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Chapter 10

The next day

Chester opened his eyes in slits, not knowing what to except. He saw white.

ĎMaybe Iíve died and gone to heavení he thought to himself, but when he smelled antiseptic he realised that he was not in heaven, he was in a hospital. He opened his eyes fully and seeing the white walls and familiar hospital sights of lots of fancy looking machines and needles confirmed his thoughts. He sat up and cried out softly as his whole body ached. A nurse walked into the room.

"Oh youíre awake," she said looking at Chester, who was now sitting upright looking a little bewildered.

"How did I get here?" Chester asked, screwing up his forehead trying to remember the previous night.

"A manÖ ummmÖ canít remember his name nowÖ anyway he found you unconscious in an alley a few blocks away. He told us he had found you and that you looked like you had been beat up pretty bad." The nurse said while busying her self around the room, picking things up, moving them here and there. She picked up a chart that was hung on the end of the bed.

"Iím glad youíre awake. Now we can actually find out something about you" The nurse said picking up a pen.


"Chester. Chester Bennington"

"Ok do you remember anything that happened? How this happened?" she asked.

"UmmmÖ" Chester tried to remember, but he couldnít. He was to tired to try and think harder.

"No I dunno, itís all a little blurry right now." He said, resting his head on the large amount of pillows behind him.

"Ok well, weíve cleaned up the wounds on your back. They donít look infected but there is a lot of bruising and itís going to be painful for a while. Meanwhile I think you are suffering from exhaustion. Try and get some more rest and Iíll come check on you later" The nurse said, hanging the chart back on the end of Chesterís bed.

"ThanksÖ" Chester said trailing off and falling back asleep.


Chester woke up again. He couldnít tell what time it was. He seemed to have lost all sense of time now. He sat up slowly and swung his legs out the side of the bed.

ĎThereís no way Iím staying hereí he thought to himself and picked up his own pants which had been neatly folded and placed on a chair in the corner of the small hospital room. He changed into his pants. He didnít have a shirt because they had stolen that from him back at the factory, although he did have the large bandages that had been wrapped around his whole midsection to cover the wounds on his back. He opened the door and quietly tiptoed down the corridor. There was no one around so he figured that it must have been the early hours of the morning. He tiptoed, getting down low, past reception but even if he had walked past normally the receptionist probably wouldnít have noticed him as she was to busy reading a magazine. Chester walked out of the front doors of the small, one levelled hospital. He called a cab on his cell phone and went back to the hotel. He hoped like hell that the rest of the guys were at the factory and werenít searching for him.

ĎI was probably safer at the hospitalí he thought to himself as he swiped his room card at the front of the hotel so that he could be let in at this late hour. He walked in, his eyes darting around the lobby looking for any sign of his band mates. He quickly walked up to his room and lay down on the bed.

"Iíll sort it out in the morning" he said out aloud to himself before drifting off to sleep again.


Mike, Joe, Rob, Brad and Phoenix all stood outside the factory where they had just been.

"He better come tomorrow, otherwise Iím going looking for him" Rob said with that evil glint in his black eyes.

"Heíll come tomorrow. I guarantee it" Mike said smiling to himself. He closed his eyes and could see Chester who was back at the hotel in his room. Sure, he knew they could easily go over there now and possess him, but that would be a lot less fun. He wanted Chester to come to him. He wanted to torture him again and then he wanted everyone to watch while he made his best friend one of them.

Chapter 11

Chester sat in front of the computer at the Internet cafť. He typed in the words that he had heard them chanting- 'Absana todash manesiy'. There were a few matches. He clicked on one the links and found his answer. It meant ĎThe devil swallows your soulí.

"Ugh" Chester cringed at the thought. Now he was searching for a way to somehow make the devil cough his friendís souls back up. He clicked on one of the other links. It was all in French.

"What the fuck?" Chester said and clicked the back button. He tried another link- nothing. The second to last one looked promising at first but it was basically just more information about the cursing and possession. He clicked on the last link, crossing his fingers. The page opened slowly and he scrolled down the page skimming his eyes over the words. The top was the same as all the other pages.

"Blah, blah, devil, blah, blah, chantingÖ" he stopped suddenly. He had found it. He printed the page off, paid what he owed and ran out of the cafť.

