Chester. Joe saw Phoenix, Brad and Rob who were playing air hockey. He would prove himself worthy, if it was the last thing he did.

The group completed rituals and sacrifices (Iím not gonna go into detail there) As they left, each man took off his robe, except Joe who was not worthy yet. They revealed the true people underneath. They were normal people that probably hadnít done anything wrong but they had been possessed and were no longer human, but demons.

Mike and Joe got back to the hotel just before dawn. They went straight to their rooms not saying a word to each other or to any of the other band members.

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