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Chapter 7

Chester walked out of the hotel and down the road towards this clothing store that he had been wanting to go since they first arrived. He had decided yesterday that instead of going and confronting Brad he would leave it a while and let both of them calm down otherwise they probably would have gotten all pissed off and would try to smash each other faces in. Chester couldn’t work out if he was angry with Brad or not. He felt confused and didn’t know whether to blame Brad or not. He thought about what he had seen in Brads eyes, the black emptiness and it was only then when he figured it out, putting two and two together. He stopped dead in his tracks.

"Oh fuck." He turned around and sprinted back to the hotel.

Chapter 8

Chester sprinted up to Phoenix’s hotel room. He had to warn him. He banged on the door.

"Dave!" he screamed and pushed open the door, not wanting to wait any longer. He ran inside and stopped dead in his tracks. Joe, Brad and Rob were holding Phoenix down chanting over him and Mike was standing watching, with an evil grin on his face.

"What the fuck?" Chester yelled starting to back away trying to get out of the door. Mike turned and gave Chester an evil glare that sent shivers down his spine.

"Woah man, this is getting way to weird. Mind telling me what the fuck is going on?" Chester said, his voice a mixture between anger and fear. He put his hands up and took to steps backwards. Mike’s put his arm up and waved it and the door behind Chester slammed.

"You’re not going anywhere" Mike said grinning. Joe, Brad and Rob finished with Phoenix and left him unconscious on the floor.

"Ok guys, I know your in there somewhere.. come on," Chester said leaning his back against the door. Mike lunged for Chester. He ducked and ran across the room to the window. Mike got up and growled deep in his throat. He was pissed now. He picked up Phoenix’s bass guitar and ran over to Chester and smacked him over the head.

"I think someone was a naughty boy and needs to be tortured," Mike said calmly dropping the guitar and looking at the now unconscious Chester.

At the abanded factory

Chester woke up and rubbed his head. It felt like he had been hit by a guitar. He stood up and looked around him. He seemed to be in some sort of a cell and it was really dark.

"What the fu-? Hello?" Chester yelled.

A man in a black robe walked up to Chester's cell. He pulled off his hood and revealed Mike.

"Finally" Mike said laughing.

"Mike what the fuck is going on?" Chester said getting angry.

"Oh you’ll see in time Chaz." Mike said opening the door of the cell. He threw something on Chester. Chester’s body suddenly went very week and he could hardly hold himself up. Mike went in and picked Chester’s limp body. Chester was still concious but couldn’t speak.

‘What the hell, this is to fucking weird’ he thought to himself. Mike took him to where the other men were and dropped him in the centre of the circle. Joe, Brad, Rob and Phoenix were now all wearing black robes to show that they were worthy.

"Very good" said the leader. He got up and walked over to Chester.

"So it’s the one who got away. And now we have him again. Let me tell you Bennington, it would have been better to have just let Hahn take you in the beginning. That way you wouldn’t have to go through this" The leader said, pulling out a large whip. Chester gulped, this was going to be painful.

Chapter 9

Chester cried out in pain as the whip was brought down on his bare back again and again. It was now raw and bleeding and Chester could do nothing to try and defend himself. He screamed, high pitched blood curdling screams until eventually they had, had enough of torturing him and he was taken back to the cell where he was thrown onto the floor. He cried out as his wounds brushed harshly against the rough floor. He lay there breathing heavily, not knowing that Mike was watching from the shadows, smiling to himself. Mike had achieved what he had wanted to, to cause Chester a great amount of pain, and now it was time to possess him.

The weakness potion had nearly worn off but Chester was still too weak from the beating to stand up. He pulled himself along the floor, using his arms, towards a small stool that was placed in the corner. He pulled himself up onto it, wincing in pain.

"Ha ha ha" he heard Mike laugh evilly from the shadows, Chester growled low in his throat. He couldn’t believe that Mike was acting this way. Mike was a strong person and he knew that if he tried hard enough he could fight whatever had possessed him. Mike stepped forward and opened the cell. Chester stood up, an adrenaline rush giving him the power.

"You son of a bitch!" Chester said through gritted teeth. He was pissed and even though he knew that this wasn’t the real Mike, he couldn’t control his anger.

"Don’t get all angry now Chaz. You know it only means they’ll go harder on you next time." Mike said smiling, his facial features looking more pronounced and evil in the dim light of the cell. Chester cringed at the thought of being beaten again. He stepped backwards, his raw back touching the cold wall causing him pain, but also a strange sense of relief.

"Or you could just let me take you now and you won’t have to go through it again later" Mike said stepping towards Chester and raising up his hand towards his forehead.

"Don’t you fucking touch me Mike!" He thought about it for a moment, this wasn’t Mike.

"Or whoever or whatever you are now," Chester said. Mike laughed and rolled his eyes.

"Oh I’m still Mike, Chaz. I’m just a better Mike now. You can be a better Chester too" He walked closer to Chester. Chester dodged Mike and ran behind him. Mike spun around taking a fist and swiftly punching Chester in the back. Chester stumbled, the breath knocked out of him from Mike’s hard hit, but he kept running. He ran out of the cell and closed the door in a flash, locking Mike inside. Chester ran away from the cell stumbling as he went. He could hear Mike cursing at him and shaking the large metal bar’s on the door of the cell, but Chester didn’t stop for anything. He ran to where the other men, including his other 4 band mates, were sitting in their circle praying. There heads were down and he hoped like hell that they didn’t notice or hear him as he crept silent past them, ducking behind the boxes that were draped with black cloth. Chester stumbled over to the large door just as the other men heard Mike cursing from the cell. They looked up just in time to see Chester dashing out of the door into the night air.

"Fuck" said Phoenix loudly.

"He’ll be back" the leader said laughing. The others nodded in agreement and returned to praying. Joe went and let Mike out.

"That bastard" Mike said.

"He’ll be back. He isn’t going to leave without all his band mates is he?" Joe said walking back to the large part of the factory. Mike just smiled and joined the others.

Chester stumbled along. His head was spinning and he had to sit down in a dark alley. It had started raining and the hard drops were stinging Chester’s back. The pain was so immense and he was so tired and weak, that he blacked out.

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