Later that night

Mike, Joe, Rob, Brad and Phoenix walked into the factory and put on their black robes. They went and sat down. The master started talking and they listened and waited patiently for Chester to arrive. Mike hadnít bothered to look in on Chester today, but he felt certain that he was going to come tonight.

Chester walked toward the factory carrying the bag of supplies that he had got from the magic store. Chester wasnít usually into witchcraft but tonight he was making an exception. He reached the road that the factory was on and ducked into an alley just before it. The only light in the alley was that coming from a dim street light. Chester walked over and stood directly under it. He pulled out the piece of paper he had printed off the net earlier. It was slightly crumpled now from being in his pocket. He pulled out the various thing he had got from the magic store- candles, ribbon, a small purple orb, a piece of chalk and finally a piece of dried rosemary. Chester laughed quietly to himself. He had NEVER thought of himself having anything to do with magic and now look at him, casting a spell, it seemed surreal. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind. He had to save his friends now and that was the end of it. Chester tied the ribbon around the candle and lit it using his lighter. He placed it on the ground in front of him and drew a large circle around it. He copied the three symbols from the paper onto the ground and then stood up and started reading the words to the spell from the paper:

Fladinic hawrunt jalenik absana jalenik serm

gorandish manesiy Fladinic absna

His chanting sounded a little nervous. He picked up the rosemary and lit it with his lighter and threw it into the circle next the candle. Immediately the ground within the circle started to glow. Chester picked up the orb and placed it down next to the circle on top of one of the symbols he had drawn.

"Harwen!" he said and the light slowly flooded into the orb making it glow brightly. Chester blew out the candle and stomped on the glowing embers of the rosemary. He picked up the orb, carefully tucked it under the black jacket he was wearing and walked toward the factory.

Mikeís head turned when he heard the large door of the factory creak open. I smile spread across his face when he saw Chester standing at the door. Chesterís face was pale and he looked tired. Mike smiled even more. He didnít notice that Chester was holding something under is jacket.

"Come back for more aye?" Mike said, with a smirk. Chester smiled.

"I thought you guys might be missing me, you know, so I thought Iíd just drop by for a visit," he said walking into the factory and stopping in the centre of the circle. Mike turned around to face Chester. He took a few steps towards him, bringing up his hand to try and grab him. Chester stepped back and pulled out the orb from under his jacket. It was glowing brightly and Mike gasped and took a step back, shielding his eyes. Chester lifted up his arm and smashed the orb into the floor, taking a steep back as it shattered. The great purple light erupted, filling up the room and then everyone, including Chester, blacked out, collapsing onto the floor.

Chester woke up rubbing his head. "Man, thatís like the third time Iíve passed out in 2 daysí he thought to himself. He remembered what had happened and hoped like hell that it had worked, because if it hadnít he was sitting in a factory with a bunch of possessed maniacs and he didnít have much chance of escaping. He stood up and surveyed the scene around him- about 35 men, all unconscious on the floor and one red robe next to a pile of ashes. Chester smiled to himself, it had worked, the leader was dead and hopefully his friends were back to normal. Chester walked over to Mike and gently shook him awake.

"MikeÖ Mike wake up" Chester said. Mike rolled over and opened his eyes.

"Chester? Whatís going on man? Where are we?" Mike said looking around the factory. He pulled the hood off his head.

"A factory. We ummÖ had a big party" Chester lied. He didnít think that they ever needed to talk about this again and as long as Mike didnít remember anything he could make something up.

"Man, I musta been wasted, I donít remember anything" Mike said, running his fingers through his hair.

"Yeah everyone was. Anyway we gotta get back to the hotel come on." Chester said helping Mike up. They woke the other guys in the band and just left the other men sleeping.

They walked back to the hotel, all a little bewildered. None of them remembered anything and Chester just told them the same thing he had told Mike. They all felt like crap and just wanted to get back to their rooms and sleep more. They all went their separate ways to their rooms and Chester went to his but he didnít go to sleep. He sat on his bed and couldnít stop thinking about what had happened in the last few days. He had been attacked, beaten, sneaked out of hospital, done a little magic and lied to his friends. He smiled to himself.

He had done well.

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